The 5 Best USB-C Headphones NZ

A USB-C port is the standard connecting plug found on most, if not all, modern devices. It is the modern version of the USB port that is found on most devices, smartphones included. This port has become more popular in recent years as it is becoming a new standard for charging devices and connecting headphones, not only between smartphones and laptops but also with computers and other desktop devices.

The best USB-C headphones are specially designed to work with USB-C ports. They are designed to be compatible with any device that is USB-C, which can be found on most new smartphones and laptops.

In this blog, we are going to detail some of the best USB-C headphones of this year. We will also talk about what makes these headphones so good, as well as their features and specifications. Hopefully, this article will help you find the perfect USB-C headphones for your needs and wants.

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How to choose the Best USB-C Headphones for you

Before we start, let’s talk about the best USB-C headphones to buy. There are only a few below things to take into consideration before investing in a new pair of headphones.

On-ear or Over-ear Build: When it comes to on-ear headphones or over-ear, the choice is yours. On-ear headphones are smaller in size and are generally more portable. They are also cheaper in terms of price and come with a pair of earbuds.  On the other hand, over-ear headphones offer a larger ear cup coverage area for a more immersive listening experience.

Sound Quality: This is one of the most important and basic things to consider when choosing a pair of headphones. Sound quality often varies from user to user so it is dependent on personal preference when it comes to sound quality. The design, materials used and durability play a very important role in the overall sound quality of your chosen headphones. 

Durability: Headphones are often used during travel, so it’s best to choose a pair that can withstand the rigours of regular travel. Durable headphones last longer and don’t get easily damaged or broken, especially when you’re on the go doing stuff like hiking, climbing or biking.

Comfortable: It is important that whatever pair of headphones you choose to purchase, are comfortable. They should be well padded and have a soft ear cup design so you can listen to your favourite music or watch an episode of your favourite show without having to worry about them falling off your head.

Noise Cancellation: If you are looking for the most effective pair of noise-cancelling headphones, then you should consider buying one with active noise cancellation. This feature helps to cancel out ambient noises such as traffic or office chatter so that you can get the best listening experience possible.

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The Best USB-C Headphones NZ


1. SteelSeries Arctis Nova 3 Headset 

SteelSeries Arctis Nova 3 Headset

This is the most advanced gaming headset SteelSeries has ever created. The SteelSeries Arctis Nova 3 Headset boasts an all-new, lightweight, durable and ultra-comfortable design with custom-designed High Fidelity drivers and AirWeave memory foam with earcups. This headset delivers a 360° Spatial Audio experience, perfect for those who want a superior audio experience while playing games. The headset also comes with 2 noise cancelling microphones and a dynamic RGB lighting system that’s fully customizable.


2. Belkin Rockstar Headphones 

Belkin Rockstar Headphones

Belkin Rockstar Headphones have been designed to make your smartphones or portable audio devices sound amazing, with the perfect combination of sound, comfort and style. Using advanced technologies such as proprietary flat, lightweight cables, and a noise isolation design that helps block out surrounding noise, the Rockstar headphones are perfect for listening to your favourite tunes in private or just taking a moment to enjoy your favourite albums.


3. Jabra USB-C Noise Cancellation

Jabra USB-C Noise Cancellation

Jabra USB-C Noise Cancellation is the perfect companion for your smartphone. It features a compact design, high-quality sound and supreme comfort and fit with a passive noise-cancellation. With a sleek and intelligent design, it is the perfect upgrade to your smartphone. Its advanced digital chipset and Premium 40mm speakers ensure that you always have a powerful sound experience.


4. Kensington Hi-Fi Usb-C Headphones

Kensington Hi-Fi Usb-C Headphones

Kensington Hi-Fi Usb-C Headphones are a new and improved version of USB-C headphones. The design is sleek, with soft leatherette on the ear pads and an adjustable headband. The 40mm drivers are deep bass, with multiple device compatibility. The safe listening limit feature ensures that you can enjoy your music without experiencing any harmful effects from the volume. 


5. EPOS C10 USB-C Headset

EPOS C10 USB-C Headset

EPOS C10 USB-C Communication Headset is a comfortable headset with superior stereo sound, on-ear earpads provide great comfort and noise damping Update your EPOS headset with the latest firmware and personalize your settings with EPOS Connect.



What are the best USB Type-C earphones?

There are many brands of USB C earphones on the market, but we are going to choose the best ones. The best USB-C earphones come from top brands such as Jabra and Philips, but there are also other brands that make good USB-C earphones such as Sony, Kensington, and Belkin.


Are USB-C headphones worth it?

It is the modern version of the old USB port, which was found on almost every computer or desktop device that you can think of. The design has been improved to make it slimmer as well as improve its efficiency. 


Are USB-C earphones good?

Many people are switching over to USB-Type C, the type of port found on most of today’s newest phones.  Most USB-C earphones offer excellent audio quality and a decently long cord.