The 7 Best Battery Lawn Mowers NZ

Maintaining a lush and well-kept lawn is a rewarding task, but it can also be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Traditional gas-powered lawn mowers are not only noisy and emit harmful fumes, but they also require regular maintenance.

Enter battery-powered lawn mowers, the eco-friendly alternative that offers convenience and ease of use without compromising on performance. In New Zealand, where sustainability is a priority, battery-powered lawn mowers have gained popularity for their efficiency and eco-conscious features.

In this blog post, we will explore the best battery lawn mowers available in New Zealand, providing you with a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed choice for your lawn care needs.

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How to Choose the Best Battery Lawn Mower for you

When considering the purchase of the best Battery Lawn Mower, you need to take the following considerations into account:


Determining the Appropriate Mower Size for Your Garden

A pivotal aspect of selecting a battery lawn mower is the garden’s size. Smaller gardens generally require compact, cordless mowers with reduced cutting widths — around 32cm. Conversely, for expansive gardens, a cordless model with a cutting width of at least 37cm is recommended due to its broadened mowing path, which enables quicker, more effective lawn coverage.


Evaluating Battery Longevity

An essential characteristic of any cordless mower is its battery life, influencing operational duration and overall convenience. Cordless mowers, such as those with a 40V rating, typically offer up to an hour of mowing time, providing a balance between power and efficiency. When purchasing, confirm the availability of spare batteries to ensure uninterrupted lawn care and ease of future battery exchanges.


Additional Features to Consider

Height Variation: Models offering various height settings are advantageous for customised lawn finishes. The flexibility to adjust between higher and lower cutting heights caters to both overgrown and finely manicured grass.

Grass Collection Capacity: The volume of the grass catcher is linked to the mower’s efficiency. Larger grass boxes minimise the frequency of emptying, streamlining the mowing process.

Acoustic Output: Notable for their quiet operation, battery lawn mowers typically yield lower decibel levels compared to their petrol or electric counterparts. However, the noise level can still vary between models.

Mulching Capability: Mowers with a mulching feature finely chop and disperse the grass clippings back onto the lawn, enhancing soil health and reducing the need for excess garden waste disposal.

Self-Motility: A self-propelled mower advances without manual force, offering effortless mowing, particularly on sloping lawns, and enhances user convenience.

Price Considerations: While cost-effective options exist, opting for a mower with a comprehensive suite of advanced features and robust performance may necessitate a higher investment.

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The Best Battery Lawn Mowers NZ


1. Certa Battery Lawn Mower

Battery Lawn Mower

The Certa Battery Powered Lawn Mower represents an evolution in garden maintenance, blending style with an eco-conscious design. Its user-friendly features, such as the quick push and release handle, streamline the mowing process, offering simplicity and convenience without the complexities that accompany a traditional gas engine.

Equipped with power adaptive load sensing, this lawn mower intelligently adjusts to the task at hand, ensuring efficient operation and preserving battery life. This smart technology is a testament to its modern design, which prioritizes ease of use during your gardening endeavors.

At the heart of its functionality is a digital brushless motor, which not only provides a potent performance but also contributes to the longevity of the machine. The inclusion of a 40L collection box is complemented by an innovative indicator, which alerts you when it’s time for disposal. This feature enhances the mower’s eco-friendly aspect, as it promotes timely emptying and minimizes the release of clippings into the environment.


2. Greenworks Lawn mower Self-Propelled

Greenworks Lawnmower

This self-propelled lawnmower is positioned as a top-tier choice for reliability and endurance. Its self-propulsion capabilities enable a steady pace ranging from 2.5 km/h to 4.8 km/h, making it a solid performer over numerous mowing sessions. Such a feature assures a consistent and less labor-intensive lawn care experience, even for extensive gardens.

The construction boasts a heavy-duty steel deck that resists rust, ensuring not only longevity but also ease of maneuverability. This material choice reflects a commitment to durability and a smooth mowing experience, as it glides across your lawn with minimal effort required.

Complementing its robust build is the foldable handle design, which, along with the spacious 55L grass bag, exemplifies the mower’s practicality and convenience. The brushless motor at its core is engineered for efficiency, delivering a level of performance that meets the demands of meticulous lawn enthusiasts.


3. Greenworks Lawn mower Brushless Greenworks Lawnmower Kit

The Greenworks Battery Lawnmower kitted with a potent DigiPro brushless motor stands out for its advanced features. The built-in load sensor modulates power usage in real time, ensuring optimal cutting performance without unnecessary battery drain. Impact protection technology further enhances its resilience against obstacles and rough terrain.

Adaptability is key with this mower, as it offers a 7-position height adjustment to tailor your lawn to the desired level of trim. The generous 460mm blade width is complemented by a durable steel cutting deck, ensuring not only a wide cutting path but also the ease of ongoing lawn maintenance.

For those with limited storage space, the folding handle is a practical solution, allowing the mower to tuck away neatly when not in use. The steel deck’s dual purpose of contributing to straightforward maintenance and enduring performance solidifies this mower as a wise choice for homeowners seeking a reliable and effective lawn care tool.


4. Gardena Robotic Lawnmower Sileno Life 750Robotic Lawnmower Sileno

The Gardena Robotic Lawnmower emerges as an ideal assistant for expansive lawns, equipped with the capability to meticulously mow areas with up to a 200m boundary defined by a guide wire. Its intelligent navigation system excels in maneuvering through challenging passages, ensuring no area is left unattended, from narrow spaces to tight corners.

A thoughtful addition to its suite of features is the lever frost sensor, designed to detect temperatures nearing the freezing point. This protective measure helps to prevent the lawnmower from operating under conditions that could be harmful to your grass or the mower’s operational integrity.

Control and convenience are at the forefront with the accompanying app, which transforms your device into a remote command center for the mower. This level of connectivity grants you the power to manage your lawn care from anywhere, making the Gardena Robotic Lawnmower a testament to technological advancement in garden maintenance.


5. Makita LXT Brushless Lawn MowerMetal Deck Lawn Mower

The Makita LXT Brushless Lawn Mower caters to those who prioritize a serene outdoor environment, with its design focused on low noise output. This peaceful operation does not come at the cost of power, as its brushless motor delivers high-torque performance for a smooth and efficient cut across your lawn.

Durability pairs with functional design, featuring a high-quality steel deck that stands up to wear and tear. A generous 70L cloth catcher is equipped with a grass level indicator, allowing users to monitor the volume of clippings and optimize their mowing sessions without unnecessary interruptions for emptying.

Makita also emphasizes ease of use in this model with user-friendly height adjustment to navigate different lawn terrains with ease, and a robust steel cutting blade that simplifies the mowing process. This combination of features makes the Makita LXT Brushless Lawn Mower a compelling option for users seeking a balance of quiet operation, durability, and convenience.


6. Victa Dual Battery Lawn mower Lawnmower Kit

Ideal for the typical backyard, this lawnmower is crafted with maneuverability in mind, making it a breeze to guide through the twists and turns of your garden landscape. The hard-top fabric catcher is a purposeful feature, gracefully collecting grass clippings to keep your lawn tidy and free from debris after each mowing session.

The heart of the machine is an 18V brushless motor that brings together power and efficiency, cutting with precision and extending the life of the motor. With a run time of 50 minutes per charge, it allows ample coverage for most average-sized lawns on a single battery cycle.

In terms of usability, its sound output is maintained at 94 dBA, minimizing noise pollution while maintaining robust performance. The mower’s convenience is further enhanced by a 110-minute charge time using a dual battery charger, ensuring quick turnaround and readiness for maintaining a well-groomed lawn with ease.


7. Giantz Electric Lawn Mower Cordless

Lawn Mower Cordless

Tailored for the modest greenspace, this best battery lawn mower is a match for homeowners who maintain smaller lawns. Its lightweight construction is a standout attribute, making it not just easy on the arms but also agile when navigating across the grass.

One of the practical features includes a removable battery that simplifies the charging process, liberating you from the constraints of cords. The convenience continues with a carry handle for effortless transport and foldable handles that significantly reduce the storage footprint, an essential for those with limited space.

Adjusting the cutting height is a breeze with the single-lever mechanism, streamlining the setup for your preferred grass length. Moreover, safety is given due consideration with a child-proof start system, ensuring peace of mind for families and adding an extra layer of security to the mowing experience.




How long does a battery last on the best battery lawn mower?

The lifespan of a charged mower battery usually ranges between 3 to 5 years, contingent on the battery technology employed and care. Frequent use could lead toward the lower end of this range. Optimal maintenance may extend the life of a lithium-ion battery towards 5 years, whereas lead-acid types sit around the 3- to 4-year mark.


Is higher voltage better for cordless Lawn mowers?

Higher voltage in cordless lawn mowers generally translates to more power and longer run-time, which can result in better performance, especially for larger or more demanding lawns. However, consider overall efficiency, battery life, and the specific needs of your lawn.


What’s better 20V or 40V?

Mowers powered by batteries are available with varied voltage ratings. A 40V battery encompasses more cells than a 20V counterpart, offering greater potency to your lawn mower and generally enhancing its performance. This could translate to the mower tackling dense grass with more ease and requiring fewer passes, thus saving time and energy.