The 5 Best Hair Curlers For Perfect Waves

The best Hair curlers are an important part of the hair care routine. They help to create a defined curl and create the perfect look for the day. Curlers can also be used to give an extra bounce to a particular section of the hair, like beach waves.

The best Hair curlers work by allowing the hair to be heated up and transformed into a curl. The curling tongs or ‘rollers’ are generally heated with a small electronic device and are then placed against the hair. The heat from the curler can be adjusted using the controls on the device. When the correct temperature is reached, simply move the curler towards your hair and pull it towards yourself. This creates several different looks that can be achieved with this device.

There are a number of different types of curlers and it is difficult to know which is the best to buy. In this blog, we will look at the different types of curlers, as well as their benefits, to help you decide which is the best for you.

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How to choose the Best Hair Curler for you

What’s the difference between a curling wand and a curling tong?

Curling wands and tongs are different devices used to create the same result. This difference is mainly in the type of curl that they produce. Curling wands are generally more suited to creating tight curls while curling tongs create looser and more natural-looking curls. A looser curl is better for someone who wants to have a curly look, but still, be able to run fingers through their hair.


Does the barrel size of the curling wand matter?

The most important thing to consider when looking for the best hair curler for you is what style you want to achieve. This will determine the type of curler you buy. If you are after a professional look, then a curling wand with a very small barrel may be a better option for you. However, if want looser curls then a larger barrel is preferable. If you want to achieve different types of curling such as beach wave curls, then you will need a larger barrel.


What are the types of curlers?

Ceramic and tourmaline: Ceramic curlers are very popular in the market due to their ability to maintain their temperature constant for a long period of time. It also has a high negative ion output. Tourmaline curlers have a ceramic coating that results in more shine and smooth hair.

Titanium: Titanium curlers have the ability to heat up very quickly, making them a great option for styling. The titanium also does not create static and is considered to be a heavy-duty material for creating curls.

Magnetic: Magnetic curlers are great for creating long-lasting curls and do not damage the hair with too much heat exposure. It also has a large surface area that allows for faster heating-up time.

Chrome and gold: Chrome and gold curlers are tungsten materials used in the industry. It heats up quicker than other metals, making it a great choice for those who are on a time crunch.

Metal steam: Metal steam curlers offer the best results for people with thick hair. They are often used in salons as they can hold a large amount of hair.

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Is a higher temperature better?

It is important to note that higher-temperature curlers will create more damage to your hair due to the strength of the heat. However, it is still important that you maintain a specific temperature for your hair type. If you have short, fine hair a lower temperature is best to keep your hair smooth and soft. With longer hair, you can use higher temperatures so long as it is manageable. 

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The Best Hair Curlers NZ


1. VS Sassoon Unbound Cordless Auto Curler

Hair Curler

VS Sassoon Unbound Cordless Auto Curler is the most advanced best hair curler which features 45min cord-free use. It can now be used anywhere to bring convenience to your busy schedule. The curling system gently draws in the hair for the fastest, easiest & most perfect curls or waves.

The LCD control allows you to choose your curl style from tight curls to luxurious waves and change the curl direction for a more customized look. With Even heat Ceramic technology, it results in beautiful, glossy and lasting curls or waves that will keep looking perfect all day.


2. VS Sassoon Big Hair Soft Curls Ceramic Hair Curler

VS Sassoon

This best hair curler is great for anyone who wants to get a professional look all the time. It features a ceramic heating system with a 30-second heat-up speed which provides quick action heat transfer and constant even heat, giving you perfect results every time. The 5 LED settings including 150C to 210C give you that perfect finish with the soft grip ceramic barrel. This curler also has Keratin-infused technology and it helps protect your healthy hair for beautifully shiny and healthy-looking hair all day.


3. Estelle Automatic Cordless Hair CurlerEstelle

The Estelle Automatic Cordless Hair Curler is a great home hair curling device. It makes it easy to curl your hair while you’re on the go or just comfortably sitting in your own home.  The cord-free design might just be what helps you start doing your hair more often without having to worry about being near an outlet. It has Up to 60 minutes of curling time so it’ll be enough for you to do those beautiful curls you’ve wanted to try out.

It has 4 heat settings, so you can find what’s best for you. The LCD display makes it really easy to see when the machine is off or on, and how hot it’s getting. And with anti-scald technology and automatic shut-off, this will be the safest way to curl your hair.


4. Cabello Glam Hair CurlerCabello Glam

The Cabello Glam Hair Curler is a ceramic curl chamber that is designed to provide long-lasting curls and waves. It has three timer settings with beep indicators for you to select the desired curl effect. The three heat settings allow you to customize your curl and it also comes with a powerful heating system that will have your hair ready in seconds. The ultra-fast heat recovery provides an even and consistent lock on your hairstyle, which means more time clipping away.


5. UCurl Auto Cordless Hair Curler

Cordless Hair Curler

The UCurl Auto Cordless best Hair Curler is the perfect hair curler for those who travel and want to have curls but don’t want the hassle of cords. It’s also great if you are afraid of getting burned by curlers with hot barrels. The Ceramic barrel helps keep hair frizz-free and contains safety guards so it doesn’t burn your fingers as well. It has 6 heat settings and the controls are easy to use. It gives you 4 timer settings as well. The buttons are also easy to press. It is lightweight so your hands can stay free.