7 Best Mattresses in New Zealand

Are you looking for mattresses for your bedroom? There are many brands and different types of mattresses out there, so how do you know which one is right for you? Here are some tips for you to consider before you buy your next mattress.

A buying quality mattress is a long term investment for your healthy sleep which would be beneficial for your overall health. All mattresses are different and some may be comfortable for one but not necessary would be suitable for others.

The reason why you need to find the best quality mattress is that you will be spending a lot of time in your bedroom. The mattress will become a hotbed if you stay in one for a long time, which can lead to discomfort and back problems.

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You will need to have a mattress that is perfect for your body type, whether you are tall or short. You will also need to have a mattress that is comfortable enough for you to get quality sleep and rest every night.

One of the best mattress features for those who suffer from back pain is the Tempurpedic Mattress Collection. The Tempurpedic line is specifically designed for those who suffer from back problems, including arthritis.

The Tempurpedic Mattress Collection comes with two different sizes of mattresses, a medium and large size. They also contain speciality mattresses such as the memory foam pillow, which relieves neck and shoulder pain, while giving you firm support for your entire body.

Other special features of the Tempurpedic collection include latex foam to provide a “memory” of your last sleeping experience and an anti-allergenic layer to help prevent dust mites.

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How do I choose the best mattress?

You have decided that now is the time to get a new mattress. You are planning to buy a brand new bed frame and would like to know what kind of mattress will suit you best. So how do you decide which mattress is right for you?

There are several different types of mattresses, and there are also several different brands available in the market.


Types of mattresses

1. Memory foam mattresses

A memory foam mattress supports your entire body weight, making it an excellent choice for anyone who is overweight. Memory foam beds contain viscoelastic foam that responds to temperature and has the ability to mould to the shape of your head, neck or torso. Memory foam mattresses contain layers of memory foam and support foam or springs.

Memory foam utilises your own body heat to mould and soften into your unique shape. This provides exceptional support and comfort and after long pressure is taken off, memory foam tends to return to its original ideal sleeping position and gradually remember your body shape and optimum sleeping position, so the name ‘memory foam’. Memory foam mattresses vary greatly in price and quality, so it is best to do some research to find the mattress that suits you best.

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2. Coil spring mattress

This is a very comfortable type of mattress. You can move freely in it and it provides enough support to keep you well-shaped. It is not as firm as memory foam or latex, but it is still comfortable and good for many people. These are great for relieving the aches and pains that you may be feeling. They are firm and supportive, and they allow you to relax and sleep well at night.


3. Latex foam mattresses 

Latex foam mattresses have soared in recent popularity due to their resilience and environmental friendliness. Latex foam rubber trees are grown primarily in South America, making them an eco-friendly choice for mattress producers. But not all latex foam products are eco-friendly.

These are constructed out of open cells of plastic material or foam. Open-cell construction allows air to circulate underneath the structure and therefore creates a cooling and healing effect for the sleeper.

One of the biggest downfalls of this type of mattress is that they tend to be on the pricey side. There is also a higher level of comfort associated with this type of mattress that makes it a popular choice amongst many consumers.

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4. Innerspring Mattresses

The innerspring mattress is made from an assortment of different materials including plastics, metals and springs. The main benefit of these types of mattresses is that they offer firmness that is consistent.

Many consumers find that having a consistent feel in their bed is very important for them to get a good sleep. It is important that the coils within the spring retain the same firmness throughout the sleeping process.

On average, around 80% of all homes use innerspring mattresses today. In most cases, innerspring mattresses tend to be less expensive than memory foam, latex, and hybrid alternatives. One of the advantages of this type of mattress is that the coils can be individually adjusted.


5. Air mattresses

Air mattresses provide a great alternative to the hard ground of regular beds and are especially popular in campgrounds, parks and in camping areas where people like the convenience of being able to sleep directly on the ground. An air mattress is simply an inflated sleeping pad or an air-filled mattress that can be deflated.

These are available in various sizes from the smallest crib size to the largest available in the retail market today.

In addition, these types of mattresses offer greater flexibility in terms of design. They are also better suited for people who have back problems or are overweight.

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Here is the best collation of Mattress we have listed for you

1. Alice Mattress set Queen

This Alice Mattress set Queen is a creamy colour mattress with a dark grey colour bed frame. It is a very comfortable, soft top quality mattress. It comes with 1 Queen Bed Frame and 1 Queen Mattress. This is the brand new range mattress available in the market. 

This Mattress is an entry-level mattress and has a sound level quality. This  Alice mattress comes with great quality knitted fabric for both top and bottom quilting and has 2.5cm wave foam and nonwoven fabric and for bottom quilting, it has knitted fabric 0.6cm soft foam with nonwoven fabric. 

The bed frame is a Betty model grey colour and polyester fabric frame. It is straight slats that come with velcro on each end for quick and easy fitting or setup. This bed frame is firmer than normally curved slats. Both top and bottom are separate and filled with the form so the spring does not feel when lying on a bed. 

Pros : 

  • Great quality mattress 
  • Very comfortable and one felt the soft material

Cons : 

  • Assembly required.
  • A little heavy to move 


2. DreamZ 5 Zoned Pocket Spring Bed Foam Mattress Single Size

DreamZ 5 Zoned Pocket Spring Bed Foam Mattress Single Size

This  DreamZ 5 Zoned Pocket Spring Bed Foam Mattress Single Size is an amazing mattress for sound sleep every night so you can wake up refreshed in the morning without any back pain or tiredness. This mattress has a high-density gel comfort layer and free neutral coil system and has cutting edge technology. 

This mattress gives you a comfortable and luxurious experience. It has a great quality breathable mattress with a cooling cover. This super-soft mattress provides you with an undisturbed sleep all night long. It has a medium-firm design. 


  • comfortable and firm
  • It has hypo – allergic material 
  • Reinforced & high quantity
  • Provide excellent support to your body while asleep
  • 5 Sizes available
  •  Easy  to handle and transport

Cons : 

  • Only Single  Size


3. Fraser Country: Superior 5 Zones Pocket Spring Mattress

Fraser Country: Superior 5 Zones Pocket Spring Mattress

This Fraser Country Superior 5 Zones Pocket Spring Mattress comes in top white and side grey in colour and is available in King Single, double size and in Queen. With 28cm of thickness, this medium-firm mattress is beautifully designed to provide you comfort and support and is individually packed with pocket springs and a medium-firm feel for your total satisfaction. 

This luxury mattress provides you with quality sleep night after night.  Its Anti-bacterial jacquard knitted fabric gives you protection against dust mites and allergies. This Fraser country mattress is according to the standard New Zealand queen bed. 

The Pocket Springs in this mattress adjust according to the body shape and size and enhance your comfort as well as minimise the risk of any twist or damage and deal with every movement of the body. 

This mattress is specifically zoned in 5 places: legs, knees, lumber /hips, shoulder and head for better support. It resists compression and protects your spine while sleeping. This soft mattress has an Independent pocket spring system to ease your partner’s disturbance during sleep. 

Pros : 

  • Extremely comfortable, soft and  firm
  • It padded with high-density foam
  • Includes a handy vacuum packaging to clean the mattress 
  • Anti-bacterial jacquard knitted fabric ad hypoallergenic material

Cons :

  • Expensive
  • Quite heavy 

Available in King Single and Double size


4. Fraser Country: Deluxe Pocket Spring Mattress


Fraser Country: Deluxe Pocket Spring Mattress

This Fraser Country Deluxe Pocket Spring superior quality mattress is available in King Single, double size and in Queen. This 20cm thick medium firmness mattress is padded with comfortable foam and specially designed to provide you high-quality comfort and support to your body so you can have a quality sleep every night. This mattress is very comfortable and breathable. 

This mattress is equipped with the Deluxe Pocket Spring Mattress to provide medium firmness which helps the mattress to be more safe and user-friendly. This well-designed mattress minimises the motion transfers activity and eases your partner’s sleep. 

Each spring of this mattress can adjust according to the individual pressure or the body weight and support in contouring the body shape. Its anti-bacterial fabric quality provides protection against dust mites and allergies.

Pros :

  • Anti-mites and anti-bacterial knitted fabric for best possible comfort
  • Great  air permeability to keep the mattress dry
  • Available with vacuum packaging
  • Resist compression 

Cons : 

  • No Edge support 

Available in Queen, King Single & Double size


5. Fraser Country: Basic Bonnell Spring Mattress

Fraser Country Basic Bonnell Spring Mattress

This basic Bonnell spring mattress is Quality made Bonnell spring to provide medium firmness helps the mattress to keep its shape. This 15cm thickness medium firmness mattress is the best quality mattress and provides you support, comfort and helps you to have sound sleep. 

This white top and the black sided mattress comes with extra padded and super soft foam and is knitted with polyester fabric to offer you high-quality comfort and safety. This mattress fits a standard New Zealand Queen-Sized bed.  

These mattresses are specially designed to relax and support your body while you sleep and support your knees,  legs/hips, spine, shoulder, and neck and especially support the spine and resist compression. It Comes with vacuum packaging. 

Pros :

  • Soft quilting layer with knitted polyester for optimum comfort
  • Padded with comfortable foam
  • Confirming body support and user friendly 
  • Comes with handy vacuum packaging
  • Fits a standard New Zealand Queen-Sized bed

Cons :

  • No  handles to rotate

Available in Queen, King Single & Double size


6. Lux 7-Zone Memory Foam Pocket Spring Mattress in Queen Size

Lux 7-zone Memory Foam Pocket Spring Mattress In Queen Size

This LUX 7-zone Rolled Packed spring memory foam top mattress comes in  Queen size. If you are looking for a medium-size mattress for your home, then this brand new super soft mattress is a perfect choice.

This is an all Rolled packed mattress that is easy to carry anywhere in any vehicle. After unrolling, mattresses will return to their shape within six hours and after 24 hours they will get back to their full shape and height.

This pocket spring mattress has wire as per NZ standard spring systems and reduces your partner’s distraction during sleep. The springs are hooked up to one another. This mattress is thick enough to provide you with comfort and support. This mattress is great for your body and prevents back pain, discomfort and 

Pros : 

  • Roll-packed foam mattress
  • Knitting fabric, memory foam, foam quilting on top.
  • Non slip fabric of bottom quilting
  • Comfortable and soft mattress

Cons :

  • No  handles to rotate


7. Sunset 5-zone Pocket Spring Mattress

Sunset 5-zone Pocket Spring Mattress

This Sunset 5-zone Pocket Spring Mattress is  Roll-packed packing with foam and is very easy to carry and store.  It comes with Top quilting, Knitting fabric, fibre, and foam material.  It has a 23cm H pocket spring, 2.0mm wire on top and bottom of the mattress.  

The Bottom quilting has  Non-slip fabric material. This soft mattress especially places  5-zone and is designed to support your body while sleeping and give you relaxed sleep. This supports legs/hips, spine, shoulder, and neck and especially your spine and prevents compression. 

Pros :

  • Soft and comfortable 
  • Suitable as per NZ standard 
  • Easy to clean 

Cons :

  • No  handles to rotate


Hopefully, this article has given you some insights on how to choose the best mattress for you and let us know what is your suggestion about those mattresses.


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