The 5 Best Washer Dryer Combo in NZ

If you live in a small home or flat and don’t have room for both a washing machine and tumble dryer, then washer-dryers are an excellent option.

The best washer dryer combo can make your life easier. You’ll be able to do laundry faster, which means you’ll have more time for other things. 

Washer dryer combo also is great option for those looking to save time because you won’t need to sort through the wet laundry or hang it and wait for everything to dry. This post will help you find the right one for your home.

Best Washing Machines in New Zealand

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How do washer-dryers work?

The ‘washer’ part of the washing machine works like any standard washer. It fills with water and mixes with detergent, then agitates to soak clothing before draining out the excess water after it’s finished rinsing. Finally, it spins at a high speed that removes enough moisture from clothes once they’re done washing.

The ‘dryer’ part of the machine works like a condenser tumble dryer. These machines reheat air that is sucked out during its drying cycle and then cools it so water condenses back to liquid, which gets drained away from your clothes.


What things to look for in Washer Dryer Combo 

Washing and drying capacity

Before buying a washer-dryer, it is important to consider its drying capacity. The washing and the drying capacities are not always equal; often they can be half of each other or even more. 

Spin speed

Of the washer-dryers we tested, their spin speed ranged from 1000 rpm to  1400 rpm is most common in these machines and refers to the number of times that a drum with your washing machine spins per minute. High speeds are used at the end of cycles for removing excess water from your clothes. 

Wash & Dry combination program

For those who want to wash and dry clothes without lifting a finger, the combined washer-dryer is a real blessing. These programs can be time-consuming though, we’ve seen some of these cycles take as short as four hours or up to eight and a half hours. You’ll need to think carefully about how much time you have before your items are done washing/drying.

Other wash programs to look out for

On all washer-dryers, cotton and synthetic wash cycle options are available and that will improve your experience such as gentle cycles.

Clothing is strengthened when washed in these programs, making it more durable than being just placed one cycle with those settings only.


The Best Washer Dryer Combo NZ


1. Kogan Washer Dryer Combo

Kogan Washer Dryer Combo

The Kogan 9kg/6kg Washer Dryer Combo is a powerful and efficient laundry solution, combining a 9kg washing capacity and a 6kg drying capacity in one sleek unit. With 16 programs, including Quick Wash and Dry, this combo offers versatile options to suit your laundry needs.

Adjust the temperature settings with 8 options, ensuring the perfect wash and dry for different fabrics and loads. The built-in delay timer of up to 24 hours adds convenience, allowing you to set the laundry cycle to start at a preferred time.


  • Low Noise
  • 1400 RPM
  • Energy efficient 


  • Not know brand
  • Basic design 


2. Fisher & Paykel washer Dryer Combo


washer dryer combo

Fisher & Paykel washer and Dryer Combo is the ideal option for a family of four. It has SmartDrive Technology that washes at a consistent speed, eliminating the need to manually adjust the spin cycle. This helps to reduce wear on clothing, allowing you to wash more with less effort.

This machine includes 10 wash-only cycles and 9 dry-only cycles, which means that you can care for every piece of clothing in your wardrobe without any hassle. It also has a garment feature.

The dispenser  is located on top left  divided into 2 sections for washing detergent and fabric softener,  the machine will carefully look at the detergent for your clothes and the perfect time of the wash cycle ensuring the best results possible.

You can select one of the washing cycles by using the central located dial. It ranges from an everyday wash to hand washing those delicate items,  It also has buttons to the right side you’ll also be able to make adjustments to these wash settings and the time remaining display or update. with fewer moving parts resulting in fewer vibrations and less noise during your washing now if you start up your machine. 


  • Low Noise
  • 1400 RPM
  • Energy efficient 


  • Expensive 
  • Basic design 


2. Panasonic Washer Dryer Combo Panasonic washer dryer

This washer and Dryer Combo has 8.5kg washing and 6kg drying capacity so it’s easily large enough to efficiently handle the laundry for a household of five or more people.

It has black colour large display on the top Middle and a dial on left for selecting washing & Drying cycles. It can remove all allergens and stains using hot water up to 90°C, making it the perfect cleaning solution for babies with allergies or sensitive skin.

It has a unique ActiveFoam System that creates fine, dense foam that penetrates deep into the fabric to thoroughly remove dirt and ensure cleaner results. Another feature of this combo is its Auto Tub Care function which automatically cleans the tub with every wash preventing build-up detergent residue causing black mold or foul odors.


  • Tub Clean 
  • Only Dry Cycle
  • 38 Min quick wash 


  • Expensive 


3. LG Washer Dryer Combo

LG Washer Dryer

The new LG Washer and Dryer Combo is the perfect machine for those who want to wash and dry their clothes at once. The large capacity of this washer makes it possible to do laundry without waiting too long between steps, making your day that much easier.

It has an innovative design that washes your clothes in a way most similar to hand washing. The combination of six different motions ensures the best wash possible, while also taking into account how delicately or roughly you want it done.

It has AI Direct Drive technology that can automatically select the optimal wash motions for thorough cleaning and clothing care based on how much it weighs. If you have allergies, this machine has an ‘Allergy Care’ cycle and the Steam feature that can remove potentially harmful allergens from your clothing. 


  • Quick wash
  • Easy to operate
  • Energy Efficient 


  • Make some noise end of cycle


4. Samsung Washer Dryer Combo Smart Washer Dryer

This Samsung  WD95T754 Smart Washer Dryer Combo is a perfect combination of washing machine and dryer in one unit. The washer-dryer combo allows you to wash clothes and then dry them all in the same cycle.

This Machine is perfect for giving your clothes a really deep clean with steam! Powerful steam is released from the bottom of the drum, so every item in the load has been thoroughly saturated to remove ingrained dirt and certain bacteria or allergens.

This Smart Washer Dryer Combo washes, dries and refreshes them in one step without detergent or scrubbing required. Just load it up with dirty laundry, hit the start button and let AirWash technology work its magic to deodorize clothing for fresh-smelling results that lasts longer than just washing alone can provide – all using only hot air.


  • Less Noise & vibration
  • Add garment window
  • Quick Wash


  • Expensive 
  • May be not easy to operate