Top 5 Best Wired Headphones in NZ

Wired headphones are not just better than wireless headphones in terms of sound quality, they are also more reliable in terms of connecting with what you are listening to. These headphones are great for listening to music on your smartphone, playing video games, watching a movie and more. 

Wired headphones are the best for travellers because they don’t require any batteries. You can just plug a set of wired headphones into the 3.5mm headphone jack of your phone, tablet or laptop and listen to what you want without having to worry about getting that little battery life dying on you while on a road trip. They are also best for gaming because they have better bass, richer mids and clearer highs.

They’re also more comfortable and convenient than in-ear headphones. This article will help you learn more about the best-wired headphones. We’ll discuss specs, features, and our thoughts on various models, so read on to find out which wired headphones are worth your money.

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How to choose the Best Wired Headphones

When choosing the best-wired headphones, the most important things to look out for are fit and comfort. Headphones that sit snugly against your ears and don’t fall off easily are a must. They should also be lightweight, so they’re not a burden when you’re wearing them all day. If you have trouble keeping them still in your ear, choose over-the-ear headphones that come with a flexible band so it wraps around your head, giving you greater freedom of movement.


What are the types of Wired Headphones?

There are two types of wired headphones and they are: Open-backed headphones Closed-backed headphones

Open-backed headphones are headphones that have a mesh grille or grill in front of the speakers. Open-backed headphones allow sound to travel freely and provide a warm, airy sound. They also tend to leak sound but this may not be a bad thing if you want people around you to hear what you’re listening to. 

Close-backed headphones are headphones that have a fixed ear cup that you can’t move and only keep the outside of your head enclosed. They provide an excellent seal and a precise fit for the users. Closed-backed headphones tend to be heavier than open-back headphones, which adds to their durability in case you frequently perform physical activities like walking or running.


What is a Noise-cancelling feature?

Noise-cancelling headphones are just like noise-cancelling earphones. They use signal processing to analyze music and external noises, and then use a speaker to generate opposite sound waves that effectively cancel out the unwanted noise. Noise-cancelling wired headphones help you focus on what you’re listening to in noisy environments like a train station or an aeroplane, but it doesn’t mean they’ll block out the sound entirely. You still have to be aware of your surroundings when wearing them.

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The Best Wired Headphones NZ


1. SteelSeries Arctis Pro


Wired Headphone

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro is a high-quality gaming headset designed to provide comfort and quality sound for long periods of time. The headphones are made of an aluminium alloy and steel construction with a clear voice transmission and surround sound.

The adjustable AirWeave ear cushions provide the comfort that soldiers need while keeping the audio quality intact. Prism RGB illumination contributes to the gaming experience with special light effects, while the on-ear volume and microphone mute lets you easily adjust your audio output. The swappable speaker tags can be used to identify each headphone to make setting up and connecting easier.


2. Logitech G PRO X Gaming Headset

Gaming Headset

Logitech GPRO X Gaming Headset is an ergonomic and comfortable headset for you to listen to music with. The memory foam and leatherette ear pads will be able to adjust according to your head shape. It also has a USB External sound card that allows you to get more sounds out of the device via USB. The detachable mic and 2m cable with inline volume and mute allow you to easily navigate the sound quality. With its mobile cable with a button, you can instantly connect to a mobile phone as well. The Y splitter for separate mic and headphone ports will allow you to instantly connect your headphone and mic to the device at the same time. 


3. Audio-Technica Studio Headphones

Monitors Headphone

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Headphones are the best selling and one of the most sought after headphones for recording, mixing and live performances. This newly designed headphone was made to be collapsible for space-saving portability, has a detachable cable that comes with interchangeable cable length, and has earpads and headband made from professional-grade material which also offers more durability. 

The Audio Technica ATH-M50X Headphones will provide exceptional clarity throughout its extended frequency range, with deep bass response. All of these features make this headphone perfect for any music lover who wants amazing sound quality while they are performing in a loud environment like at an audio recording session or live performance.


4. Razer BlackShark V2 Wired Gaming Headset

Wired Esports

The Razer BlackShark V2 Wired Esports Gaming Headset is one of the best headphones for gamers because it has been designed specifically for the needs of gamers. Razer TriForce Titanium 50mm Drivers are designed to give high-quality sound and effectively block noises. The removable Razer HyperClear Cardioid Mic with USB Sound Card is a valuable addition, as it allows the user to have control over their voice while they game.


5. Asus ROG Strix Go Core Wired Gaming Headset

Core Wired

The Asus ROG Strix Go Core Wired Gaming Headset is an instance of headphones that are considered to be the best headphones for gamers. The headset gives users a comfortable and snug fit due to its unique design, alongside the high-quality sound quality. The headphone features a 3.5mm connector which makes it compatible with just about any platform that one might use, providing access to all their favourite games no matter what they are playing.



Does wired headphones sound better?

Usually, the wired headphone has better audio quality than Bluetooth headphones because they transmit the digital signal directly through wires, minimizing interference and translation loss. 


Are wired headphones worth it?

Yes, it is a great option for gamers and music lovers who are looking for the best listening experience. It delivers the best performance with its wired connection because it doesn’t rely on any latency or battery power. 


Which is better wireless or wired headphones?

Wireless headphones are usually more expensive than wired headphones, they also have a larger lag between audio and video. Wired headphones are less expensive and there is no lag between audio and video. Wireless headphones also run out of battery at some point which is never good when you’re out.