Top 5 Best Trolley Cart in NZ

Are you a gardener who likes to be outdoors? If so, you might want to consider getting yourself a garden trolley cart. They are the perfect gardening tool for those who enjoy planting and maintaining their own gardens. A trolley cart can make it easier for you to transport tools from place to place as well as move your plants around when they need watering or feeding. 

You can also store all of your tools in one place so that when it is time to work in the garden, everything gets ready quickly. A trolley cart will be great for transporting plants around as well. It can be used to carry your outdoor furniture like a coffee table, side table or even work surface. 

You can transport all sorts of supplies and equipment around the garden with these handy little carts. It has an impressive weight capacity and there are four wheels, so it’s easy to move and manoeuvre. 

Garden trolley carts come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. They are available to suit any garden space and preference. Before you shop for one, there are several factors that should be considered to ensure that your cart is the best choice for you. 

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What to look for when buying a Trolley cart?

Buying a garden cart can be tricky, and we know how much time and effort goes into picking one. That’s why Below we have made some crucial factors you need to consider before buying the best Garden trolley for you.


Maximum load capacity 

Garden carts are typically rated by their maximum load capacity. Some, like the foldable type, can only take about 50-60kg while other heavier-duty models will handle up to 350kg. It may be that you need something for lighter lifting and thus get yourself one of these smaller weight capacities or it’s possible your project requires more material at once; then you need a bigger and stronger built trolly that can easily carry all heavy tools and equipment.



Garden carts come in different materials that are suitable for the weight, size and sharpness of your items. Metal or polypropylene plastic will be best if you plan on putting heavier objects into it while cloth would be better suited to lightweight ones like pots & spades because they’re easier care-of both cleaning them out when necessary as well as keeping their shape after use.



There are many different types of wheels for your cart. Some carts have solid rubber wheels, others plastic and then there are the models with pneumatic tires which provide good stability but can be prone to punctures if rolling over something sharp.

Also, make sure you select tires with good tread as well because this will help prevent any slipping during use on harder surfaces like concrete walkways.



A convenient feature to look for when buying a garden cart is one that folds up and can be stored easily. The wheelbase should be adjustable so you can lift heavy bags of dirt or sand. so, It’s important to think about what you’re going to use your garden cart for before deciding on features.

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The Best Trolly Carts NZ


1. Mighty Carts Garden Cart Heavy Duty Trolley Cart

This cart is a great option for those who need to haul large amounts of material around their garden or property. It comes with a durable poly bed that can be used as a workbench and it’s easy to clean. It has a padded 2in1 pull handle that can also be used as a hitch. The tough frame is easy to assemble and it features 13” pneumatic all-terrain tires which make it perfect for uneven surfaces.



2. NZ Garden Tipping Trolley Cart 2 10

This is the best garden trolley. It’s sturdy and well-made, with a clever tipping mechanism that makes it easy to move around. The wheels are pneumatic (meaning you can adjust the tyre pressure) which means they roll smoothly on most surfaces. You can also change the tyre if one goes flat. The hopper can hold 75 litres of compost, soil or mulch, which will be plenty for your needs.


3. Mighty Carts Steel Utility Cart 360kgMighty Carts

Mighty Carts Steel Utility Cart is the ideal solution for transporting tools, equipment and materials. The tough steel frame features a powder-coated finish that’s easy to assemble. The pneumatic tyres are 10 inches in diameter and provide all-terrain stability. It has a maximum load capacity of 360kg and a straight-pull handle.


4. Greenlund Folding Garden Cart


Garden Cart

Greenland’s Folding Garden Cart is a great alternative to a wheelbarrow. It has durable rolling front wheels and a steel bar handle for easy manoeuvring. The cart folds for compact storage when not in use. It comes with a handy carrying tool bag that attaches to the frame of the cart. The pockets on the sides are perfect for storing your tools, gloves and other gardening supplies when you’re out working in your garden or yard.


5. Garden Dump CartDump Cart

The Garden Dump Cart is a lightweight, easy to use cart that fits into any car trunk. It is made of steel, fully welded, high-quality metal, powder-coated for durability. The cart has 10-inch pneumatic tires which are strong enough to haul heavy loads over uneven surfaces. It has a max load capacity of 100kg and can be used by anyone who needs help lifting their garden debris or moving items around the yard.