Top 5 Best Torches in NZ

It’s easy to see why you need a torch, isn’t it? Whether you’re camping in the night, working on a DIY project, or walking to your car after dark, knowing you can use your torch if you’re in a tricky situation is reassuring. 

Torches are a great tool to have in your day-to-day life. Whether you need to light up a dark area quickly or to help you see in the dark, torches are a great way to ensure you’re not caught in an emergency situation without light. Whether you’re looking for a torch to use today, or you’re wondering what’s the best torch for you to buy, this blog will help you in your search for the perfect torch.

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How to buy the Best Torch for you

Why are most torches made with LEDs?

An LED torch has a very bright light source that can last for hundreds of hours. This technology is mostly used in torches that are brighter than the old-fashioned filament bulbs, and they can be used to illuminate a great range of areas, including that outdoors. They are also more efficient, meaning that they use less energy and therefore run cooler.  This makes them a safer option for use in potentially hazardous situations.


What size or type of torch should you buy?

When looking for an LED torch, it is important to decide what size you need. Some torches are small and pocket-sized, while others are larger and emit more light. Additionally, different torches have different lumen specifications or the brightness of the light they emit. The higher the lumen specification, the brighter the light will be.

When choosing an LED torch, it is important to consider what you will be using it for. If you need a small, pocket-sized model for everyday use, then you won’t need one with a high-lumen specification. However, if you need a brighter light for camping or hiking, then you will want to choose a model with a higher lumen specification.


What types of batteries LED torches have?

There are two types of batteries used in LED torches: disposable and rechargeable. The most common type of disposable battery is the alkaline battery, while the more expensive models use dearer but many longer-lasting lithiums. Rechargeable lithium batteries can be recharged very conveniently using a simple micro-USB cable attached to a mains source, a computer or a portable USB power bank. The torch itself may be a bit costly but you’ll save a heap of sterling in the long run – and help save the planet too.

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The Best Torches NZ


1. Ledlenser Rechargeable TorchBest Torch

The Ledlenser P7R has been specifically designed to offer a wide range of practical applications. Made with a durable construction, the P7R is easy to set up and use. With focus-free flood and spotlighting, the P7R is the perfect torch for hunters, fishermen, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. This powerful torch also has 8 light modes, Lumens: 15-1400, and a beam distance of up to 300m. Finally, don’t worry about the weather. The P7R is waterproof, with an IP68 rating.


2. Fenix PD40R Rechargable TorchRechargable Torch

The Fenix PD40R Torch is the first of a range of Fenix torches that are designed for those who like to take their torches on long walks and adventures. With a max output of 3000 Lumens, the Fenix PD40R is the perfect torch for use on a walk or when you’re out hunting. Designed with comfort in mind, the Fenix PD40R Torch is compact and light, yet is tough enough to go the distance.


3. Ledlenser P6R Core TorchCore Torch

Ledlenser has created a new, sophisticated torch with an integrated rechargeable battery, a high-power LED, and a sophisticated focus ring. This flashlight offers a lot of features that other torches cannot match. Including a sleek design, waterproof and dustproof, advanced focus system, 8 different customizable light functions, and a rechargeable battery. This makes the P6R the most powerful, intelligent and waterproof LED torch of its kind.


4. Ultra iii 830 Lumens Dive TorchLumens Dive Torch

This is a high-performance LED dive torch and is a must-have for any diver. It has a waterproof design so that it can be used for underwater activities without worrying about the torch not working. It has an anodized aluminium body and a corrosion-resistant body that can be used in salt water. The torch has a 14-degree beam angle, is operated by 6x AA batteries, and has a lifetime of 100,000 hours.


5. ZHISHUNJIA LED Flashlight

LED Flashlight

This bright and compact flashlight from Zhishunjia is equipped with a convenient USB port for charging. The flashlight’s aluminium alloy-built water resistance and 3-mode lighting allow you to light up your way and it is easy to put in your pocket. The bright light can be adjusted and has 1000Lm.



What is the most powerful torchlight?

The brightest and most compact of these torches is the Fenix PD40R. It emits a beam that is 3000 lumens, making it powerful enough to see across a football field. It has 70 LEDs with a lifespan of 50,000 hours.


How do the torches direct the light to a long-distance?

The light is emitted from a lens on the torch, which directs the beam of light to a long distance. A beam that can go up to 300 meters in distance is possible with this technology. In addition, the beam can be focused in different directions depending on the requirements of different uses


What are the good torch Brands in NZ?

A number of torch brands exist that offer high-quality products. Some of them include the Ledlenser, the Fenix brand and the Coast Long Range.