Top 7 Best Roller Skates | Inline Skates in NZ

Roller skating is a popular hobby that has been going on for years. In the 60s and 70s was when roller skating disco started, and then Inlines became the latest trend during the 80s and 90s. 

Nowadays there are still many skaters who enjoy this activity by jamming out while cruising with their friends or practising tricks inside bowls looking seriously cool doing it.

Most people began looking for a way to fill their time. Thus, a whole new generation got geared up and ready to learn about roller skates-the newest trend in entertainment.

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What are the benefits of Roller Skating?

The first reason to try roller skating is that its great exercise. It helps you burn up to 600 calories per hour and can also be an aerobic workout, working all of your muscles while raising your heart rate and also improves your heart health by raising your heart rate.

If you hate running, then it is a great way to stay fit. It’s specifically good for your quads and glutes because it has less impact on the joints than jogging does. You’ll build up your strength as well as fitness levels with this dance-based workout program.

Additionally, wearing great-looking skates is another bonus that makes all kids enjoy themselves when going out on those wheels.

While most people think of skating as a fun activity that doesn’t even feel like exercise, learning new tricks and becoming more confident are some great benefits to take away from the experience.

You’ll love roller skating if conquering your fear gives you a buzz. Roller skating requires courage to venture out on the street, but with practice, it will be very rewarding and give you confidence in learning new skills.

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The Best Roller Skates NZ


1. Impala Skate Lightspeed Inline Skate

mpala Skate Lightspeed Inline Skate Plastic

Impala Skate’s Lightspeed Inline Skates are the best plastic skates on the market for the money. These high-quality, low-cost skates exceed all expectations of performance and durability.

They feature a durable black plastic shell that is lightweight and strong enough to provide comfort and support while skating. The soft boot is comfortable, and breathable and features a convenient entry buckle system for easy on/off access. 


2. Impala Sidewalk Skates Lightspeed Inline

Impala Skates Impala Sidewalk Skates Lightspeed Inline 

The Impala Skate is a great way to get started in inline skating. It features an easy entry buckle for a secure fit, comfortable 70mm 80a durometer wheels and laces that can be tightened to your liking.

This skate is ideal for beginners and children who are just starting out with inline skating. It’s made of durable plastic material that will hold up well against wear and tear from frequent use.


3. K2 Raider Pro Blue Orange


The K2 Raider Pro is the perfect skate for those looking to get started in roller derby. The FBI Frame provides excellent vibration absorbing qualities and a padded liner will keep your feet comfortable. The boot has one strap allowing you to adjust the fit for a personalised feel. 


4. Impala Roller Skates – Pastel Fade

Impala Roller Skates - Pastel Fade

The Impala 70s Inspired Skates are a great beginner skate for anyone looking to buy their first pair of skates. They’re not too expensive and come in many different colours, sizes and materials – all vegan friendly.

Made from synthetic leather uppers with calfskin lining these skates have an extremely comfortable feel that is aided by the soft flexing inner boot construction which provides support where it’s needed most.


5. Impala Roller Skates Black

Impala Rollerskates Black

Impala Roller skates are a great entry-level skate. With a PVC upper, heel and sole the Impala is easy to clean and maintain. The speed lace eyelets make it easy to adjust the fit and an alloy truck and baseplate ensure you get smooth rolling action every time. 


6. Impala Skate Quad Roller Skates

Impala Skate Quad Roller Skates 

The Impala Quad Roller Skates are a great entry level skate. The aluminium frame is strong and durable, and the ABEC 7 wheels will give you plenty of grip on all surfaces.

These roller skates have an adjustable toe stop which will make it easier to learn how to stop on a quad skate, and the PVC upper means that these skates are easy to clean.


7. Impala Skate Quad Roller Skates

Impala Skate Quad Rollerskates Aluminium Nylon

The quad roller skates are suitable for beginners and advanced skaters, the wheels are 58mm and have a good grip. The skate is made of aluminium with an extra-strong nylon soleplate.

The frame is very sturdy with nylon wheels and bearings. Suitable for indoor use as well as outdoor use on smooth surfaces like tarmac or concrete areas.