Top 5 Best Shade Sails in NZ

The sun is out, the weather is warm and you’re ready to enjoy your day. You can’t wait to get outside and soak up some of that beautiful sunshine. A good shade sail. Here at Shade sail, we know how important it is for you to find just the best shade sail for your outdoor space so we’re here to help.

They also provide protection from the sun and create a comfortable environment to relax in. Additionally, the best shade sails are stylish and add an aesthetic touch to your yard or patio area. 

The best shade sail is a strong, weather-proof fabric that can be stretched across the garden to provide cover. It’s based on techniques used by ship’s sails and uses flexible sheets attached between several anchor points such as house columns or fence posts in your yard for stability.

You can find out more information about buying them in this blog that will guide you through every step to selecting the best sail shade.

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How to choose the Best Shade Sail for you

There are so many options when it comes to choosing a shade sail that you might find yourself overwhelmed. Every colour and design has its own pluses, but which one is right for your garden? Consider the below question before buying.


How big is your garden or patio area?

There’s a variety of options are available in different shapes. You can choose from the triangle, rectangular or square shades depending on the shape and size preference that suits yours best.  For a large patio, choose between square or rectangle-shaped sails; for smaller areas like balconies, rectangular ones would work well.


How long can you leave it intact?

The durability and water resistance of shade sails make them a great investment for anyone who wants to protect their home from harsh weather. Unfortunately, most won’t last through winter in New Zealand due to how long they stay out during this season; however, you can always put the sail down if it snows or rains heavily. 


What other thing to look for? 

There are many different types of fabric that can be used for shade sails. If you want to save some money, an inexpensive cloth is good; however, it will need replacing after just one or two years due to wear-and-tear from use in the sun’s harsh environments. If you want to long last then look out for higher-quality fabrics that last much longer so you don’t have to spend as often on replacement items like rope parts, sheets etcetera.

There are a variety of options to choose from when you need accessories. You can find carabiners and D-rings that will help with easy attachment, or the options available may vary depending on what your needs are so be sure to check out all possibilities.

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The Best Shade Sails NZ 


1. Shade Sail Square 5m x 5m Graphite

Sail Shade

This shade Sail Square is a lightweight, easy to assemble shade sail that blocks more than 90% of UV rays. It has polyester waterproof fabric and a neutral graphite colour for long-lasting durability. The shade sail features a 5mm Stainless steel D-ring for hanging the sail on your deck or patio.


2. TSB Living Shade Sail Waterproof 5X5M Grey2 6

The TSB Living Shade Sail Waterproof is a rectangular outdoor shade sail. It is made of heavy-duty polyethene and has a 95% UV protective rating. The shade sail comes with 8mm stainless steel rings and a foldaway for storage.


3. NZ Rectangle Sun Shade Sail 4x6M Grey

Rectangle Sun Shade Sail

This is a great sun shade sail. It’s made of high-density polyethene fabric, which blocks 90% UV rays and heat from the sun. The fabric is breathable so it won’t make you feel stuffy when you are under the shade. You can install this easily by yourself in just a few minutes.


4. Sun Shade Sail Rectangle Canopy ShadeOutdoor Awning Cover

The Sun Shade Sail is a rectangular shade sail that provides 95% UV protection. It is made of weatherproof PE material and has four corner rings to reinforce it. The long-lasting durability can be assured by its heavy-duty wide webbing. It is breathable and taut, providing you with excellent comfort while relaxing in the backyard or on the beach. And it’s easy to install.


5. TSB Living 280Gsm Hdpe Shade Sail 5X5M GreyHdpe Shade Sail

TSB Living’s 280gsm HDPE Shade Sail is made of high-density polyethene (HDPE) fabric that blocks over 95% UV, so it’s ideal for use in all weather conditions. Its heavy-duty design features webbed perimeter edging and 8mm stainless steel rings at every corner for extra strength. This breathable material reduces temperature and provides a comfortable environment underneath. 


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