Top 7 Best Line Trimmer in NZ

A line trimmer is a powerful tool that can be used to trim grass and weeds. It’s often used by landscapers, gardeners, and lawn care professionals. The line on the device rotates as it cuts through anything in its path which makes it fast and efficient for jobs where you have a lot of ground to cover. 

The best Line trimmers are also powerful enough to be able to cut down small plants or bushes due to their high RPMs (rotations per minute). The most common model is powered by an electric motor or petrol engine and has a double-sided blade at the front end of the machine. 

Choosing the best Line Trimmer that is right for you can be a difficult decision. Line Trimmers are not just Line Trimmers, they are machines with different power levels, features, and prices. The Line Trimmer that is best for one person might not be the best Line Trimmer for another. In this blog post. We will also discuss some of our favourite Line Trimmers so that you can find one that suits your needs perfectly

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How to Choose the Best Line Trimmer for you

What kind of trimmer should you buy?

In deciding whether to go corded or wireless, the size of your garden and overall convenience factor in. This really comes down to the size difference between them.

Cordless trimmers are small enough that you can easily move around without plugging anything into an outlet. Some models have fast charged with long-lasting lithium batteries. But they are a bit expensive.

Electric trimmers are often a good investment. They’re not usually expensive and can be handled easily, with the exception of cordless models that have even more power than most battery-powered tools but lack an extension cable for larger gardens. they’re ideal for small to medium gardens.

Petrol trimmers are the best choice for those who have an acre of land and lots of heavy undergrowth. They’re usually noisy, bulky to manage in comparison with electric models. but it is not environmentally friendly.

With cordless tools, it’s all about the strimmer. You can go through your garden without having to worry if there will be a source of electricity nearby or not. All you need to do is charge batteries before starting a job. But if you have a large garden you may need petrol operated line trimmer.

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What do you mean by power ratings?

Electric trimmers are rated between 250W and 600W, but the more power you have at your disposal-the heavier the task can be done. It’s a similar issue with gasoline-powered razors-look for capacity in cubic centimetres; they may use clever gearing systems or integrated processors to do less work than their counterparts equipped with smaller motors while still maintaining effectiveness.

Similarly, if considering cordless models consider voltage: higher 24V will provide greater cutting force than 18 volts or 12V model which might only reach 60 Volts maximum output potential.


Is a trimmer cutting diameter important?

The more powerful your trimmer, the wider its cutting width or swathe tends to be just like how professional landscapers need a big figure when they are trimming large figures of grass in their gardens. Their cutting diameter starts from 20cm up to 45cm and bigger cutting heads mean it takes less time to complete the task.


What other features should you consider? 

A trimmer’s cutting action relies on a line-and-spool mechanism, where plastic lines emerge from covered reels to reach the right length. After that either manual feed or auto-feed mechanisms keep them coming as they’re steadily worn down or snapped off depending upon how heavy of grass you are trying to cut through with your electric string trimmers.

As thicker millimetres (1mm – 2 mm) is usually needed for heavier weeds than lighter diameters do in general because their diameter typically corresponds directly proportionally.

A good quality trimmer is a perfect way to keep your yard looking great all season long. In addition, they can be used for cutting grass and weeds as well as keeping brush under control without any hassle.

Some models come with features such as edging wheels that hold it in place when you are doing this task so accuracy isn’t an issue- but make sure there’s pruning protection on hand too.

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The Best Line Trimmers NZ


1. GreenWorks Line Trimmer G-MAX 

Line Trimmer

This 40V G-MAX Cordless Trimmer is the ultimate tool for lawn maintenance. This Cordless Trimmer features an adjustable front handle (fits users of all heights) and a 40cm cutting path, allowing you to trim your entire lawn in one session.

It has variable speed control, so you can choose the right setting for any job; from fine grass to heavy weeds. It also has an automatic line feed with locking positions, allowing you to easily adjust the line.


2. GreenWorks Line Trimmer G-MAX


This G-MAX 40V is a great cordless line trimmer that can handle all your outdoor trimming needs. It has an adjustable front handle to ensure comfort when using the tool for extended periods of time, and it comes equipped with a safety lock-off switch so you don’t have to worry about accidentally turning it on while it’s in storage. 

The automatic line feed means you’ll never have to stop what you’re doing to refill the spool, and variable trimming speed lets you adjust how quickly the cutting head spins depending on what you trimming.


3. Hyundai Garden Tool Pro 5-in-1 51CC

3 2

This tool is an excellent choice for those looking for a multi-purpose tool. It can be used as a hedge trimmer, grass trimmer, chainsaw, brushcutter and extension pole. This 5-in-1 pro series petrol multi-tool combines all of these functions into one tool making it very convenient to use.

It has a high torque Hyundai 50.8cc 2-stroke petrol engine that provides the necessary power to make quick work of any task. Its 450mm cut diameter makes it perfect for cutting large areas of grass. With its full double shoulder ergonomic harness and multi-position attachment, this petrol mower is designed for an ideal balance.


4. Flash garden tool 4-in-1 Petrol 

Flash garden tool

This multi-functional tool is a pole pruner, a hedge trimmer, a weed eater and a brush cutter. It is made of high-quality material for durability and performance. The 4in1 multi-tool comes with an easy-start engine that delivers enough power to cut through branches up to 3.9cm in diameter. The fuel tank capacity is 1.2L, which allows you to use this tool continuously without having to refuel it frequently.


5. Flash brush cutter 43CC

Brush Cutter

This is the best line trimmer and brush cutter easy to use. It comes with a shoulder strap that makes it very comfortable to carry around my property. The double bicycle handle allows you to trim at a comfortable angle, making it easier on my back.

It has a 42.7cc single-cylinder two-stroke engine that delivers the power and performance you need to tackle your toughest jobs. It has a 415mm grass trimmer cutting diameter.


6. Cordless Grass Trimmer 20V

Grass Trimmer

This Cordless best line trimmer is lightweight, with a telescopic handle that adjusts to your height for comfortable operation. It has 3 adjustable edge-cutting positions that allow you to get the most out of each charge while the 230m cutting diameter lets you trim large areas without having to make several passes.


7. Rok 33cc Straight Shaft Brushcutter


Rok 33cc


Thus Rok 33cc Straight Shaft Brushcutter is a 2-stroke gas-powered brushcutter with an easy starting system. It is lightweight and has a large enough size fuel tank for longer use. This unit comes with a handle for added comfort when carrying it around the yard. The cutting diameter of this unit is 440mm as a line trimmer and 230mm as Brushcutter.