Top 5 Best Beach Trolleys & Carts in NZ

When heading to the beach for a day of fun in the sun, having the right gear can make all the difference. One essential item that can make your beach day more enjoyable is a beach trolley or cart. These handy tools can help transport all your beach essentials, such as towels, chairs, umbrellas, and coolers, with ease.

With so many options available on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one for your needs. In this blog post, we will explore the top beach trolleys and carts, highlighting their features, durability, portability, and overall convenience to help you make an informed decision for your next beach outing.

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How to Choose the Best Beach Trolley for You

Choosing the best beach trolley for your needs involves considering several factors such as capacity, terrain adaptability, material, durability, portability, and additional features. Beach trolleys are designed to make transporting beach gear easier, but no single trolley fits all situations. Below you will find comprehensive information to help you select the right beach trolley.


Capacity and Size:

Load Capacity: Look for trolleys that can handle the weight of your beach equipment. Capacities can vary from about 80 Kgs  to over 100 Kgs.

Storage Space: Ensure the trolley is spacious enough to fit coolers, beach chairs, umbrellas, and toys. A trolley with a size of about 3 to 4 cubic feet is often sufficient for a family’s beach gear.


Terrain Adaptability:

Wheel Type: Wheels are critical for movement on sand. Large, wide wheels are preferable for soft sand as they don’t sink easily and make pulling the trolley easier. Pneumatic tires can provide a smoother ride over bumpy terrain.

Wheel Material: Polyurethane or rubber tires are common and provide good traction. Plastic wheels may be less durable.


Material and Durability:

Frame Material: Aluminum frames are lightweight and resistant to rust, which is important for salty, moist beach environments. Steel frames are sturdier but can be heavier and may require a protective coating to prevent rust.

Fabric Material: Look for a UV-resistant and waterproof fabric such as polyester or canvas. Ensure the fabric is durable and can be cleaned easily.



Foldability: A foldable trolley is easier to transport and store. Check how compact it is when folded and whether it can fit in your vehicle.

Weight: The trolley’s weight will impact how easy it is to carry. Lightweight designs are preferable, especially if you have to lift it over obstacles or carry it when folded.


 Additional Features:

Assembly: Some trolleys require assembly. Opt for models that are easy to set up or come fully assembled.

Pockets and Compartments: Additional compartments can help organize smaller items like sunscreen, sunglasses, or snacks.

Adjustable Handle: An adjustable handle can provide comfort and make the trolley easier to pull for people of different heights.

Locking Wheels: This feature can help keep the trolley in place when you’re on an incline or in windy conditions.


Specific Use Cases and Considerations:

Frequency of Use: If you are a frequent beach-goer, invest in a higher quality, more durable trolley.

Type of Gear: Consider any specific gear you’ll be carrying. Some trolleys are designed with specific holders for umbrellas, fishing rods, or surfboards.

Ease of Cleaning: Look for trolleys that can be easily cleaned, as sand and saltwater can make them dirty quickly.

Children and Pets: If you’re transporting kids or pets, ensure the trolley is safe and comfortable for them, with smooth rides and no sharp edges.

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The Best Beach Trolley NZ


1. Mighty Carts Folding Beach Cart

Mighty Carts Folding Beach Cart

The Mighty Folding Beach Cart stands out for its robust carrying capacity, accommodating up to 80kg, which translates to hauling all your beach essentials effortlessly. Its PVC wheels are crafted to endure the rigors of sandy and uneven terrains, ensuring a long-lasting service without succumbing to damage.

In terms of storage, this cart shines with its folding design, allowing it to tuck away into tight spaces with ease. This feature is particularly useful for those with limited storage at home or in the car, making the cart a convenient accessory for every trip.

Durability meets convenience with the cart’s canvas construction, ensuring it withstands the test of time and heavy use. Moreover, its lightweight nature doesn’t compromise strength, providing a perfect balance of portability and resilience. The added benefit of being easy to clean helps maintain the cart in pristine condition, ready for your next sunny adventure.


2. Foldable Beach Trolley

Torpedo7 Beach Cart

Embark on your beach adventures with ease using this unique beach cart, designed to consolidate all your beach day necessities into one transportable unit. The convenience it offers allows for an organized and stress-free outing, ensuring all your items are together in one spot.

Comfort is not overlooked; the adjustable handle caters to various heights, making the cart’s maneuverability a breeze for any user. This feature, paired with the cart’s lightweight framework, guarantees you can pull your gear without strain or discomfort, no matter how far you trek.

When the sun sets and it’s time to pack up, the beach cart’s fold-up design is a true space saver. Its ability to store compactly minimizes the hassle and maximizes convenience, proving that it’s not only a reliable beach companion but also a practical solution for keeping your gear tidy until your next outing.


3. Porta Charlie Tropic Beach cart

Porta Charlie Tropic

The Porta Charlie Folding Beach Trolley is a powerhouse of durability, crafted from robust polyester to withstand diverse weather conditions. Designed for longevity, its heavy-duty nature ensures that it can handle your heaviest beach gear without a hitch.

Performance meets practicality with this trolley’s sturdy wheels, boasting a remarkable 100kg load capacity, allowing you to load it up with all your essentials, from coolers to beach umbrellas, without worrying about the weight. A larger than average 120kg storage compartment ensures ample space for all your beach day necessities.

When the day is done, the trolley’s fold-flat design is a godsend for easy and efficient storage. It’s a breeze to tuck away, complemented by the carry handle that adds a layer of convenience for transportation. This trolley isn’t just a tool; it’s a smart choice for anyone looking to make their beach outings as carefree as possible.


4. Beyond Rugged Beach Trolley

Beyond Rugged Beach Trolley

The Folding Beach Trolley stands as a steadfast assistant for transporting various items, thanks to its construction from high-quality PVC material. This not only imparts sturdiness to the trolley but also ensures it remains unaffected by water – a perfect match for any beach or outdoor environment.

Storage will never be an issue with this trolley’s generous compartment, which invites an effortless loading experience for all your essentials. Whether you’re packing for a beach day or a backyard barbecue, everything has its place.

Solid wheels anchor this multifunctional trolley, equipped to handle a significant load, making it a reliable addition to any home or garden activity. Its foldable nature is the cherry on top, offering a simple storage solution that adapts to your space and lifestyle needs, ready to unfold and serve whenever duty calls.


5. Ascent Beach Cart

Ascent Beach Cart

The Beach Cart caters to your hauling needs with a solid frame and resilient canvas fabric, designed to carry a substantial load of up to 70kg with ease. It’s built for the long haul, ensuring all your gear arrives safely wherever you’re headed.

Adjustability is key with this cart, featuring a handle that can be tailored to your preferred angle, simplifying the task of pulling or pushing. This ergonomic consideration adds comfort to convenience, making it an invaluable tool for your outdoor activities.

Despite its robustness, this portable wagon boasts a compact form factor, seamlessly fitting into car trunks or closets when it’s time to pack up. Its versatility extends beyond the beach, proving to be an excellent organizational asset for storing sports equipment, groceries, laundry, and more in the comfort of your home.



Do beach carts work on sand?

Beach carts do work on sand; however, their effectiveness largely depends on the wheel design. Wide, large wheels distribute weight more evenly, preventing the cart from sinking and making it easier to pull across soft sand.


Are plastic or rubber wheels better for sand?

Rubber wheels are generally better for sand as they offer more flexibility and traction than plastic wheels. However, wide plastic wheels can also perform well on sand if they are large enough to prevent sinking.


Should wheels be wide or narrow in the sand?

Wheels should be wide when used on sand. Wide wheels have a larger surface area that improves stability and prevents digging into the sand, making it easier to pull the cart across a beach.