Top 5 Best Trundler Beds in New Zealand

Trundle beds have become a popular option for parents who have twins or triplets. They’re also a popular option for parents who crave more space. The best trundle beds are a great way of organizing your space, but they also come with a lot of advantages. They can be used as a baby bed, a guest bed, and a kids’ bed. They can also be used as a couch and a chair which can be great for those who live in cramped quarters. If you’re looking for a trundle bed and you’re not sure which one to buy, read on to learn about the top trundle beds on the market today.

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Trundle Beds: Buying Tips


First of all, fix your spending range, and how much you want to spend that would help you to make the right decision about buying the right trundler bed.

Determine the Dimensions of the Bedroom

Measure the length and breadth of the space where you want to place a trundle bed. Also, leave some space around the trundle bed for movement.

Material of Beds

Trundle beds have many designs and styles. These beds come in many wooden finishes like mahogany or metal.  There are black and white finishes as well. You can look at the interior of your room and select a bed that suits your bedroom decor.


It is important that the type of trundler bed you are looking for should be comfortable for you. when you buy a bed to check for the mattress thickness the upper mattress can be any kind that you prefer however the lower mattress thickness you will look for should be around 8 to 10 inches. The quality of the mattress is good for your back and great for good sleep.

Check for the bed description

The thing you need to consider while shopping for a good quality trundler bed is to look for the product description,  as you are spending money. so choose the mattress type according to your preference as the beds will vary.

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The Best Trundle Beds NZ


1. Artiss Single Wooden Trundle Bed Frame

Artiss Single Wooden Trundle Bed FrameArtiss wooden trundle bed can be an awesome addition to children’s rooms and bedrooms. This is a very comfortable space saver and perfect for small homes. 

This is a very stylish, elegant look  and designed in a way to assemble with less effort. . It is made of solid pine wood frame and with plywood slats and heavy-duty steel fixing, 

These beds have built-in drawers and have non-toxic paint which is safe to use for both adults and kids. The bed edges are smooth and the bed frame is made up of pinewood for stability and durability. It generally comes in white colour. 

 A classic trundle bed with a wooden frame may be your best selection. The choice of a trundler bed is a modern way of space-saving and key for a variety of uses. It has three built-in drawers to keep your personal things, books and magazines. 

Pros : stunning built-in drawer and comes under your budget. This type of trundler bed is Space-saving and a Great option for a kids bedroom. This bed is built sturdy and stable. Very comfortable and stylish. 

Cons : It only has one colour to choose from and can take a long time to assemble. 


2. Daybed with Trundle Bed Frame Fabric Upholstery

Daybed with Trundle Bed Frame Fabric Upholstery

Day bed with a trundler bed is designed in a very creative and cosy way. This is a great addition to the living room or guest room and provides multiple functions. In this daybed trundle, you can sleep at nighttime and relax during the daytime. 

This bed is Crafted from solid plywood for sturdiness and stability and is designed to be very stylish. It has a nice sloppy armrest with arch accents and deep button diamond tufts. It has a very modern look. This bed is very comfortable and a great guest bed for unexpected overnight visitors. 

This gives an elegant look to your living room so if you have no extra space for guests,  this daybed can be your saver. This trundle bed has a smooth runner and fits a max of 17cm thickness mattress.

Pros : Very stylish and comfortable. Made up of Solid plywood and it comes with button diamond tufts and a Bentwood slat. 

Cons :  This type of trundler bed has a single-size mattress. This bed needs assembling. 


3. TSB Living T Karlan Daybed with Trundle Bedframe

TSB Living T Karlan Daybed with Trundle Bed frame This Karlan Daybed offers a flexible alternative and is an awesome option for those who do not have enough space at home and have a small living area.

You can use it as a couch during the day and a comfy bed for sleeping. The classy and stylish design of the bed gives a simple and amazing look to your home and living area. 

This trundler bed has enough capacity for storage and keeping the little household things. It is a foldable trundle bed and has stands and wheels which support the bed when in use. 

The bed frames are made of pinewood which is strong to hold and maintain the weight on the bed equitably. You can match any colour of a bedsheet on top of the bed which will offer guests a comfortable spot to rest.

Pros :  This trundler bed has sturdy and stable construction. This bed can fit in a very small area and is very comfortable for sleeping. Multipurpose use. 

Cons : This bed has no colour option only available in Black & white colour. This needs assembling. 


4. TSB Living T Kamino Daybed with Trundle Bedframe

TSB Living T Kamino Daybed with Trundle BedframeThe kamino daybed trundler bed you can use as a bed and sofa in your lounge area or in your bedroom. This bed needs a small space to fit. This is very simple in colour and has a very stylish look which makes your place look elegant. 

This bed body is made of pine wood including all the slats and frames which gives it more durability and stability. this trundler bed is foldable, spacious and comfortable.

You can relax on this sofa trundler bed during the daytime or nighttime as a bed. This can be best at use when you have unexpected guests or visitors at your home to stay then use it as an extra bed. It has enough space for storage. 

You can style your trundler bed with a simple or designer colourful bed sheet and cushions on it. It has solid stands to hold up the weight on the bed and keep it stable. 

Pros : The trundler bed is made up of pinewood which promises its durability. It is space-saving and convenient. Extremely comfortable and worth the money.

Cons :  You need to assemble the bed manually which takes lots of time and manual work. This bed is available only in white and Black colour options. 


5. TSB Living T Kovert Daybed with Trundle Grey

TSB Living T Kovert Daybed with Trundle GreyThis T Kovert daybed trundle is very comfortable and stylish. This bed is very easy to roll out when not in use and for raising up as well. This supports your back and hip while you rest in bed.

It comes in a single trundler mattress and is perfect for small space homes. The frame and slats are made up of pinewood which is great to maintain its long life and stability. It has a sturdy and stable construction and smooth finish edges. 

This bed is available in a very simple design and in grey colour. You can enjoy your relaxing time on it as a bed and can sit when using it as a sofa for watching tv or for sitting. This trundler can fit in your room or in a living area as this can be a great addition to your home. 

Pros : This trundler bed is durable and a very stylish and comfortable bed. It has space-saving quality and space for storage. This bed has a great price and value for money. 

Cons : only available in White and grey colour. This bed needs physical work to assemble which can be very time-consuming. 


These are the best Trundler Beds New Zealand Market, these all have different features and look. You can buy one according to your need and suitability.

What’s your suggestion about all those Trundler Beds. Share your experience below if you are using anyone from them or let us know if any better one is available in  New Zealand Market.


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