The 10 Best Washing Machines in New Zealand

A washing machine is an important investment in your household and laundry routine. It may not seem like much, but a good washing machine can add years to the life of your clothes and save you money on laundry costs. It can also have a tremendous impact on your daily laundry routine, making this chore faster and easier. 

Some of today’s best washing machines not only combine innovative new designs with an incredible variety of different high-efficiency cycles to thoroughly clean your clothes, conserve energy, and minimize water waste.

Today, there are two main types of washing machines: Top loader and Front loader. Which you choose depends on how much laundry you do, what style of clothing you prefer to wash, and how much space you have available in your laundry room.

The front loader is considered the most popular today and has been for many years. These machines offer gentle, fabric-specify wash cycles as well as leave your clothes looking great.

Top loader washers are good for dirty garments and wash your clothes quickly. Some of them come with agitators who are harsher on dirty clothes.

The Pros & cons of Fron and Top Loader Washing Machine

Pros of Front Loader :

  1. Spinning Fast 1000 – 1400 RPM  – Drain more water from clothes which takes less time to dry clothes in the Dryer and saves energy.
  2. Quieter – Front loader makes less noise as compared to the top Loader.
  3. More washing cycles – Specific Fabric washing cycles and can wash soft toys & shoes with the help of a shoe rack.
  4. Cost-effective – Most Front-loaders have 5-star water and 4-star energy rating. 
  5. Space – They need less space and you can stack the dryer on top of it with the help of a staking kit.


Cons of Front Loader:

  1. Transport – they are heavy appx 45-50Kg. 
  2. Cloth addition – You can not add clothes, once the washing cycle starts (some models have a small option to add clothes by stopping the machine between the washing cycle but it  drains some water)
  3. Bend down – You need to bend down every time to load and unload the clothes.
  4. Expensive – They are expensive as compared to Top Loaders and Decent Front-loaders cost you around $800.


Pros of Top Loader :

  1. Add or remove garments mid-cycle  you can easily add or remove the garments mid of washing cycle by pressing the pause button.
  2. Less maintenance cost – top loaders have simple mechanisms so it is very cheap to fix any fault in the machine.
  3. No need to bend down   it is easier to load and unload, especially if you have mobility or accessibility issues.
  4. Easy to Transport – they are lightweight as compared to the front loaders.


Cons of Top Loader:

  1. Not Cost-Effective – Consumes more water and energy as compared to Frontloader.
  2. Noise and vibration – they are noisier and make more vibration.
  3. Space – These machines need more space  
  4. Lint Filter – Need to clean the lint filter after some wash. 

Best Washer Dryer Combo in NZ

How to choose the Best Washing Machine for you

Finding the best washing machine may be a daunting task considering there are so many brands out there, each claiming to be the best. To help you in your quest for a top of line appliances, here are some of the criteria that you can use in choosing the best washing machine for your family. 

You need to think about which part of your home you use the most, what you wash most often and if you have a family, who tends to use it more often. It’s important to know how much space you have available to place the washing machine in your house.

If you have a small apartment or a very small house, then you need to look at a compact model that will fit nicely in the space you have available. Compact washers are very popular because they take up a lot less space than traditional washing machines and dryers. You also need to consider how much power you will be using with the model you buy. 

If you only do light washing, you don’t need to worry about a high-power model, but if you wash a lot and use the washing machine for heavier clothes, then you should really consider getting one with a lot more power.

You also need to decide whether you want a top-load or a bottom-load washer. Top-load washers take up less space than bottom ones, but they also tend to wash more quickly and give you more water for your clothes. If you live in a busy household and need to do a lot of laundry, a top-load machine will suit you best. 

When you buy a washing machine, you’ll need to know what size drum to get. If you have a large family of 4 to 6 people, you might require an 8 to 10 kg washing machine. If you have a small family or you are single then a 5 to 6kg washing machine will be sufficient for you or depending on the quantities of clothes or the bedding and towels you wash. 


The Best Washing Machines NZ


1. Kogan Front Load Washing Machine

Kogan Front Load Washing Machine

The Kogan Front Load Inverter Washing Machine is the perfect solution for busy households. This machine gives you the liberty of choosing from 16 different wash programs, each with its own unique function. This washing machine has a large capacity and also offers an LED display that shows you how much time has left before your wash finishes. It is energy efficient, making it low-noise and low-power consumption in comparison to other machines on the market. The durable stainless steel drum prevents it from getting rust in the future. Kogan also offers this machine in 7kg, 8kg and 9kg.


2. Hoover Front Load – Washing Machine

Hoover Front Load - Washing Machine

The Hoover Front Load Washing Machine is an impressive washing machine. It comes in a large 8kg and 10kg capacity, which means that you can fit in those large loads of clothes. This front-load machine also offers 15 programs, so you won’t need to do too much guessing while you’re working out what setting is best for your clothes.

The LCD display lets you keep track of the time and the number of minutes left in the cycle, as well as how long the wash will be on each program. There’s also an anti-vibration system which minimizes shaking and other disturbances while your clothes are spinning around inside a full load, and it also saves on energy. You can also choose from a variety of temperatures and spin speeds, so your clothes will be well cared for when they come out.


3. Midea Front Load Washing Machine

Midea Front Load Washing Machine

The Midea washing machine is a great product for many people looking for a budget washer because it has many helpful features. The washing machine has 16 programs that can be used to address the needs of different types of fabrics. There is also a 1400 RPM spin speed so that your clothes come out of the dryer and don’t need to be placed longer in the dryer afterwards, fuzzy logic so that your clothes come out clean, an LED display allowing you to know when the load is done and power off memory so you won’t have to worry about forgetting anything when you unplug the appliance. There’s also a child safety lock with delay start so you can run larger loads at different times and not worry about waking up your family, and a prewash setting for extra stain removal. 


4. Westinghouse 7kg Washing Machine Front Load

This Westinghouse front-load washing machine has long been one of our favourites because of its highly anticipated features that made the product more efficient and reliable. It has advanced programming like faster cleaning that helps to do multiple washes, EZI set controls to ensure superior cleaning of your clothes without fuss.

This 7kg front load washing machine with 1200rpm spin speed, a durable motor, a Quick 15 fast wash program, 3XL drum opening and a time remaining display. Save time with Quick 15: Sometimes you just need to get a few things clean fast.


5. Haier 9kg Front Load – HWF90BW1

Front Load

Haier is rapidly becoming a trusted name in the Home appliance market, offering reliable products with durability. It is powered by inverter motor technology that gives optimum wash, and speed for loaded laundry and is exceptionally energy efficient.

Haier really cares about your laundry with 16 wash programs for dedicated fabric wash, user-friendly controls, and a big 9kg drum which makes laundry much easier. It has got a 4.5-star rating for water and a 4-star rating for energy.


6. Panasonic 8.5kg Front Loader 

Front Loader

The largest consumer electronics manufacturer, Panasonic presented one of the finest washers that can deliver super-fast cleaning with extra hygienic care, Super smart options like stain master+, and an active foam system that takes real care of the clothes.

It will provide high performance with super-fast cleaning. The auto tub care system cleans the tub with every wash and has awesome programming to remove allergens, dirt, and stain in a single wash. This washing machine makes your laundry day happier.

The inverter technology aids the tub rotation to be smoother, more efficient and much quieter. The Active Foam System ensures fine, high-density foam for cleaner results before the wash cycle starts to maximize. The machine level of foaming depends on conditions such as; degree of soiling, load size, detergent type, and water pressure. This brand is a great choice for washing all types of clothing.


7. Kogan Top Load Washing Machine

Kogan Top Load Washing Machine

Kogan Top Load Washing Machine is a good quality washing machine for the price. The clothes capacity of this top loader washing Machine ranges from 6kg, 7kg and 10kg which is suitable for every household. It has 6 wash programs, 8 water levels and 9 types of water power to make washing easier.

This top-load washing machine also includes a LED display, delay start function, fuzzy logic control and detergent dissolve technology to provide you with quality washing in the shortest amount of time possible. For those busy days on holidays or working late at night, it has a child safety lock feature so that your children can’t use the laundry machine without your permission. This top-load machine also has a drain pump filter to avoid blocking.


8. Samsung 8.5kg Top Load Top Load

This Samsung washing machine ticks all the boxes, plus it’s very affordably priced. It’s very quiet to operate, which is very smooth and great if you like to run your washer at night. Its works with more durability and efficiency.

The controls are very straightforward, so it’s extremely easy to use. In this capacity, it can perform well washing a medium load. There are so many cool features at an affordable price that makes it a top pick.


9. Haier 7kg Top Load – HWMSP70

Top Load

This Haier top load washer offers seven kilos of capacity and 10 different wash programs, too sure you’ll get the best results no matter what your laundry load. Its pulsating wash action of this washer delivers a deep and thorough clean every time despite its rigorous routine.

It always treats your garment with Gentle Care for extra sensitive items like woollens and delicate items Just like the appropriate wash programme from the easy-to-use interface with LED electronic control the Machine will take care of the rest.

You also have the option of selecting the quick wash program if you’re in a hurry. The delay start option lets you perform your wash when it suits you and your busy lifestyle.

Using the Fuzzy Logic functions allows the washer to automatically detect the water level and wash time reducing power and water wastage and saving you time.

With a sleek white finish and a simple yet stylish design, this washer would look great in any laundry room. The aesthetically pleasing lead is built from one piece of robust tempered glass for extra comfort the lid has an inbuilt soft-close mechanism to prevent slamming


10. Eurotech 7kg Top Load Washing Machine

Eurotech 7kg Top Load Washing Machine This washing machine is a stylish and power-packed machine. With a 7kg capacity and LED digital display, you’ll find this washing machine is perfect for everyday use. With 8 programmes and a pulsating wash action, this machine is sure to keep your clothes in perfect condition. The top-load washing machine has a stainless steel drum with the added benefit of being easy to clean.


These are the best washing machine collection of 2021 and if you want to comment about them, please write below.


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