The 5 Best Wet Puppy Food For Your Puppy

Giving your puppy quality and nutritious meal is important so they can be healthy and happy. One of the best ways to do this is to feed your pet wet food. Wet food is different from dry food because it contains more moisture and is usually much easier to digest. 

However, not all wet puppy food will be good for your pet. There are a lot of brands of wet food on the market and it can be hard to know the best choice for your puppy. 

In this blog, we will discuss some of the best-wet food for your puppy and why it is important to feed them wet food. We will discuss the different types of wet food and some of the benefits of each. At the end of the blog, we have listed the best 5 wet dog food brands on the market. 

Best Dry Puppy Food in NZ

Best Puppy Food For Your Puppy

How to Choose the Best Wet Puppy Food 

Below are the points to consider while choosing wet puppy food for your pet.

Balanced and nourishing food: You need to buy wet dog food that is balanced and combines all the essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and proteins. Whenever possible, look for one that also contains vitamins and minerals appropriate to the age and size of your pup. These nutrients are essential for the growth of your puppy. 

Easy to digest: A good wet puppy food will be easily digested and not form into lumps in your puppies’ stomachs. 

Variety of flavours: You need to find a wet dog food that is offered in various flavours such as chicken, beef, lamb or something else. An easily digestible and nourishing food should not be the only thing you are looking for. You also need to think about how excited your puppy will be when it gets a new flavour to eat.

High in protein: Puppies need more protein than other dogs because their bodies are growing at this stage in their lives and they are growing rapidly. Good quality mainstream food can get you the extra protein your puppy needs at a cheaper price than special puppy foods.


What are the benefits of wet dog food?

Wet dog food will be absorbed by the body much more quicker than dry food. This is because these foods are water-based and so they do not require your puppy to take as many sips of water to get the same level of hydration.

The moisture in wet dog food is also extremely important for dental hygiene, especially for dogs that are prone to tooth decay and other oral problems. The wet dog food will help keep the teeth cleaner because it comes with a higher level of moisture which prevents all that plague from sticking to their teeth or gums. 

Wet dog food may also be beneficial for dogs with allergies because it contains fewer ingredients than dry foods and can be as few as one ingredient at times – a single protein.

Wet dog food can be a good choice for your puppy because it is made from ingredients which contain lessor carbohydrates than dry food. It will not be as filling and so your puppy will not eat as much. This means it is easier to lose weight and gain stability on the table.


The Best Wet Puppy Food NZ


1. Kiwi Kitchens Chicken & Mussels Wet Puppy FoodWet Puppy Food

The most important part of any puppy’s diet is protein, and Kiwi Kitchens Chicken & Mussels Wet Puppy Food offers this in abundance. The ingredients are sure to be fresh and delicious, thanks to the use of only high-quality animal meats and a proprietary wet food recipe that includes mussels for brain development and muscle building. Additionally, it is carrageenan and BPA free and formulated to meet the nutritional levels of a single protein source.


2. Royal Canin Mini Wet Puppy FoodRoyal Canin

Royal Canin Mini Wet Puppy Food is a premium food for small breed puppies. The food was designed with the specific needs of small breed puppies in mind. It provides the necessary protein and fat content that are essential for the development and growth of your puppy. It also provides antioxidant support to help maintain perfect immune system functioning and intestinal flora balance to increase digestive health, as well as providing increased levels of energy to meet the demands placed on your puppy as they grow up.


3. Eukanuba Puppy with Lamb & Rice Wet Food

Eukanuba Puppy

Eukanuba Puppy with Lamb & Rice Wet Food Cans is great for puppies because it contains the protein that is necessary for their growth and development. Lamb is also easily digestible which will prevent stomach upsets that young and sensitive dogs might experience when eating chicken or beef. Brown rice provides quality carbohydrates to help maintain healthy energy levels, while whole vegetables add great flavour and natural nutrients. Antioxidants rich in antioxidants help support your puppy’s immune system, so the puppy can stay strong as he grows.


4. Pro Plan Puppy Chicken & Brown Rice Wet Dog Food

Wet Dog Food

In addition to the nutritional needs of puppies, Pro Plan continues to provide a healthy natural diet with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. With 100% complete and balanced nutrition, this food also helps support a healthy immune system and nourishes skin and coat.

The large-sized dogs need sufficient amounts of calcium for their developing bones so it is rich in calcium for your small dog. The protein content allows for strong bones that will get stronger as the dog ages.


5. Primal Chicken & Salmon Wet Puppy FoodChicken & Salmon

Puppies are very fussy eaters and some of them will refuse to eat a certain type of food. Primal Chicken & Salmon Wet Puppy Food has high meat content which is perfect for these picky dogs. The high meat content in the food ensures that your dog will have a lot more nutrients in their diet with less waste and toxins being produced. What’s great about this particular formula is that it’s grain-free so your pup can still get all the nutrients and minerals they need for a healthy, happy lifestyle.


We hope you enjoyed our blog post on how to choose the best-wet puppy food for your dog. Finding the best food for your pup can be a daunting task, especially if you have never made a food decision before. In this post, we tried to provide some helpful tips that you can use to choose the best food for your pup and make your experience using it for the first time less stressful. Keep in mind that it is always a good idea to consult with your vet before starting or making any changes to your puppy’s diet!