Top 10 Best Father’s Day Gift in NZ

Father’s Day is always a special day, so of course, you need to get a special gift for your dad. And what does a father like more than a gift for Father’s Day? 

Father’s Day is a day for fathers to show how much we appreciate them for the joy and love that they have shown us over the years. And we can show our appreciation in a lot of different ways, such as by gifting Scotch bottles, wine, rum, gift hamper or craft beer etc

Anyways, before setting off about gift ideas for your dad for Father’s Day, make sure you’ve got all your bases covered. Start with a nice gift basket filled with things that he’d like, from candy to suits.

But if your dad is more of a classic car or hot rod collector, he might not want to leave his pride and joy at home just to take him out for the day.

To help you out this year, we’ve gathered a list of the top 10 gifts that are perfect for your dad. You’ll find something for every type of dad, ranging from the best idea for a minimalist father to our favourite luxury gift.


How to choose the best father’s day gifts for your Dad

As we search for the best Father’s Day gifts, let’s first check out what makes a gift special to your dad. 

A Father’s Day gift will be remembered for years to come. But, if you want to make the memory even sweeter, consider getting him an unexpected Father’s Day present.

If you know and appreciate some of your dad’s hobbies and interests, this is a great way to get something he’ll love and use as well. But, if you don’t know much about your dad’s interests, then it might be best to stick with one of the below gifts. There is nothing more delightful than a surprise father’s day gift!

So what makes a perfect gift for Dad?

Another thing to consider before you settle on buying your father anything is whether he really needs it. Getting him something he doesn’t need will end up costing you money and will most likely end up being stored away in the attic or garage forever.

So, what is it that you’re looking for in a perfect Father’s Day gift?

As dads, we all have different interests, hobbies and habits. The best gifts for dads might not be the same as what is best for your dad. So here are 10 father’s day presents that any dad would love:


The Best Father’s Day Gift for you Dad


1. Pinot Noir Lovers Gift Basket

Father's day gift

Pinot Noir Lovers Gift Basket is the perfect gift for Father’s Day! This wine-based gift basket includes wines from around the world and it even has a bottle of Champagne. Additionally, it includes chocolate, Grapes, and crackers. The basket is a great way to show Dad that you appreciate him. Dad is sure to enjoy this basket, many times with his favourite drink, a glass of wine.


2. After Dinner DelightsDinner Delights

This Father’s Day, why not show Dad that you care with a gift they’ll really love? With this After Dinner Delights gift hampers, you say ‘thanks for all his hard work’. It comes with House of Chocolates Truffle Selection is a delicious assortment of the most popular truffles, and would be perfect for the dad who has a sweet tooth. And our Herb & Spice Roasted Premium Nuts are the perfect go-to snack – the salted nuts will keep hunger at bay between meals and make dad feel like royalty.


3. Italian Mixed Trio Gift PackGift Pack

The Italian Mixed Trio Gift Pack includes three of the best and most iconic wines from Italy: Pinot Grigio, Chianti and Sangiovese. It’s a great gift for Father’s Day or any other special occasion. The trio contains popular wines that are great for everyday drinking as well as for special occasions.


4. Kogan 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Wine Cooler


The Kogan 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler is a wonderful gift for Father’s Day. It provides the perfect temperature for storing red and white wines. The thermoelectric wine cooler has a built-in cooling space in its upper compartment that works with the temperature of 6–18°C and the lower compartment that works at 12–18°C. This means your Dad can safely store up to 18 bottles of wine at once without fear of damaging their quality or exposing yourself to the dangerous temperatures of a traditional refrigerator.


5. De’Longhi Manual Barista Pump Espresso Sunbeam Café Barista Machine

Sunbeam Café Barista Coffee Machine is a perfect gift for dads on Father’s day. It has many features like the 15 bar pump, milk onboard espresso machine, volumetric control, one-touch control panel and removable milk reservoir that can store in the fridge. The Sunbeam has a variable froth control which is also great and convenient for dad.


6. Musclegun Massage Gun

6 6

The Muscle Gun is a great Father’s Day gift because it is one of the most technologically advanced and safest massagers on the market.

The Muscle Gun massage Gun is made of lightweight aerospace-grade aluminium, making it durable and easy to carry for any active dad. It has a 3400mAh Samsung Lithium-ion battery which can provide 4-8 hours of battery backup. Muscles in your shoulder, neck, or back can be relieved with 6 attachments including a dual hook therapy attachment.


7. Fitbit Sense Smartwatch


This Father’s Day, give Dad the best gift he could ask for: his health. With a Fitbit Smartwatch, he can monitor his heart rate, see how many steps he takes each day and even track how many calories he has burned. The Smartwatch will even keep a log of his sleep to help him get a complete picture of overall wellness.

The Fitbit is an awesome Father’s Day gift because it also comes with a wide range of features like GPS tracking and automatically generated exercise maps to help Dad achieve new fitness goals. The great thing about this watch is that it nudges Dad with notifications on the screen when it detects high or low heart rates or if it senses that Dad has been inactive too long in between workouts.


8. Audio Technica – Direct Drive Turntable

Audio Technica

Audio Technica Direct-Drive Turntable is a great gift for Father’s Day. The Audio Technica Direct-Drive Turntable plays 33 – 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records. It has an S-shaped tonearm with adjustable tracking force and a detachable dual RCA output cable. Your Dad can connect the Audio Technica Direct-Drive Turntable directly to your computer with its USB output. The direct-drive motor provides stable rotation and an electronic brake.


9. Excel Deluxe Railroad Hobby Tool Set

Hobby Tool Set

Father’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re looking for a great gift for Dad, this might be the perfect present! This toolset provides an assortment of tools that are perfect for your dad as well as anyone else who loves to give a good DIY job. The set includes two different power saw blades, a splitter/breaker bar and pliers with wire cutters. Also included are tools like brushes and steel wool along with other smaller accessories that will arm your dad during his next project.


10. Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set-10Pcs

BBQ Tool Set

This is a great outdoor grill set for Father’s Day. The BBQ tools here are stainless steel which makes them easy to clean and maintain. This includes everything that your Dad needs to cook delicious food outdoors – a spatula, tongs, turner, fork, spoon and knife. There is a case included which protects the tools from rust or corrosion.