Top 5 Best Toddler Beds in NZ

When your child is getting older and ready for a bed, you might want to consider getting the best Toddler bed. While most children grow out of the need for a Toddler bed by the time they turn three, sometimes it is just easier for parents to transition to a bed once the child is ready.

Toddler beds for kids are also the first big step towards growing up. Toddler beds can help prepare children for their future. Toddler beds allow children to be more independent, feel more grown-up, and sleep better at night.

There are so many options when it comes to toddler beds, and it can be hard to find the right one. This post will help you find the perfect bed to fit your child’s needs and style. From toddler beds that will grow with your child to toddler beds that are ideal for sleepovers, this guide will help you find the perfect bed for your child.

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How to choose the best Toddler Bed for your kid

There are a lot of things to think about when choosing the best toddler bed for your child. You want to make sure that it is safe, comfortable, and will fit in with the rest of the furniture in your home. Here are a few tips on how to choose the best toddler bed for your child:

Size: When choosing a toddler bed, consider the size of your child. The child’s age and growth rate dictate which size you should get for the best use for your child.

Adjustable: Make sure that the bed can be adjusted for when your child grows. You don’t want to have to buy a new bed because it is too small for your toddler. Also, make sure that the mattress can be adjusted.

Safety rails: If you are buying a toddler bed for your child, make sure that the toddler bed comes with a safety rail on all sides to keep your child safe when sleeping or playing in their bed.

Material: A toddler bed should be made of material that is sturdy, such as wood or metal. These types of beds are best for toddlers because they are more durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Style: When buying a toddler bed, you have many different styles of beds to choose from depending on the theme of your child’s bedroom. You can choose one that is designed with a dinosaur theme or with fire trucks. Choose one that your child will enjoy sleeping in.


How high off the ground are they?

It is recommended that you choose a bed that is no higher than 16 inches off the ground. Choosing a bed that is too high can be dangerous for your child and make it hard to get in and out of bed, especially if they have trouble climbing.


Are there any storage options?

Some toddler beds come with storage, so they can be a good option if you are short of space. You can choose a bed that has one or more drawers under the bed so your child can keep all of their toys hidden away. The best toddler beds typically have two drawers, which will give your child more room to store toys and clothes than one drawer would.


Can the bed be moved?

Some beds come with wheels that can make it easy for your child to move the bed from room to room or even across the room. Before you buy a toddler bed, make sure that it comes with a smooth glide wheel system so that moving your child’s bed is as easy as possible.

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The Best Toddler Beds NZ


1. Cariboo: Stockholm Cot

Toddler Bed

The Cariboo Stockholm Cot is a children’s bed with a modern sleek design and neutral Scandinavian tones. It has functionality and adaptability for use from newborn to teenage years. The two easily adaptable mattress heights allow the child to sleep at an optimal level without the risk of falling off the side of the cot. Without noisy, hazardous mechanisms, it is safe for a baby to climb onto its crib-like stage. Lastly, the simple conversion into a stylish Toddler bed provides for ease in transitioning from one sleeping stage to another.


2. Milford Toddler Bed – ConversionMilford Toddler Bed

The Milford Toddler bed’s design is curved and sleek making it best for your child’s room or playroom. It also features both side headboard that provides a natural place for your child to cuddle with you before going to sleep. The rails feature an integrated guard rail which ensures your little one stays safe in their own space and does not fall out of the bed.


3. Delta Children Princess Crown Toddler Bed Crown Toddler Bed

The Delta Children Princess Crown Toddler Bed is the perfect place for your little princess to rest after hours of playing with you. This bed features a charming bedroom design with a stunning pink trim, a metallic gold crown emblem on the headboard, an engraved floral pattern at the footboard and high guard rails on either side making it an excellent choice for your little princess. It has low height so it’s easy to climb into and offers durable wooden construction which will last her years to come.


4. Babywise Toddler BedBabywise Toddler Bed

The Babywise baby bed offers a round shape headboard that is charming and close to the ground. The raised sides help prevent the toddler from falling out. The simple design of this bed makes it easy to match furniture. This wooden frame has a smooth finish and there are no sharp edges. 


5. TSB Living Baby Cot + Mattress TSB Living Baby Cot

The TSB Living Baby bed is a great option for newborns and growing toddlers. It’s made up of pure solid rubberwood and MDF, providing a safe and sturdy base with smooth edges. It has 2 levels – the top is designed as a mattress for your baby to sleep/play on, while the lower part acts as storage for toys or blankets.



What age do you put a toddler in a toddler bed?

The appropriate age to put a toddler in a toddler bed typically depends on the child’s size and development. Some parents may choose to put their toddler in a toddler bed as early as 18 months old, while others may wait until the child is closer to 3 years old. Ultimately, it is up to the parent to decide when their child is ready for a toddler bed.


Is it worth getting a toddler bed?

Yes, there are many benefits to getting a toddler bed for your child. A toddler bed can help make the transition from a crib to a big kid bed easier and can help your child get more restful sleep. Additionally, a toddler bed can teach your child how to be more independent.