Top 7 Best Lounge Suites in NZ

When it comes to choosing the best Lounge Suites for your stylish home, comfort is obviously key. But if you care about both design and aesthetics equally then there’s no doubt that an appealing piece of furniture will be right up your alley. 

We all know that lounging around in your own home is one of life’s most rewarding activities, but it can also be a little bit hard on your furniture. The solution to this problem may just be the perfect lounge suite for you and your family. These suites are comfortable yet durable, so they will keep up with whatever you throw their way. With plenty of colors to choose from and designs tailored to fit any style or size, there is no reason not to get yourself some new lounge furniture today. 

It’s time to think about your living space. If you are looking for a new best lounge suite, then we have the perfect solution for you. We have rounded up some of the best lounge suites on the market today. Read our blog post now and find out more information about Lounge Suites. 

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Best Corner Lounge Suites in NZ

How to choose the Best Lounge Suites 

Size of lounge suite

The first thing to think about is where your best Lounge Suites will fit. What manufacturers call small, medium or large can vary immensely.

The size of furniture in a home often reflects the user’s age and living space requirements; not all people may have room for an oversized couch.

It’s worth working out whether you would like only Lounge Suites or a mix of sofas and chairs, taking into consideration how many people you want seating for in total and how much space you’ll have left in a room. overcrowded with furniture is never a good look. 

Shape of Lounge

The shape of the best Lounge Suites is also important, but the style and design are just as crucial. For example high backs work well in rooms with high ceilings; corner sofas look good in larger living spaces where they can serve as dividers or provide seating for more than one person to sit on at once without feeling cramped up against each other’s space.

Frame of Suite set

Without the right frame, your sofa will have a shorter lifespan. Hardwoods like oak and ash are best for longevity; softwoods such as pine can also bend or snap under pressure depending on the material used plastic vs metal.  Ideally, legs should either be screwed/pegged into place instead of glue so they don’t come off easily in case you need them later. 

Lounge suite material

Another thing is a durable fabric, like leather, cotton or linen, for example, will last longer and look better over time as its colour fades less with each use compared to patterned upholstery which may fade in direct sunlight due to the dyes used during production becoming faded after prolonged exposure.

A great option is getting something weaved into an existing design rather than printing them out because these items typically haven’t had any problem handling spills whereas prints often do no matter how careful one was about cleaning afterwards.

Entrance width

Sometimes people forget to check the width of the entrance. So when buying a Lounge suite, be sure to measure the width and height of any doorways or hallways. So you can take new lounge suites through the door.

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The Best Lounge Suites NZ


1. Paisley Leather Corner Lounge Suite

Lounge Suite

The Paisley Leather Corner Lounge Suite is a great addition to any lounge room. The genuine leather on the cushions is soft and inviting. The unit comes with two different chaise options, left and right, which makes it perfect for all large sizes of lounges. It can accommodate up to six people which allows all family members to sit together. It is made of genuine leather which makes it easy to maintain. 


2. Wayne Lounge Recliner Suite

Lounge Recliner Suite

The Wayne suite is a classic leather recliner that boasts a contemporary style and features a manual recline mechanism. The seating area of the chair is covered in stylish black leather, and its seat cushions and back cushions provide extra comfort. The armrests are padded to provide extra support when relaxing.


3. Joseph Sofa 1+2+3 Suite

Joseph Sofa

The Joseph Sofa Suite is an innovative and unique sofa range which can be used in a variety of ways. The black colour gives it an elegant look, which makes it the best choice for your living room. The versatility of this sofa allows it to be used as a 3-seater, 2-seater or Single Seat. This versatile sofa has been designed to fit into any living space, no matter how small your Lounge may be.


4. Bosston Lounge Suite with OttomanBosston Lounge

The Boston six-seat lounge suite is a stylish and comfortable addition to any family home. The cushions are soft and durable, as well as easy to clean with a damp cloth. It is made from pine, which makes it durable for a long last. This suite comes in black or white, this set will match any home decor style you’re looking for.


5. Normandy Lounge Recliner SuiteNormandy Lounge

The Normandy Lounge Suite is a five-seater sofa with 2 manual recliners at each end. The arm and back cushions are very comfortable and the sofa has cup holders in the middle of it. It is made of bonded leather which is easy to clean and maintain. The Colour Black and Brown tone makes it look classic, stylish and elegant.


6. Eureka Modular Lounge Suite with OttomanEureka Modular

This Eureka Modular Lounge Suite is a stylish and practical addition to any lounge room. It consists of the L-shaped modular design allows you to customize it to your needs. This grey fabric upholstery gives it an elegant look that will fit in well with most interior styles. The frame is made from hardwood and plywood making it durable enough for everyday use.


7. Moy Recliner Lounge Suite Moy 3RR

This is a recliner with a modern grey tone that offers luxury with style. The hand-latch recliner has an elegant design and practical function that will make you feel comfortable when using it. It’s easy to use, just pull the handle down to release the latch and push it up again to lock it in place for sitting or standing. You can adjust your position with ease, making this chair ideal for watching TV or reading a book.