The 5 Best Petrol Water Blaster NZ

When it comes to cleaning your garden, the best tool is a powerful petrol water blaster. This high-powered tool will cut through grease, grime, and more, leaving your garden fresh, clean, and smudge-free. 

Most pressure washers have a stream that is 50 times more powerful than water coming out of a garden hose. When combined with detergent, this enables the washer to remove everything from dirt to the sticky sap on your hands. The best petrol water blasters are actually using less water as compared to garden hoses.

As with all tools, there are considerations that must be made before selecting a pressure washer and there are many to choose from. In this blog, we will discuss the best types of pressure washers, what they do, and what aspects of the different pressure washers should be considered before purchasing.

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How to choose the Best Petrol Water Blaster for you

Here are some of the important factors to consider when choosing the best petrol water blasters:


How much power a washer can produce?

Power is the first consideration when identifying the best petrol water blasters for you. The higher the power, the better it will be to clean larger areas. While smaller washers may be sufficient for occasional or light use, you will want to consider a more powerful one if you need to clean an extensive area. Most of these larger power pressure washers are gas-powered as they hold more power and are more efficient.

A pressure washer can generate between 4 and 15 horsepower. A higher number of horses may be more powerful, but the pressure washer will take more fuel to produce the same amount of power. Also, there is a direct correlation between how much power a pressure washer holds and its price. 


How much psi (PSI) is required?

When looking for a high pounds per square inch (psi) pressure washer, consider the types of cleaning you plan to do. A high psi pressure washer will provide more power than a low psi washer, but be careful not to go over the limit.

Here is a general psi range usage:

  • Home cleaning: 2,000 psi or more
  • Light duty tasks: 2,400-3,000 psi
  • Medium duty tasks: 3,500-5,000 psi

The higher end of the scale typically has more water flow and a larger engine. Make sure to use proper gear and protective clothing when using high-pressure washers.


What other things need to consider?

Portability: This is probably the most important aspect of a pressure washer. The one that you choose must be easy to move around, whether it’s by hand or in a vehicle, and into the places where you need it. Make sure the wheels are  25 cm+ in size to ensure you can easily move them around.

Hose length: The hose length must be between 3 meters to 5 meters in order to make sure you have enough distance to clean every part of your garden and house.

Changeable Nozzles: Look for the best petrol water blasters with changeable nozzles so you can adjust the flow of water as needed. This is also good if you want different types of sprays, such as a fine mist or solid stream.

Safety features: There are some safety features that you should consider when purchasing a pressure washer. Look for the best petrol water blasters with an automatic shut-off function in case the trigger is released mid-spray.

Detergent tank: Look for a pressure washer with an inbuilt detergent tank to help you avoid the hassle of mixing, storing, and applying the correct amount of detergent.

Adjustable Pressure Options: A pressure washer with a range between 500 to 3,000 PSI is ideal for almost all households and gardens. They are simple to adjust and offer this degree of pressure at a low cost.

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The Best Petrol Water Blaster NZ


1. Hyundai 4200 Water Blaster Petrol

Hyundai 4200 Water Blaster Petrol

The Hyundai 4200 Water Blaster Petrol is a commercial-grade pressure washer that gives superior performance and reliability. With a powerful 15hp petrol engine, this water blaster has a max pressure of 4200psi. With its commercial-grade brass pump, a self-priming pump and a low oil sensor, it can operate from a non-pressurised water source, such as a garden hose. The heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame and 12” PU foam tyres with steel hubs are also built to last.


2. Karcher G3200x Water Blaster Petrol

Karcher G3200x Water Blaster Petrol

The Karcher G3200x is a powerful machine that delivers amazing performance at an amazing price. This machine features a powerful 4-stroke 196cc engine, with a 3200PSI pressure and a quick connect high-pressure hose that is made for easy and fast installation. The onboard storage for all accessories and an integrated water filter will meet your needs for a long time. The stainless steel spray lance is perfect for cleaning and is made from quality materials and is durable. It is also a great cleaning machine for the garden, which makes it the perfect addition to any home.


3. Flash Water Blaster Petrol

Flash Water Blaster Petrol

The Flash Water Blaster Petrol is a professional-grade pressure washer that is perfect for cleaning your home and garden. It features a trigger lock-off for safety, a commercial-grade brass pump, a 4.0hp Ducar petrol engine and a soft-touch handle with never-flat rubber wheels. It comes with a spray gun with 4 changeable nozzles and a detergent tank. It is commercial grade, which means it’s powerful enough to handle tough jobs. It is also easy to use and clean.


4. BE Honda Pressure Cleaner

BE Honda Pressure Cleaner

The Honda Pressurized Cleaner is the perfect accessory for your home and garden. The Honda is a versatile, powerful and reliable machine that can tackle tough ground and heavy-duty tasks. With a Honda, you will never be stuck for power or unable to complete the job. The Honda has a 4200psi @ 15L/minute motor and a CAT 67DX39G1 USA Pump for increased performance. This machine also has 12″ flat-free tires for easy manoeuvring.


5. Tooline Pressure Washer

Tooline Pressure Washer

The PW3600 is powerful and efficient, capable of reaching a maximum 3600 PSI pressure and a maximum flow rate of 17 l/min. The Triplex Pump allows for a powerful and even spray pattern. The low oil alarm system alerts the user of low oil levels, and the direct drive pump allows for a quick and easy start-up. It has a 4-stroke engine and is air-cooled. The 8mm hose and 10m length enable it to clean your home, car or garden quickly and with ease.



How does a petrol water blaster work?

Petrol pressure washers work on the same principle as in a jet engine. A jet engine uses a compressor to draw air into its chamber where it combusts and creates an internal pressure between 50-150 psi. The compression chamber causes the air to be forced out of the exhaust of the jet engine, resulting in propulsion power. This is exactly how petrol pressure washers work.


Which is better Petrol or Electric washers?

They each have their advantages and disadvantages. Petrol washers are generally more powerful than Electric washers, but they are also the noisier and, obviously, the ones you need to be careful with. Electric washers are quieter, safer and can power through the dirt of all kinds. Each has its uses; it really comes down to what you need.


What PSI is good for a water blaster?

Pressure washers with a PSI of 2000 or more are the most effective for household jobs. Some residential units shoot at about 2800 PSI. When buying a pressure washer, you should consider the size of the cleaning job you plan on doing. 

The higher the PSI, the more power and force it has to remove tough dirt. Professional pressure washers run much higher than average household pressure washers and may run as high as 3000-4000 PSI depending on your needs.


Can you use a water blaster on a car?

A pressure washer is basically the same as a water blaster or garden hose with a high-powered nozzle. The main difference between a pressure washer for your car and your garden is nozzle size, PSI (pressure per square inch), and gallons per minute. Make sure the pressure on the best petrol water blasters is set to a level that won’t damage car paint. 



We hope you enjoyed our article on how to choose the best petrol water blasters. There are a lot of different pressure washers on the market that can be pretty overwhelming to choose from. We broke down some of the important factors to consider so you will be able to make a smart decision on your next purchase.