Top 7 Best Coffee Machines in NZ

Do you want to start your mornings with a great cup of coffee? Here we have the best coffee machines for you. What could be better than a freshly brewed cup of coffee at your home and how long do you think it could take you to prepare your fresh coffee on your own? 

Well, getting the best coffee machine could just be the perfect addition to your kitchen. This will not only help you to have as many cups of coffee a day without going out of your home. Having a coffee maker will not just save you a lot of your hard-earned money, but also offer an impression to others that you are serious about your cup of coffee. 

If you drink one cup of coffee per day, then it will save you $3 to $5 every day. You can save on both gas and time by shunning an outing to the nearest coffee café. Are you planning to buy the best coffee machine for your personal use? If yes then, there are so many options out there that finding the best ones for you can be challenging.

Not only that, each brand offers a surplus of models and types. There are traditional espresso machines, more costly automatic bean-to-cup machines, and the increasingly famous pod and capsule type. Once you’ve concluded what type of machine to go for you then the next thing could be the worry of trying to find a model within your price range.

With such things to consider let’s see if we can clear things up and look at some of the leading brands and machine varieties in more detail in the following coffee machines review. Whilst being easy and economic to use these coffee machines make a good cup of coffee and are becoming more and more common in busy homes.

If you are not sure exactly what coffee machine you want, then we have a list of the basic types of coffee machines. So scroll down and have a look at the list of our best coffee machines at a great range of prices, including the best filter coffee machines, pod and capsule and best manual espresso machines. If you are a fan of coffee then only the best coffee machines will make you the coffee you need often. 

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How to buy the best coffee machine for you 


Should you consider buying a filter coffee machine? 

A filter coffee machine is a great choice when you want to make coffee for several people instantly. It is best if you need simple, plain and black coffee, then this coffee machine is a great option for you. It generally needs ground coffee. 

Pros- filter coffee machines are a quick and easy way to make cups of coffee and also low cost. 

Cons- This machine only makes black coffee so if you are a black coffee lover that will be the best pick for you. 


Should you buy a manual espresso machine? 

A manual espresso machine is a great option for you if you love espresso and it makes coffee similar to what you have in a coffee shop. It can make a variety of coffee. The benefits of the manual espresso are its flexibility and it will give you the best-tasting experience and the drawbacks it can be time-consuming like you have to prepare everything and can be a bit messy and you need to clean it after every use. 

The issue with this is that you require doing everything manually from measuring the correct amount of coffee to put into the machine, and filling down the coffee just adequately to get the desired outcome, and to washing or cleaning the machine after every use. 

However, many modern espresso machines can take coffee pods, which hold pre-prepared ground coffee that you simply place in the machine. If you want your morning coffee faster and with less hassle, a pod or capsule system could be the solution.

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Should you purchase a Coffee pod and capsule machine for you?

Coffee pod machines are hassle-free and make coffee perfectly good. This is the easiest option of all. You can simply choose the type with the flavour and strength you like the most. Every pod and capsule comes with the ideal amount of coffee so you can simply make a mess-free coffee. Some machines have the option of milk frothing for making cappuccino or latte. 

The coffee machine has a lot of options as you can purchase capsules that can make a range of different drinks, from cappuccinos and lattes to tea and hot chocolate. These machines have their own range of capsules which are precisely made for that specific system.

A sealed quantity of ground coffee is contained in a capsule which is simply popped into the machine, which in turn commonly reads a bar code on the capsule and then makes the drink through a set of pre-programmed stages. All the processes are very clever, simple, and clean. Each capsule is simply detached from the machine after use and disposed of.

The pros are it can be a quick way of making coffee in busy times without any mess or cleaning which saves your time but the drawback is that buying coffee pods and coffee capsules can be expensive.

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Why do you need a bean-to-cup coffee machine?

As the name points out, automatic bean-to-cup machines make coffee directly from coffee beans. Also, as the name put forward, all the processes are taken care of by the machine. You just need to feel the container on top of the machine with your personal desired amount of coffee beans, set the machine up with your specific settings, and the machine does everything else. It is easy to use and makes a great cup of fresh coffee but it can be expensive and need daily cleaning. 

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The Best coffee Machines NZ


1. Delonghi La Specialista Manual 

Delonghi La Specialista

This Delonghi La Specialista coffee machine is smartly designed in stainless steel material and is an amazing kitchen appliance. Make your day great by ensuring barista-quality coffee from this superior quality coffee machine. 

This machine is a combination of manual interaction and automation. This machine comes with Sensor grinding Technology, a smart tamping station and active temperature Control settings.  It has an Advance latte system. 

This coffee manual machine is specially designed to make authentic Italian style espresso-based coffee. It is easy to make coffee comfortably at home.  This coffee maker has 1 thermoblock that heats water for coffee and 1 Heating system to steam milk.

This included 3 Pre-set coffee recipes, Espresso, Coffee, Americano and Long Black. It has a 19 bar pump with a Grinding position sensor, RPM sensor and Bean sensor. 


  • It has active temperature control for temperature stability
  • Dedicated water spout 
  • It has 2 Independent heating Systems for coffee and milk
  • It has an auto shut-off
  • The milk jug is includes 
  • Easy to use 

Cons :

  • Only one grinder setting
  • The particles of Coffee are very difficult to remove from the bucket.


2. Delonghi Primadonna Coffee Machine

Delonghi Primadonna - ECAM61075MB

The Delonghi Primadonna Soul Fully Automatic Coffee Machine is designed smartly in a silver and black colour body. you can adjust  its settings to specific bean blends and roasting types and can make coffee accordingly. You just need to put the beans in and select the roast and blend level. 

This amazing coffee machine is great for coffee lovers.  It comes with automatic Bean Adept Technology and with the help of this technology you can enter the bean types into the app and the machine will do the grind, dose and temperature. 

This Delonghi coffee maker is large in size and has a 4.3″ TFT touch display.  It has 5 user profiles and 21 coffee recipes, including one-touch favourites.  You can prepare the flat white, latte, cappuccino, and coffee pot in this coffee maker easily. 

It has  Wi-fi connectivity settings and You can connect the coffee machine to wi-fi and to the coffee link App and can control the on-off control, recipe creation,  machine parameters and many more settings on the machine. 

Pros : 

  • This coffee machine setting is  simple and easy for new user 
  • it has 500ml of the capacity for making coffee
  • It includes LatteCrema system to give  perfectly textured milk every time, 
  • It has a thermal double wall design to keep milk cool for a longer time 

Cons :

  • Very Expensive Machine


3. Delonghi Magnifica Coffee Machine 

Delonghi Magnifica S

This  Delonghi Magnifica S coffee machine is designed smartly and is an automatic coffee machine. This coffee maker is a great combination of style and technology.

This beautifully designed coffee machine has  13 adjustable settings Thermoblock heating system. It has a Beans container capacity of 250 gr. You can personalise your coffee as per your choice. 

It is easy to make Cappuccino on this machine. You just need steam, air and milk. Moreover, it produces a rich, creamy froth for great cappuccinos.

Choose from short or long, try a strong or extra mild aroma, enjoy it piping hot, medium or low temperature. You can use this machine either for coffee beans or ground coffee and the new silent integrated coffee grinder comes with 13 adjustable settings. 

It has built-in rinse and decalcification auto programs and has a removable drip tray with a level indicator. The thermoblock function in this coffee maker is to keep the espresso at a constant temperature and give you an ideal cup of espresso. 

Pros : 

  • Energy-saving function
  • You can choose colours Silver and Black.
  • It included a Water filter and cup holder 
  • It included aroma control and auto shut OFF options. 

Cons : 

  • Milk frothing is not  efficient 


4. Nespresso Creatista Plus 

Nespresso Creatista

This new Nespresso Creatista Plus gives you a taste of cafe-style quality coffee or you can choose your coffee preference. This amazing coffee machine is a fully automatic steam wand and you can adjust the settings for milk and temperature for your coffee at home. 

With the Creatista Plus frothy milk, you can give a  barista touch to your coffee and can make your own latte art. This coffee machine has a digital display that gives you several coffee options to choose from and gives you the choice to customise your favourite coffee. 

This coffee machine has 8 beverage selections so you can make milk-based recipes such as Cappuccino,  flat white, Café Latte and Latte Macchiato. 

You can prepare the perfect cup of black coffee like ristretto and Espresso at home and can have milk froth with different levels of settings like milk temperature and texture and coffee volume. 

Pros : 

  • It has a function of temperature sensing and can adjust the temperature 
  •  Self-cleaning or a hassle-free cleaning
  • Easily create a top-quality latte art coffee
  • Very fast heating up option and energy-saving feature and  auto shut-off after 10 minutes
  • It has an adjustable cup holder  and a sliding drip tray
  • Easy to use 

Cons : 

  • The drip tray is very small
  • No  coffee temp control 


5. Nespresso Gran Lattissima 

Nespresso Gran

This Nespresso Gran Lattissima EN650W is beautifully designed, very compact and easy to place anywhere in-home or office. You can simply make your favourite coffee and milk recipes and can customize your taste. with just one touch to start the machine and your cafe-style coffee will be ready. 

You do not need to worry about the milk quantity in every coffee as the milk foam is programmed into every recipe and you can make flat and foamy coffee or drinks. This coffee machine has a new automatic milk system and it prepares the ideal milk foam for Flat White or Cappuccino drinks. 

This coffee maker comes with a 1.3L water tank capacity and has 19 bar pressure and includes a Descaling alert. 


Pros : 

  • Easy to use 
  • cleaning alerts
  • Automatic switch-off after 9 minutes of inactivity
  • This awesome coffee machine is designed for Nespresso capsules; high quality, sustainably sourced coffee.
  • This machine has used recyclable aluminium

Cons : 

  •  Hot milk or froth is not efficient 


6. Nespresso CitiZ & Milk 

Nespresso CitiZ&Milk EN267BAE

This  Nespresso CitiZ&Milk EN267BAE is a beautiful modern designed black colour body coffee machine. You can make milk froth for all kinds of coffee recipes anytime. 

This coffee machine is user-friendly. It comes with two automatic buttons with an automatic flow-stop for Espresso and Lungo coffee preparations. This coffee machine can make an endless number of milk-based coffee recipes at the touch of a button as it is fitted with an Aeroccino, CitiZ.

This included an adaptable drip tray for taller glass recipes. You can prepare a creamy hot milk froth for creating all kinds of delicious milk-based recipes With the integrated Aeroccino on this coffee machine. 

It has a 19 bar high-performance pump that offers barista-style coffee anytime. This machine turns off automatically after 9 minutes of any inactivity or if it is not in use. This coffee maker is specially designed for Nespresso capsules, high-quality, sustainably sourced coffee in infinitely-recyclable aluminium.

Pros : 

  • Easy to use and clean. 
  • it has an automatic energy-saving function 
  • Fast warm-up in 25 sec
  • One-touch button and easy to adjust the settings
  •  Automatic power off

Cons : 

  • Make some  buzzing noise when turned on 
  • The frothing attachment does not spin fast enough to froth the milk appropriately


7. Breville Aroma Style Electronic 


Breville Aroma

This  Breville Aroma Style Electronic Coffee Filter/Maker/Machine w/ Auto Brew Timer coffee machine is stainless steel, silver black and beautifully designed for coffee lovers. 

This coffee maker has a capacity of 12 cups.  It includes a glass carafe with a hinged lid. This stylish stainless steel design coffee machine has multiple flow systems for optimum coffee extraction. This comes with great features like an LCD display and auto brew timer, non-drip system. 

This coffee maker has a thermostatically controlled hot plate and removable stainless steel mesh Filter Basket and removable filter holder. This coffee machine is totally automatic and prepares your delicious coffee in a few seconds. 

Pros : 

  • Automatic on and off features
  • LCD display to operate
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Prepare coffee in a matter of seconds and no waiting for coffee
  • Easily fit in the kitchen 


  • The cord is not enough long
  • It may not maintain the same temperature for a longer time


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