Top 5 Best Dog Collars in NZ

Dogs can be a big part of our lives, and with them comes the responsibility of caring for them. One of the ways we can care for our dogs and protect them is to make sure they have comfortable and safe collars. 

With the dog collar, you can keep your dog from escaping from your home, train your dog, keep the dog from injuring his neck, and secure the dog. In addition to these many uses, a dog collar has many benefits for your dog, such as better health and increased safety.

Dog collars come in all shapes, sizes, and colours, but there are some that are better for your dog than others. To help you find the best dog collar for your dog, this blog post will cover all the different types of collars and tell you which are the best for your dog.

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How I can choose the Best Dog Collar

To help you decide which collar is best for you, examine the following features and specifications to determine which style suits your needs and wants:

Comfortable fit: Collars should be adjustable to fit your dog’s neck and they should not chafe it. You want to make sure that the collar is comfortable enough that your dog doesn’t mind wearing it.

Sturdiness: If you’re taking your dog out on a long, adventurous walk, you want the collar to be able to withstand the elements and still keep hold of his tag. This will prevent his collar from getting lost or damaged in some way.

Materials: Collars made of cotton and nylon are the most popular and affordable choice. They do not cause rashes or sores on your dog’s neck and they do not break easily.

Buckles and clasps: Look for a collar that doesn’t have any sharp edges that might cut your dog’s neck if he gets too close to the edge of his property. Make sure that the buckle is secure enough to withstand your dog’s movements without breaking and falling into the yard.

Aesthetics: When it comes to collars, you’ll want your dog to wear something stylish instead of just colourful. After all, you want him to look fashionable instead of tacky.

Accessories: Collars come in various shapes, colours, materials and sizes in order to suit different dogs. Depending on the size of your dog, you might have to choose between an adjustable collar or one that is petite and fits snugly around his neck.

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The Best Dog Collars NZ


1. EzyDog Neo Collar WideDog Crate

My dog’s EzyDog Neo Collar is wide, waterproof and easy to clean. It has a durable stainless steel D-ring that won’t rust. It also has an adjustable hook-and-loop strap with a quick-release buckle that’s easy on and off. It also has low-light visibility reflective piping for safety and an ID clip so I can attach his ID tags securely.


2. Dog Training Collar With Remote 

Dog Training Collar

The Dog Training Collar With Remote is great for any dog owner and provides every function needed to make sure your dog learns its manners around other animals. It includes three adjustable functions that can be adjusted, remote control with an LCD display, and a lithium-ion polymer battery with up to 90 days of standby time.


3. Remote training Collar ShockTraining Collar

Remote training collar Shock with Remote is an essential part of a strong dog training system. This is because it provides shock levels and training modes which are easy to operate. It also has a built-in stop button that can be used instantaneously to change the level of shock. It also offers a vibration mode and a sound-activated mode.


4. Self-Disciplining Vibrating CollarVibrating Collar

This dog collar is comfortable and fully adjustable to fit most sized dog neck ranges. The collar contains 7 sensitivity levels as well as 64 types of training methods that can be used on your pet. This collar is specifically designed to be safe in any weather conditions with its waterproof technology (IP7), giving your dog the opportunity to explore freely without worrying about being harmed. 


5. PetSafe Spray Bark Collar CitronellaBark Collar Citronella

The PetSafe Spray Bark Collar Citronella is a great collar that is perfect for any type of dog. It has a rechargeable battery and will hold the charge for up to 40 hours. This type of bark collar also features 35 sprays with each cartridge which contains citronella, making it a good collar for training dogs and deterring nuisance barking.




Are padded collars better for dogs?

Padded collars are often seen as better than traditional collars because the padding provides more support for a dog’s neck. This lining can prevent the dog from pulling on its collar and result in less bruising, chafing, and abrasions.


Is a harness better than a Dog collar?

A harness is a better choice than a dog collar for several reasons. Harnesses are designed to distribute the pressure of pulling evenly across the chest and back, preventing choking or gagging. Harnesses are often made with reflective materials for safety in the dark and can be used as an identification tag.


We hope that you enjoyed our article about the best dog collars. Whether you are a first-time dog owner or have been around for a long time, we hope that you found this article helpful.