The 7 Best Electric Scooters In New Zealand

If you are searching for information about the best electric scooter for yourself then you are in the right place.  Here we have discussed all the features of the best electric scooter you should buy. 

If you have to go around your local area then Electric Scooters are very convenient which save your time and you can easily get through the traffic. These are getting popular among most people nowadays. Electric scooters are more convenient for personal transport as compared to e-bikes.

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7 Best Electric Bikes in NZ

What should I look for when buying an electric scooter?

When you are planning to buy an electric Scooter the main thing you need to consider is the battery – how many Kilometers can it run in a single charge, the other thing is weight – how heavy it is and the portability – how easy it is to fold.

If you buy more than 300W electric scooter and wheel sizes are more than 355mm then you need to register your scooter for a license. 

Another thing is the front and rear suspension which works as a shock absorber and keeps your scooter lasting longer.  So your scooter will run smoothly and quietly on the road even the road conditions are not ideal.


Which is the best electric scooter to buy?

Here’s the review of all scooters we think are the best electric scooter for adults.


1. Razor E Prime Electric Scooter

Electric scooters

The Razor E Prime Air is the electric scooter that will get you to your destination in style and comfort. It features a stylish, sleek design with a high-torque, brushless hub motor and large pneumatic front tire for maximum stability.  It has extra-large 8 (200 mm) airless rubber tires. 

It has a throttle with thumb-activated, variable-speed paddle control. This means you can accelerate without having to use your hands at all. It also features an easy to read digital display that shows speed and distance travelled.

It has adjustable handle-bars and features anti-rattle folding technology and a sturdy aluminium frame that folds down quickly for convenient storage and transport. 

The throttle is activated by the thumb so it’s easy to ride on flat ground or hills. It can carry a maximum rider weight of  176 lb (80 kg)  and has Up to 40 minutes of continuous use run time.  This premium electric scooter can speed up to 15 mph (24 km/h). 

It has a 36V lithium-ion pack and rechargeable (UL2271) battery and also comes with a battery charger and a 5-stage LED battery indicator display. It is great for over 13 years of age. 

Pros : 

  •  Prime quality and comfortable 
  •  Adjustable height 
  • Extra-large Tires
  • Easy to maintain

Cons : 

  • Expensive


2. Razor E Prim Air Electric Scooter


The Razor E Prime Air premium electric scooter has style, performance and comfort. It offers a sleek, modern design with a high-torque, brushless hub motor and large, pneumatic (air-filled) front tire for the smoothest ride around.

The battery charges in just 3 hours and provides up to 40 minutes of continuous use per charge. A full charge takes only 3 hours. With the push-button throttle, it can cover a distance of Up to 7.5 miles (12 km) on a single charge and speed Up to 15 mph (24 km/h).

This ultimate scooter has a sturdy aluminium frame and adjustable-height handlebars. It has an adjustable hand-operated rear brake for easy manoeuvring in tight spaces. The E Prime is Razor’s most advanced electric scooter yet. This electric scooter is designed for use by teens and adults who are at least 16 years old with a maximum weight of 220 pounds. It comes fully assembled and folds down easily for convenient storage or transport and you can enjoy a smooth ride every time. 


  • Adjustable-height
  • Easy to fold
  • Ridden as a regular non-electric


  • Not attractive Design 
  • Up to 12Kms only


3. Koowheel Patent Innovative Electric Scooter 320W with App Control Blue

Koowheel Patent Innovative Electric Scooter

The Koowheel electric scooter is the most innovative electric vehicle in the market. The product combines smart technology with an amazing design that allows you to capture and share every time that you ride it. This is a great option for long commutes or short trips around your area. 

Its compact size extends its versatility as you can bring it anywhere because of how easy it is to carry and transport, making this one of a kind machine the perfect personal toy for your everyday adventures. 

It features a neat and stylish design With various types of headlamps and tail lamps, speaker systems not missing on anything cool tech has to offer, you can cruise in style as quick as 3km/h without burning any gas.

Top off this blue riding scooter is safe to ride as it has solid tyres that are more controlled even in rough road conditions. It’s durable aluminium construction makes it a long-lasting scooter, which can carry up to 120 kg of body weight.

Its extendable stem, tail lamp, LED display screen, and various types of headlamps all support the ability and comfort while riding your electric scooter. 

The app allows you to record every trip for others to admire or change settings through your mobile phone.  Now there isn’t a better way to ride than on this exquisite blue scooter. 

Pros : 

  • It is foldable and portable
  • Easy to carry.
  • Led Light


  • Bulky Look


4. 320W Folding Electric Scooter with App Control Headlight LED Display

320W Folding Electric Scooter with App Control Headlight LED Display

This folding electric scooter is made from durable aluminium, and with shock-absorber air-filled tyres as well as ergonomic handles. It is an easy and convenient way to get around town. It is perfect for zipping through traffic. 

This bike lets you effortlessly navigate busy roads without the hassles of public transport.  

It can reach its maximum speed of 25km/h once you’ve charged with your reliable 36V lithium battery that lasts up to 25km on a single charge. 

Much more than just transportation though, this device is also Traveling to work has never been easier with this foldable electric scooter. It can carry rider weight up to 120kg. 

It features LED light to keep you safe after the sunsets. Whether on the road or on the sidewalk, everything will feel safer when perched atop this foldable bicycle. It folds down like magic into the size of a violin so you can easily travel with it in your suitcase or backpack.

Pros :

  • Portable  
  • Easy to maintain
  • Great price

Cons : 

  • Not the most attractive


5. Salelink Segway Ninebot E25 Electric Scooter

Salelink Segway Ninebot E25 Electric Scooter

Get where you need to go with your new Sale link Segway Ninebot E25 Electric Scooter. For commuters looking to make their commute easier or for those with a long way home, this E25 electric scooter is perfect for them. 

It has a max speed of 25 km/h and can reach up to 25 km in distance. With an electric motor as well as mechanical brakes, this scooter is perfect for all drivers looking for a smooth ride and easy braking. It also has electromagnetic and mechanical Brakes and can carry the Max Load of up to 100 kg. 

It features a high-elastic tyre 9″ front / 9″ rear Tyler.  It has a stylish  LED screen with speed and battery indicator, including headlight,  taillight and atmosphere light. This scooter is resistant to water and dust and also to weather changes so you don’t have to worry about bad times of year affecting its performance. 

It has up to 4 hours of charging time and the ability to carry an impressive 80 kg weight and is also designed according to your transportation needs. It’s lightweight and features an anti-theft alarm so you can enjoy it with peace of mind when on the go.

Explore new surroundings without the hassle of either parking or traffic congestion. It also has a Bluetooth function and the app also logs and notifies you of the distance travelled, speed reached, and battery life. 


  • Max Speed: 25 km/h
  • High-Elastic Tyre


  • Not attractive look
  • Basic design


6. Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 Electric Scooter

Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 Electric Scooter

The Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 electric scooter is a product that was designed with the best technology and features to provide you with a safe and smooth ride. The battery has a capacity of 474Wh which can take you up to 45 kilometres on one charge. 

This Concise and elegant designed electric scooter offers you the perfect balance of fashion, performance, and convenience. It has a powerful 720 watt motor for super-fast acceleration. And with Xiaomi’s patented high safety lithium battery you can ride all day without stopping to recharge.

Built with comfort in mind this scooter is designed for riders of all shapes and sizes. The lightweight design makes it easy to take on any terrain with ease while changing your speed quickly and efficiently. With an 8.5″ pneumatic tire design that lets you manoeuvre through rough or smooth surfaces without worry. 

The acceleration is fast, reaching a maximum speed of 25km/h. It also has an LCD screen where you can see 8 kinds of data including power, speed, driving mode, lock status and other information at any time. 

It features 2W ultra-bright headlight, taillight and front, side and rear reflectors for max visibility and higher safety.  It has a front and back double braking system for safer driving. 

Pros : 

  • It has the capacity to convert kinetic energy into electrical energy for longer battery life. 
  • Easy to control.
  • Features Mi Home App, smart driving assistant
  • Bluetooth and remote locking feature


  • Expensive 


7. Segway Ninebot Electric Scooter Air T15

Segway Ninebot Electric Scooter Air T15

This Segway Ninebot Electric Scooter Air T15 is the latest generation of electric scooters, which can be folded in a few seconds. It has a very high performance and is easy to operate.

This stylish black and white electric scooter have very lightweight at 12 kg and its ultra-compact body makes it easy to carry around. This  Scooter has a maximum speed of 25 km/h.

This electric scooter’s metal parts are made out of aerospace-grade magnesium alloy superior quality body material and 2.5 W high light lens headlamps that can reach an illumination range of 10m. 

It has an intelligent temperature control device and the FOC vector controller means 12 km/h maximum speed – as fast as walking. This is perfect for everyday commutes.

It has 1 second folding time. It’s all custom made of aerospace-grade magnesium metal. The intelligent temperature control device not only keeps it charged but also lets you set the ride on a variety of hazards ranging from icy roads to scorching hot pavement. 

It includes a reliable and safe  21700 automotive power lithium battery and small-sized, powerful 250W great performance motor.

Pros : 

  • Ultra-portable
  •  Quick Folding System
  • Low maintenance

Cons : 

  • Limited range
  • Small wheels

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