Top 10 Best Outdoor Furniture in NZ

Your outdoor patio is your personal escape. It’s where you can relax and unwind after a long day or enjoy the sunshine with friends and family. That’s why it’s important to choose furniture that will last for years, withstand different weather conditions, and be comfortable enough for everyday use. 

You can find a variety of outdoor furniture in New Zealand, ranging from expensive ones to those that are inexpensive ones. However, not all types of cheap and affordable backyard furniture are equal- some may be cheaply made or look outdated by today’s standards but others could cost significantly less but will last for years with proper care & maintenance.

Choosing Outdoor Furniture is a daunting task. You might be wondering what to look for when you are shopping, or how much you should spend on Outdoor Furniture. In this blog post, we will walk through the process of choosing Outdoor Furniture and provide some tips along the way. 

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How to choose the Best Outdoor Furniture

If you want to spend as much time outdoors this summer, make sure you have comfortable seating.

When you select outdoor furniture there are a few things you need to consider are maintenance, durability and portability. Lightweight materials like aluminium or resin that require little protection from the elements will be easy to move around and store while still durable enough for use in gardens with smaller dimensions. 

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Your outdoor furniture should be comfortable, stylish and functional. But before you start shopping for your new patio set or sunroom sofa, make sure it will fit in the space available to avoid costly returns.

The best thing is that there are so many different styles of outdoor furniture on offer now – from traditional wood benches with cushions to sleek aluminium loungers- ensuring everyone can find their perfect match.

It’s worth checking the dimensions of your outdoor space before you buy any furniture for it, as that will inform how much room is needed to use and enjoy the area. 

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The Best Outdoor Furniture in NZ


1. Open Bar Set 6 Seater 6 Seater outdoor furniture

This 6-seat bar height set is perfect for entertaining family and friends. The stools are made from high-quality materials that hold up to everyday use while still looking great. They slide easily under the table when not in use, making them easy to store. There’s nothing better than a good old-fashioned, holiday-style dinner party. 

The top of this bar table is made from white fibres woven together twice over the tabletop and down each leg which gives it an impressive look. This bar set is easy to clean and maintain making it great for everyday use.


2. Kapiti Rattan Suite


This 8 pieces rattan-inspired corner suite is perfect for your backyard space. Opulent pieces give this set an inviting atmosphere, as you curl up in the armchair with a coffee table and ottoman to match.

It’s super plush with 12cm thick cushions and a water-repellent finish, so it won’t get soggy or start rotting over time. One of the best features is that it’s fully UV protected, so your furniture will stay looking fresh no matter how many hot NZ summer days come.

The suite’s modular design enabled this versatility while accommodating all sizes of people too from those who love sinking into a sofa or armchair to those who enjoy lounging around on cushioned furniture that they can remove, wash, and then reinstall as desired when dirty. 


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3. Sabi Rattan Outdoor Lounge Suite

Sabi Rattan

Sabi Rattan Outdoor Lounge Suite sets you up with a beautiful place to escape the summer heat and still be comfortable. The entire patio set is made of polyethene resin, which is durable enough for any weather conditions and resists fading even when left out in the elements. 

It also stands up against UV rays for even more protection from the sun! You can enjoy unbeatable style without worrying about it matching your outdoor decor because this furniture looks great anywhere you put it – on any patch of grass or laid outright by your poolside lounge chair.

Its Cushions come with tough polyester covers, so spills wipe right off – no more mildew from wet cushions that were never cleaned. The table has an easy-to-clean surface, as does the entire chair frame itself thanks to a heavy-duty powder coating on the aluminium.


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4. L.A. Outdoor Corner Suite

L.A. Outdoor Corner Suite

This outdoor furniture is stylish and comfortable with a modular design – the perfect choice for your backyard. It’s the perfect piece of furniture for those cosy evenings spent on the porch with friends and loved ones. 

This high-quality corner suite features water-repellent cushions that are UV protected so you can enjoy them all year round without worrying about harming their colour or design. It has a powder-coated aluminium frame to eliminate corrosion worries and thick 15cm foam cushions to provide the utmost comfort.


5. Modello Corner Suite


This micro-weave Textilene fabric is durable and includes a classic corner shape. It will split into two long sets so you can have the perfect furniture for your outdoor area.

With its remarkable versatility, this outdoor couch will suit any patio space and provide years of comfort. The compact design features a deep seating section, two uniquely designed armrests for perfect cuddle companionship. It comes with one stationary ottoman that offers extra seating or can be turned into an end table, and two handy coffee tables that can seat some guests if need be. 

The fabric is made with Wavetex UV-tested cloth making it highly water-repellent and easy to clean – just toss them into your washing machine without worrying about fading or shrinking. 


6. Sandpiper Rattan Lounge Suite 3-piece Dark

Sandpiper Rattan

The Rattan Lounge is a stylish and comfortable way to transform your backyard into the perfect spot for relaxation. This suite takes up less space than traditional corner suites, but still provides plenty of lounging area so you can get away from it all in style. 

It comes with a 3-seater Sofa, Coffee table and 1 armchair that are perfect for relaxing with family or friends on your patio, deck or poolside area. This furniture is made from polyethene resin and UV ray tested. 

It is sturdy and well made, it’s comfortable and looks great. The cushions are really thick and comfortable and have thick tempered glass on the coffee table. It is easy to clean and maintain by simply wiping down the surface with a damp cloth.


7. Keter Corfu Lounge Set

Keter Corfu

This is a great lounge set for the outdoors. It’s perfect for any patio, deck or poolside area. The Keter Corfu outdoor lounge set comes with one sofa and two chairs. The frame of this furniture is made from high-quality material to prevent rusting in the elements. 

The cushions are made from polyester fabric that resists mould and mildew growth making them easy to clean. This outdoor furniture set is lightweight and easy to move around your patio or deck when you need more space for entertaining or just relaxing by yourself.


8. Nardi Levante 7-Piece Dining Set

7-Piece Dining Set

The Nardi Levante 7-Piece Dining Set is a gorgeous addition to any outdoor space. The table and chairs are made from polypropylene resin with fibreglass mesh, making them lightweight but incredibly durable. They’re weather resistant so you can enjoy them year-round – even in the snow. 

The hole-punch perforation pattern on the tabletop provides a unique look that will set your space apart from the rest. It is very easy to clean with mild soap water.


9. Oceanmoods Tangier Outdoor Dining Set 6 Seat


The Oceanmoods Tangier outdoor dining set 6 seats is perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying a nice meal with the family. This resin patio furniture set features a beautiful design and makes your backyard look like an elegant resort. 

The chairs are made of durable material and will last you through years of use. They are easy to clean as well, making them ideal for any outdoor space.


10. Jory Henley 5 Piece Breeze Outdoor Dining Set

Jory Henley

The Jory Henley 5 Piece Breeze Outdoor Dining Set is perfect for your outdoor entertaining needs. This set includes a square table and 4 chairs that are made of durable resin wicker with vertical cotton-polyester fibre batting. 

The seats have a comfortable foam cushion. The arms are designed to be easy to clean, just wipe them off when they get dirty. You can use this set on your patio or in your garden area. It’s also great for indoor use as well.


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