5 Best Mini Fridge in NZ

If you’re always struggling to fit excess groceries into your kitchen fridge, the best Mini Fridge can be the solution. They are also very portable, you can carry them in your campervan or your boat as well. 

They are compact refrigerators that keep your beverages and snacks close at hand. It’s also great for dorm rooms, where floor space can be limited, or as an addition to your home bar.

If you are looking for one, it’s important that you get the best one possible so that you can maximize its utility and make sure it lasts as long as possible. We’ve put together some helpful tips on how to find the perfect mini fridge for your needs.

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How to buy the best mini fridge for you

The mini refrigerator is a great way to store your food and beverages. The models vary in size, with heights ranging from 8 – 46 L. You can choose the size as per your need and available space for the mini-fridges. You should pick the model which has an energy star certificate for low power consumption.

Under the Counter, fridges are mainly used for storing beverages. These units work best when you have a bar or other area that needs cooling but don’t want to spend money on an entire mini-fridge. Some models can store wines while others hold just about everything under one roof from beer and wine bottles all the way down to soda cans (depending on size).

There are reversible door types of fridges, so check on which side they open before you purchase one. Reversible ones have the potential to solve this problem for most people.

To make sure your fridge runs smoothly, look for adjustable feet. Uneven surfaces can cause the appliance to work inefficiently and produce more noise.

The temperature of your refrigerator should never be too high or low. If you place it near a radiator, heat source such as direct sunlight and sunny windows then its work will become harder which could lead to damage to the appliance.

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The Best Mini Fridge to buy


1. TSB Living Bar Fridge- 44L

Bar Fridge

This best Mini fridge is a great addition to your home bar. It features a compact design that will fit into any corner of your kitchen or bar area and has a separate chiller compartment with a twin temperature zone for keeping drinks chilled. The fridge comes with 6 adjustable temperature levels, so you can keep all different types of food items at their ideal temperatures.


2. Haier 48 Litre Bar Fridge

48 Litre Bar Fridge

Haier’s 48 Litre Bar Fridge is a great option for your room. It has been designed with an adjustable shelving system to allow for a variety of storage options, and a reversible door that can be easily changed depending on your needs. The fridge also features a manual defrost function to help prevent frost build-up, while the compact size makes it ideal for smaller spaces.


3. Holden 40L Glass Door Fridge

Glass Door Fridge

The Holden glass door fridge has a modern design that will look great in your home bar. It features an illuminated lightbox and internal lighting, which displays all of your food products beautifully. This unit also comes with a fan-assisted cooling system to ensure your drinks are kept at the correct temperature. It’s easy to clean.


4. Airflo 46L Glass Door Bar Fridge 

Airflo Glass Door Bar Fridge

This sleek, black glass door fridge has a great capacity of 46 litres and features an adjustable thermostat which allows you to set your own temperature between 2°C and 10°C. The double-glazed glass door allows you to see the contents of the fridge without letting out any heat. Airflo glass door bar fridges are built with thick insulation for maximum efficiency in keeping your food fresh, while also being quiet in operation.


5. Zakka 8 Liter Mini Fridge Portable for Car Travel  Portable mini fridge

This Zakka best Mini Fridge is a portable refrigerator that allows you to keep food and beverages cool while travelling. It features a double shelf design that can hold up to 8 cans of 330ml beverage. The thermoelectric cooler and warmer has an adjustable temperature from 0°C to 40°C, which enables you to use it for both cooling and warming purposes. This fridge also comes with a power indicator light so you will always know when it is on or off.


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