Top 5 Best Baby Walkers in NZ

As a parent, you are always on the lookout for the best ways to help your child develop their motor skills. A baby walker is a great way to encourage a sense of independence and confidence in your child. 

The baby walker can support and guide your child as he or she navigates the world around them for the first time. Baby walkers, also known as baby activity centres, have a large base and four wheels so that they do not tip over when your child starts to pull up and stand while using them. This extra support provides a safe environment for your child to learn how to use their legs, feet and toes safely.

There are so many choices of baby walkers, so it can be challenging to choose just one that is right for your child. There are lots of things to think about when choosing a baby walker, so we will help you by providing some basic information. You will find the following tips useful as you begin your search for the best baby walker.

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How to choose the best baby walker for your Child

It is important to put safety first when choosing a baby walker. There are many different components that make a baby walker safe for your child, so you will want to consider these points when shopping around for the best baby walker.

The height of the baby walker should be appropriate for your child’s age and size so that he or she can reach the ground comfortably when using it.

The base of the walker needs to be large enough that it will not tip over when your child is pulling up on it. The four wheels should also be securely placed and they should be able to hold the weight of your child’s weight. The front wheels should swivel so that your child can turn more easily.

There are various ways to lock the wheels of the baby walker in place, so they cannot swivel. This is an important safety feature because it will help prevent your child from falling over and hurting himself or herself as they begin to walk. Locking the wheels will also keep the baby walker more stable.

The bottom of the walker is another important safety feature because it will help prevent falls and injuries. The baby walker should have a flat rubber or hard plastic surface for your child to stand on, or it should be too small for your child to stand on.

The seat of the baby walker should also be made from soft and durable material that is easy to wipe clean and withstands wear. Your child should be able to sit in the baby walker with ease and feel secure while he or she is using it.

They are also available in various colours and designs, so you can choose the one that looks most appealing to your child. Your child will delight in this beautiful walker and how nicely it keeps him or her secure. 

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The Best Baby Walkers NZ


1. Bright Starts Ford 3-Ways-to-Play Walker 

Baby Walker

Keep your little one entertained with the Bright Starts Ford F-150 3-Ways-To-Play Walker. The Ford vehicle design is the perfect way to keep your little one entertained and smiling. The 3 fun ways to play give your child the ultimate interactive experience. The fun and sturdy frame will ensure your child is safe and secure. The height options provide the perfect adjustments to ensure your child is comfortable and not too heavy. The lights, sounds, and rubber feet are perfect for enhancing the play experience. The high seat back is perfect for comfort and the truck sounds enhance the interactive experience.


2. Love N Care 2 in 1 Rocker & Walker 

Love N Care walker

This Rocker & Walker is a compact, unicorn design that includes a Rocker, 3 height positions and a removable play tray to fold flat for easy storing. It’s a 2 in 1 Rocker & Walker which gives you the freedom to switch from a Rocker to a Walker with a simple click of a button. The padded seat is washable and detachable to make it easy to keep clean. It also features a detachable footrest mat to provide comfort on the go.


3. John Deere Baby 3 Ways to Play Walker

Baby Walker

This rugged utility walker is designed with a John Deere design that is sure to excite your child. For comfort and support, the seat back provides comfort and support. There are sounds and lights, a gear shifter, a steering wheel and the look of this rugged utility walker. The rubber feet that break make sure that you will not scratch the floor with this walker. Adjusting the height is easy with this walker with the height-adjustable seat.


4. PlanToys Baby Walker Toy

Baby Walker Toy

The PlanToys baby walker toy is the ideal way to explore and develop the skills of your 10-month old child. This walker toy comes with an adjustable handle, which allows for easy placement of your little one on the floor. The assortment of coloured and natural wooden blocks is the perfect way for your child to learn & develop skills in early childhood.


5. Joovy Spoon WalkerSpoon Walker

The Joovy Spoon Baby Walker is a perfect gift for a new baby. The innovative design of this walker makes it perfect for active parents who want to stay close to their little ones. This lightweight, robust, and easy-to-clean walker is designed with a detachable seat. The Joovy Spoon baby Walker also features a padded seat, wheels, and non-slip stair pads.