The 7 Best Wet Dog Food for Your Dog

Dogs are one of the most popular pet species around the world, and many people have one or more of these furry friends in their homes. It’s important, however, to feed your dog the right kind of food. This is where wet dog food comes in. 

Wet food is healthy, a good source of calcium, and contains proteins and nutrients that help your dog get the energy it needs to play. The texture of the food is thick, and dogs tend to love it.

Wet dog food also offers a more natural way to feed your dog, and it has a number of benefits. But how do you know what is the best-wet food for your dog? Find out in this blog and learn what to look for when buying wet dog food.

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How to choose the best Wet Dog food for your Dog

There are the following tips to help you pick the best-wet food for your dog. The ingredients are important. Always look for fish and other natural foods in wet food. It is not necessary to find high-quality meat that can be high in fat, sodium and fat.

Protein: You can always seek a protein source in your dog’s wet food. A good source of proteins is fish but chicken, soy products and cereals are other popular protein sources.

Fat: It is recommended that your dog should not eat too much fat in his diet. Wet food should not contain too much fat, but it is important to provide him with a protein source and quality nutrients. Fat should be non-hydrogenated and low in saturated fat.

Grains: The best-wet food contains grains. It is important to make sure that the grains in the food are of good quality. Ingredients like corn, rice, wheat and soy can be used as a grain source.

Vegetables: Fresh vegetables can also be found in wet dog food. It is important to look for good quality ingredients such as carrots, spinach and broccoli.

Vitamins and minerals: Watch out for vitamins and minerals in the wet food you buy. Vitamin D, D-vitamin and calcium can be found in wet food ingredients. You should also look for omega-3 fatty acids which will help your dog maintain healthy skin and coat. Other minerals include zinc, iron and copper.


What to avoid in good Wet Dog Good

Your dog’s wet food should not contain animal byproducts. These are the parts of animals that do not go into the final food product but are usually not eaten and you can find them in things like chunks of crawfish or crab shells.

High levels of sodium in wet dog food can be dangerous for your dog as it can lead to hypertension, heart diseases and digestive problems. Make sure that you check the product label to see how much sodium is found in it.

Containing artificial sweeteners is a red flag. You should look for a product that does not contain these artificial sweeteners.


What are the Health Benefits of Wet Dog Food?

Wet food offers different health benefits for your dog. Good wet food contains proteins and nutrients that will help your dog remain active, healthy and strong. The vitamins in the food are helpful in encouraging good growth in your dog.

Vitamins such as vitamin A and iron are required for improving the immune system of dogs as well as keeping their skin, teeth and bones healthy. Omega-3 acids will help keep your dog’s coat shiny and healthy while ensuring that their cardiovascular system remains in good shape.

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The Best Wet Dog Food NZ


1. Omega Plus Salmon, Beef & Brown Rice Wet Dog FoodWet Dog Food

Omega Plus Salmon, Beef & Brown Rice Wet Food is great for your pup because it is high in protein and minerals to keep your dog healthy. Omega Plus also provides a mix of natural ingredients like New Zealand King salmon, beef and brown rice to provide a delectable meal that your dog will love. Omega+ King Salmon, Beef & Brown Rice maintains the natural flavour of these fresh ingredients and soothes sensitive stomachs.


2. Black Hawk Grain Free Adult Lamb Canned Wet Dog Food

Black Hawk

Black Hawk Grain Free Adult Lamb Canned Wet Food is a grain- and gluten-free wet food with fresh ingredients. It contains Omega-rich emu oil, which is an essential fatty acid that provides skin and coat health for your dog, as well as antioxidants for general health. This food has been tailored for dogs who have allergies to grains that can sometimes be included in other dog foods.


3. Ziwi Chicken Wet Dog FoodZiwi Chicken

Ziwi Chicken Wet Dog Food is a great choice for dogs because it uses only free-range chicken from New Zealand. The meat is fresh and never formulated with growth promotants, hormones or chemicals. It has added glucosamine and chondroitin which are natural substances that are helpful for joint health. The recipe also includes chicory, kelp, and parsley which provide vital vitamins and minerals to keep your dog healthy all year round.


4. K9 Natural Chicken Feast Wet Dog FoodK9 Natural Chicken

K9 Natural Chicken Feast Wet Food has high-quality individual ingredients and formula, with a focus on the health of your pet. It contains no fillers but is made with nutrient-dense meat from New Zealand green-lipped mussels and essential vitamins, minerals & oils are added for greater overall health. The meal also consists of 90% cage-free chicken and tripe as well as natural protein.


5. My Dog Naturally Crafted Adult ChickenAdult Chicken

My Dog Naturally Crafted Wet Food Free Range Chicken with Carrots and Green Beans is a great dog food because it is made with free-range chicken and vegetables. This meal is also grain-free, and free of artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives.


6. Kiwi Kitchens Beef Wet Dog FoodKiwi Kitchens

Kiwi Kitchens Beef Wet Food is the perfect dog food for your dog. It not only provides all the nutrients and proteins that your dog needs but it also has added vitamins and minerals to ensure that this food is complete and balanced. This food also contains 93% meat or fish as well as no vegetables, rice or grains which completes the nutrition requirements of your dog’s diet. 


7. Zealandia Lamb Pate Dog FoodZealandia Lamb

Zealandia Lamb Pate Wet Dog Food is dog food that contains deboned lamb as the first ingredient. This gives your dog a flavour, hearty meal. This Wet Food has a balanced mix of lamb organs and other meat products with New Zealand green-lipped mussels and salmon oil for added nourishment.