Top 10 Best Skateboards in NZ

Skateboards are a great way to get some exercise and have fun at the same time. Skateboarding is a great sport and hobby. It’s also a popular activity in the summer. With Best Skateboards, you can skate all day long without needing to worry about tiring out. 

It is also an exciting way to get outside, have some fun with friends and improve your skills. Best skateboarding also has the entire community aspect; hanging out with friends or commuting from one place to another can be fun ways of making new friends at skate parks. 

The Best Skateboards are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Best Skateboard come with everything you need for independent skating – trucks, wheels, bearings- so no matter what your skill level may be or what type of skating you prefer( Street or Freestyle skate) there’s a Best Skateboard that will work for you. 

This blog will explain the different components of a complete best skateboard to make it easier for you to choose one. You need to know what each piece is before buying so that whatever option you pick, it’s right for your needs and expectations.

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How to pick the Best Skateboard for you

You don’t need to know what goes into a skateboard in order to pick one up. All you’ll need is some ideas about the parts and pieces so that when you’re ready for your first board purchase, it’s an informed decision-not just any old complete skateboard will do.

A complete skateboard consists of all necessary components: wheels, deck or platform (the surface), trucks (connects the truck and wheel assembly with bearings) along grip tape which prevents riders’ feet from slipping off during use. 

Size of skateboard 

Skateboard Size Chart

There are four different categories for skateboard size when choosing the width of your board. Choosing a certain category will give you more opportunities to learn tricks, but it’s ultimately up to your preference. When shopping online there is an age and height chart that can assist in finding your perfect fit.

Skateboard Length

Mini skateboards are great for children up to the age of 10, as they’re lighter in weight and easier to carry around. They also tend to be narrower than standard boards which makes them perfect for performing tricks on smaller ramps or surfaces.

For a mini best skateboard, the length cannot be more than 31 inches and it must not weigh over 1.8kg. It is best for children between 7-10 years old but younger ones can also ride these boards with supervision from their parents or guardians.

Non-beginners might find it easier to control a full-sized skateboard.  Because the larger surface area provides better balance chances and makes it easier to land tricks and can help with stability.

Skateboard wheels size

Skateboard wheel size and durometer are not really something to worry about when buying a complete skateboard – especially for beginners. Most complete skateboards will range between 50mm and 54mm, while the average wheel hardness is 97A-99A. Wheel specification is an issue that becomes more important as one progresses in their skating skills.

Skateboard Trucks

When buying a complete skateboard, it is not necessary to worry about the trucks. For the complete best skateboards, you may or may not have to tighten the trucks. It all depends on your weight and how tight they are when you buy them. 

Skateboard Bearings

Skateboard bearings play a major role in the quality and function of your wheels. They provide durability and precision, ensuring that you are able to move forward without any issues. You can tell how good they are by looking at their ABEC rating: 1 being the lowest and 11 representing the highest score possible. The higher this number is, the better it will roll or be when riding on smooth surfaces like roads or sidewalks.

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The Best Skateboards NZ


1. Slide Diamond Carving Surf Trainer Skateboard Best Skateboard

The Diamond Carving Surf Trainer Skateboard is the ultimate carving machine. The 7 sheets of Canadian Maple give you the perfect amount of flex and pop that you need for a smooth ride. 

The 165mm front truck gives you all the stability and control needed to carve your way through any street or skatepark while the rear truck gives you more than enough clearance for maximum wheel bite-free slides. This board has everything that makes a top-quality carving board. It’s light, fast, and has tons of pop.


2. Kontiki 34″ Surfskate – YOW

Kontiki 34 inch Surfskate - YOWKontiki Surfskate boards are a high-performance range of skateboards that offer the perfect balance between performance and manoeuvrability. Kontiki boards have a unique rocker in the nose and tail, which makes them extremely fast but also very easy to turn. The combination of these two features makes for an extremely exciting ride.


3. Slide Surf Fish Marajo Cruiser


Slide Surf

The Slide Surf Fish Marajo Cruiser skateboard is a board for beginners and kids. It’s a good choice for learning how to skate and cruising around the city. The deck is made of 7-ply Canadian maple.

This means that it’s thicker than most boards, which makes it more durable. The board also features an anti-slip grip tape top coat, so you can keep your feet in place while riding down hills or doing tricks on the board.


4. Duster Golden State Longboard




Duster Golden State Longboard has a colourful print on the board. Duster Golden State Longboard is a perfect balance between the classic longboards of the past and a modern performance design. 

This board features an all-wood construction, with fibreglass-reinforced polyurethane wheels for excellent durability. The nose and tail are shaped to help you navigate around obstacles while maintaining your speed, so you can focus on enjoying the ride.


5. Duster Moto Cosmic Longboard

Cosmic Longboard


This longboard is 37 inches long and has a cool holographic design on the top. It is made of strong material which makes it really strong and durable for all your riding needs.

The wheels are big, soft, grippy and perfect for cruising around town or carving up some hills. This board has a nice concave that feels really comfortable under your feet as you ride. It’s an awesome way to get around town.


6. Penny 27″ Nickel – Black Out

Penny 27

The Penny Nickel 27 inch skateboard is a great choice for both beginners and experienced skaters. The durable construction makes it perfect for cruising around town or shredding the local half-pipe, while the size and shape of the board allows you to perform tricks with ease.

This complete skateboard comes with everything you need to ride – including trucks, wheels, bearings and grip tape.


7. Globe Skate Trooper Cruiser ResinGlobe Skate

The Globe Skate Trooper cruiser board is a complete skateboard made with 7 layers of Canadian Maple wood and fiberglass. It has a walnut top ply, off white rose griptape, and resin wheels. 

The Cruiser measures about 27 inches long by 7.9 inches wide and comes with an 80A durometer deck for optimal performance. This skateboard is designed for beginners, children, or casual skaters who want to have fun on the streets or at the park.


8. Obfive Skate Happy Hour Obfive Skate

The Obfive Skate Happy Hour 28 Inch Longboard is a great choice for cruising around campus or your neighborhood. It features an all-Canadian hard rock maple deck and bamboo construction, with the added benefit of a beach image on the base. 

These OBfive trucks are made from aluminum and feature 6.2” wheels that are perfect for beginners or anyone who wants to cruise at a leisurely pace.


9. Globe Skate Truck Cruiser ResinSun City

The Globe Skate Sun City Revenge Truck Cruiser Resin is a mid-sized surf-inspired swallow tail cruiser board.

It has a mellow concave and kick tail which makes it great for beginners. The Onshore colour will make you look good on the beach.



10. The Swell 33 – FLOW

The Swell 33 - FLOW

The Swell 33 – Flow is a single-kick, classic cruiser board. This model has an extra wide standing platform for stability and balance, so you can easily cruise around town. 

The longer length gives more foot room allowing you to ride with your feet out in front of you or comfortably on top of the deck.