The Best Baby Bottles NZ

As parents, we strive to provide our little ones with the very best, ensuring they grow up healthy, happy, and thriving. One essential tool in this journey is the trusty baby bottle – a vessel that holds not only nourishment but also moments of bonding and comfort.

In the heart of Aotearoa, where natural beauty surrounds us, it’s only fitting that we seek the best for our tiniest members. But with a plethora of options available, finding the perfect baby bottle can be an overwhelming task. 

From anti-colic features to ergonomic designs, glass to plastic, and everything in between, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of options. That’s why We’re here to guide you through the maze and help you find the perfect baby bottle for your Kiwi cutie.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top baby bottles available on the market, taking into account factors such as safety, ease of use, and value for money. We’ll also delve into the importance of choosing the right bottle to ensure your baby’s comfort and well-being, discussing everything from materials to nipple shapes and flow rates.


How to choose the Best Baby Bottle for you

Choosing the best baby bottle for your little one is a decision that can have a significant impact on their feeding experience, comfort, and overall well-being. To help you make an informed decision, let’s explore the key factors to consider when choosing the best baby bottle:



Glass: Glass bottles are durable, easy to clean, and free from chemicals like BPA. They are also recyclable and do not retain odors or stains. However, they are heavier and can break if dropped.

Plastic: BPA-free plastic bottles are lightweight, durable, and less likely to break. Look for bottles labeled as “BPA-free” to ensure they are free from harmful chemicals.


Nipple Material and Shape:

Latex: Softer and more flexible than silicone, latex nipples mimic the feel of a natural breast. However, they tend to break down faster and may cause allergic reactions in some babies.

Silicone: Durable, easy to clean, and less likely to cause allergies, silicone nipples are a popular choice. They also come in various shapes and flow rates to suit different feeding preferences.


Flow Rate:

Newborns typically need a slower flow to prevent overfeeding and reduce the risk of choking. As your baby grows, you can switch to faster-flow nipples to accommodate their increased feeding speed.


Anti-Colic Features:

Bottles with anti-colic systems, such as vents or valves, help reduce the amount of air your baby swallows during feeding, which can lead to less discomfort and gas.


Ease of Cleaning:

Consider bottles with wide necks or fewer parts for easier cleaning. Some bottles are also designed to be compatible with bottle brushes or can be sterilized in the dishwasher.



Bottles come in various sizes, typically ranging from 125ml to 330ml. Consider your baby’s feeding habits and whether you’ll be using the bottle for both breast milk and formula.


Compatibility with Breast Pump:

If you plan to express breast milk, look for bottles that are compatible with your breast pump to facilitate easy and hygienic milk transfer.

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The Best Baby Bottles NZ


1. Closer to Nature PP Feeding Bottle

Closer to Nature PP Feeding Bottle

The Closer to Nature PP Feeding Bottle is a thoughtfully designed feeding solution for both breastfed and bottle-fed babies.

With a teat that mimics the natural movement of the breast, it makes transitioning between breast and bottle feeding seamless. This feature is a game-changer for parents who want to ensure their baby gets the best of both worlds.

The bottle’s easy-hold shape is designed to be held in a position that’s natural for feeding. This ergonomic design not only benefits the baby, making feeding more comfortable but also aids the caregiver, allowing for a more relaxed and enjoyable feeding experience.

Moreover, the Closer to Nature PP Feeding Bottle is BPA-free, ensuring that your baby’s health and safety are top priorities. This commitment to safety is reassuring for parents, allowing them to focus on the joy of nurturing their child.


2. Gen 3 Glass Bottle 

Gen 3 Glass Bottle

The Gen 3 Glass Bottle is a marvel of design and safety, crafted with the utmost consideration for your baby’s well-being.

Constructed from temperature-resistant borosilicate glass, this bottle ensures that it can withstand various temperatures, making it suitable for a wide range of liquids. The use of food-grade silicone and PP further reinforces its safety and durability, guaranteeing that only the highest quality materials come into contact with your baby’s food.

The orthodontic thumb-shaped teat is not only designed for comfort but also supports the natural development of your baby’s mouth. This thoughtful design ensures that feeding is a comfortable and nurturing experience.

The inclusion of anti-colic vents is a game-changer for parents. This feature helps reduce the chances of colic, providing relief for both baby and the caregiver. It’s a testament to the attention to detail that goes into the design of this bottle.

The dustproof cap is a practical addition, ensuring that the bottle remains clean and hygienic, especially when on the go. This feature adds a layer of convenience for busy parents.

Perhaps one of the most reassuring aspects is that the Gen 3 Glass Bottle is free from harmful chemicals. It’s BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free, meaning you can use it with confidence, knowing that it meets the highest safety standards.


3. Philips Avent Natural Bottle

Philips Avent Natural Bottle

The Philips Avent Natural Bottle is a thoughtfully designed feeding solution that caters to the unique needs of newborns.

Specifically tailored for infants from day one, this bottle features an ultra-soft, BPA-free, and textured teat that mimics the feel of the breast. This is crucial for newborns who are transitioning to bottle feeding, as it provides a familiar and comforting experience.

The new spiral design of the teat adds an extra layer of flexibility, making it easier for babies to latch and feed comfortably. This innovation ensures that feeding is a smooth and enjoyable process for both the baby and the caregiver.

The improved flow rates are another noteworthy feature. They’re optimized to match the natural feeding rhythm of infants, ensuring that they receive the right amount of milk without any discomfort or overexertion.


4. Gen 3 Silicone Baby Bottle 

Gen 3 Silicone Baby Bottle

The Gen 3 Silicone Baby Bottle is a versatile and innovative feeding solution that caters to the diverse needs of both babies and parents.

Its multifunctional design is a standout feature, allowing it to seamlessly integrate with the Gen. 3 breast pump. This compatibility ensures a smooth transition between breast and bottle feeding, providing convenience and flexibility for mothers.

The soft, naturally-shaped silicone nipple is a game-changer for babies. It mimics the feel of a mother’s breast, making it a comfortable and nurturing experience for infants. This feature is particularly valuable for babies who may be transitioning between breast and bottle.

The inclusion of dual anti-colic vents is a testament to the thoughtful design of this bottle. It helps reduce the chances of colic, providing added comfort for both baby and caregiver.

The ultra-wide neck design is not only convenient for easy filling and cleaning but also promotes a natural feeding position for the baby. This design consideration ensures that feeding is as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

The Gen 3 Silicone Baby Bottle is a fantastic choice for parents seeking a reliable and versatile feeding solution. Its compatibility with the Gen. 3 breast pump, naturally-shaped nipple, anti-colic vents, and chemical-free construction make it a valuable addition to any baby’s feeding routine.


5. Chicco Perfect 5 Bottle

Chicco Perfect 5 Bottle

The Chicco Perfect 5 Bottle is a remarkable feeding solution tailored for babies’ comfort and development.

Crafted from soft silicone, this bottle offers a gentle and pleasant feeding experience. What sets it apart are the four available flow options – slow, medium, fast, and baby food. This adaptability allows you to cater to your baby’s changing feeding needs, ensuring they’re always comfortable and satisfied.

The pre-shaped, symmetrical, flat, and elongated silicone shape of the teat is a standout feature. It’s not only designed for comfort but also supports the natural attachment and peristaltic movement of the tongue. This promotes healthy oral development, making it an excellent choice for growing infants.



What size bottle should I buy?

The size of the baby bottle you should buy depends on your baby’s age and feeding needs. For newborns, 125ml bottles are commonly used, while older babies may require 250ml bottles to accommodate their growing appetite. It’s advisable to have a mix of both sizes to adapt to your baby’s changing needs.


Which bottle is better NUK or Tommee Tippee?

The choice between NUK and Tommee Tippee bottles depends on your baby’s preferences. NUK bottles are known for their orthodontic-shaped nipples, while Tommee Tippee offers a variety of nipple shapes.


How long do bottles stay sterile once removed from steriliser?

Once removed from a sterilizer, bottles remain sterile for approximately 24 hours if kept in a covered, sealed container. After this period, it’s recommended to re-sterilize them before use to maintain hygiene and safety for your baby.