Top 5 Best Sun Loungers in NZ

Sun loungers are great for the beach, pool, or even your own backyard. They can be used as a seat to lay back and relax on or they can easily be converted into a bed. Sun loungers come in different shapes and sizes along with many features that make them more comfortable to use. 

Some sun loungers have cool things like cup holders built into the arms of the chair, adjustable reclining backs, adjustable headrests, and footrests that will allow you to fully enjoy your relaxing time outdoors.

Finding the best sun lounger can be a difficult task. There are many different styles, sizes and materials to choose from. In this blog post, we will go over some of our favourite picks for the best sun loungers.

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How to choose the best sun lounger 

One of the most important considerations when choosing outdoor furniture is how it will be used. A fully reclined position allows for relaxing or sunbathing, while a semi-reclined one can also provide comfortable conversation and reading materials as well.

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What are the Different Types of Sun Loungers?

The foldaway sun lounger is easy to store and can fit conveniently into your car for a trip to the seaside – these models often feature steel frames with wooden panels that fold up or down as needed when not being used. 

S-shaped sun loungers are designed according to the curve of the body and often give better support and comfort for those who has lower back problems. The usual materials used in these chairs material is aluminium or Textilene; this can make them difficult to clean but also ensures that they will last longer than other types such as round ones.

Multi-Position Recliners help you to take a break from the day and relax. These versatile sun loungers can be used in a number of ways, but they are typically most comfortable when given enough time for reclining – going from an upright position all the way down flat.


What material of made of the sun lounger?

You can find sun lounge styles in many different materials, but some require more maintenance than others – so consider what kind of care is required before making this purchase decision.

The best material depends largely on personal preference: those with higher budgets may opt-out lighter weight aluminium while someone looking at keeping their outdoor space clutter-free might choose PVC rather than metal build quality over the price paid when considering all factors involved including initial investment cost/time needed set up etc.


Best sun loungers to buy 


1. TSB Living T 3PC Outdoor Lounge Set Sun Lounger

This rattan lounge set is a great addition to your patio or outdoor living space. The 3-piece set comes with 2 loungers and 1 side table that can be used in any arrangement you like. Each piece features a high-density padded cushion for additional comfort. The adjustable recliner lounge lets you relax in different positions throughout the day, while the tempered glass top of the table features an elegant design that will add style to your outdoor space. This complete patio set is made from premium quality materials and built to last for years of enjoyment.


2. TSB Living Outdoor Sun LoungerOutdoor Sun Lounger

The TSB Living Outdoor Sun Lounger is made of PE wicker, which can be used for a long time. The curve design makes you feel comfortable when you are lying on it. Four adjustable back angle allows you to adjust the back angle as your need. A heavy-duty and anti-rust aluminium frame ensures the durability of this chair. All-weather head pillow for added comfort, removable and washable pillow covers allow users to wash them easily by hand or machine washing. This sun lounger can be a fully flatbed.


3. Keter Pacific Lounger – Pair

Keter Pacific

The Keter Pacific lounger is an elegant, modern-day garden furniture piece. The frame is made of UV stabilized resin, which makes it durable and low-maintenance. It comes with a 5 position backrest that allows you to sit upright or lean back for maximum comfort. The open weave rattan seat provides shade from the sun while still allowing air to circulate around your body so you can stay cool even on hot days. The Keter Pacific Lounger is stackable so it’s easy to store when not in use.


4. Nardi Omega Sun LoungerNardi Omega

The Nardi Omega Sun Lounger is a premium quality sun lounger. Made from durable and weatherproof materials, the Omega Sun Lounger is perfect for relaxing in the sun or by the pool. The lounger features an adjustable backrest that rotates to 4 different positions, making it easy to find your ideal position whilst reclining on this stylish piece of outdoor furniture.


5. Nardi Atlantico Sun LoungerNardi Atlantico

Nardi’s Atlantico Sun Lounger is the perfect addition to your pool area. The chair features a slim-line design with 4 backrest positions. It also has concealed wheels for rotating and rubber plug feet to protect your patio surface from scratches. Additionally, the lounger is made of ultra-resistant polyethene fabric that will not warp or fade in sunlight or rain.