Top 7 Best Wine Fridge in NZ

Finding the best wine fridge can be difficult, but it is worth all of your time and effort. There are many different types to choose from and they come in many shapes as well. Make sure that you consider what temperature range works best for both yourself personally or if hosting guests who have a variety of their preferences. 

When you buy the best wine fridge, consider the perfect conditions for your preferred beverage. In general cool temperatures are best with wines and help keep them fresh longer while bringing out their flavour profile.

With a large selection of wine coolers, there’s something for everyone. Do you want one that will fit in your kitchen or needs an under-counter option? If the capacity is what you’re after then we’ve got both smaller fridges as well as larger ones with up to 70 bottle capacities available on our list. 

Wine bottles can take up more room in the main Fridge if you have more than 8 bottles. The best way to store wine is in a wine fridge. This will keep the space from becoming overloaded with bottles. We have listed our favourite wine fridge below – make sure you check them out if this sounds like something that would work great at your home. 

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How to choose the Best Wine Fridge 


Size of Wine Fridge

When it comes to choosing the best wine fridge, there are a few things that you need to think about. One of these considerations is how big your cabinet should be and whether or not it will go under a kitchen table top.  Make sure the fridge is not taller than your tabletop.

The number of bottles that can fit

When you’re looking to build a wine collection, it’s important to consider how many bottles of your favourite wine and styles you’ll want to store.  A good rule of thumb is to always add 50% more extra space for wine bottles than what one would imagine – this way there will be enough room for in-flow as well outgoing wines when they are being stored long term.

With a two-zone fridge, it is often convenient to know how many bottles you need to store as the flow and replacement of wine bottles would be higher.

Noise Level

A wine fridge is likely to be noisier than other appliances because it has a higher acoustic state. It’s all about how you feel when using the appliance and what type of environment your cabinet resides in, 40 dB or less is considered noiseless.

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The Best Wine Fridge NZ


1. Kogan Bottle Wine Cooler

Wine Fridge

The Kogan 28 or 8 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler is a must-have for wine enthusiasts who value the preservation of their valuable wine collection. This sleek cooler offers an adjustable temperature range, allowing you to store both red and white wines at their optimal conditions. The tempered mirror glass door not only adds a touch of elegance but also provides protection against harmful light that can compromise the wine’s quality.


2. Sheffield 24 Bottle Wine FridgeSheffield 24 Bottle

This Sheffield best Wine Fridge is a great addition to any home or kitchen. This fridge has an adjustable temperature range of 5-18 degrees Celsius, so it’s perfect for both red and white wines. It also comes with a recessed handle for easy transportation, and interior LED light that illuminates the inside of the refrigerator and tempered glass doors that are strong enough to prevent unwanted entry.


3. Sheffield 70L Beverage CentreBeverage Centre

This Sheffield fridge is a great addition to your home. With its sleek design, this beverage centre will look great in your kitchen. It has a compressor cooling system that keeps your drinks at their ideal temperature. 

It has a double-layered tempered glass door that allows you to see what’s inside while keeping it secure from children and pets. It also has an interior LED light so you can find what you are looking for easily, even when the lights are off.


4. Midea 115 Cans Beverage CoolerBeverage Cooler

This Midea Beverage Cooler is a perfect choice for you to enjoy more leisure time. It features a frameless glass door, which makes it look more elegant and practical. Its storage volume is 93L, enough for your family or friends to chill their favourite drinks. The temperature range is 4-15 degrees Celsius, which can keep all kinds of beverages fresh and cool at any time.


5. Heller 98L Beverage Cooler Fridge 

Heller 98L

This Heller  Beverage  Fridge is a great addition to any home or office. It boasts a stylish black finish and has 4 chrome-plated wire racks that can be adjusted to suit your needs. The reversible soft line door allows you to choose the colour of the surface you want to show, while the temperature range of 0°C-10°C means it can handle anything from beer and wine coolers all the way up to milk and juice.


6. Airflo 70L Glass Door Fridge

70L Fridge

This Airflo  Fridge is a sleek and functional appliance that will add an elegant touch to your kitchen. This fridge features double-glazed glass doors for optimum temperature retention, adjustable feet for stability on uneven surfaces, and an adjustable thermostat that allows you to set your ideal temperature. The temperature range of 0-10°C makes it suitable for storing beverages.


7. Midea Bottles Wine Cooler

Midea 130L

The Midea Bottles Wine Cooler is a great choice for wine lovers. The unit has an anti-UV glass door, wooden shelf and adjustable feet. It comes with a door open alarm and the temperature can be adjusted between 5°C and 18°C. Use it to store your favourite wine bottles safely and conveniently.