Top 10 Best Panel Heater in NZ

You may find yourself in a position where you have yet to prepare your home for winter. With temperatures changing and winter about to be upon us, you may be scrambling for the best panel heater for your needs.

The best panel heater will be the most effective option to keep your home warm. The panel heater keeps the air warm inside your room. It can instantly produce heat according to your needs. This blog will discuss the benefits of a panel heater and the different options you have to choose from.

Best Outdoor Heater In NZ

What is Panel Heater

The panel heater is an electric heater used to warm up the room’s temperature. Panel heaters are slim in design and have a fast healing ability. Panel heaters particularly work well in smaller spaces. They take up very little floor space, are easy to install, and are available with both convection and radiant capabilities. Some models are waterproof. So you can use it in your bathroom and kitchen.


How Does It Work

A panel heater is also known as a convection heater. They heat perfectly by convention. Hot metal elements of panel heaters warm the air. Thus, it comfortably increases the room’s temperature. People around the room can feel the warm air. Panel heater provides fast and effective heating as its heating technology is convection.


What do you need to consider before buying the Best Panel Heater?


1. Physical Size

Always consider the physical size of your room heater when making the choice. You will find a panel heater available in a very slimline design and with a 5.5 cm little depth. Don’t forget to double-check your measurements for the panel heater. 


2. Wattage

Wattage is a measurement of your heater’s maximum power output.  Wattage quality depends on your purpose of use. If you want to use it for your room, you need to choose an appropriate wattage according to your room size. For a bigger room, more power will be required.


3. Energy Saving

Conventional heating methods like ‘Radiators’  take a longer time to heat up and also to cool down. It cost more energy. The panel heater works fast and reduces waiting time. Thus it decreases the energy cost during colder months.


4. Smart Function

You can operate through mobile devices and many of these smart panels also have an app attached. You can control the settings, turn the device on or off, set timers and receive alerts.


5. Warranty

Warranty always represents the manufacturer’s promise. The minimum company offers 2 years of warranty for a panel heater. Within that period, if you have any problem with your heater they will fix or replace it. 


Type of  Panel Heaters


1. Wall Mounted

The panel heater is easy to use because it is wall mounted. You just need to screw it to the wall and plug it into the nearest socket. Most panel heaters are available in lightweight. That’s why it is suitable for fitting on walls. Wall-mounted is the most demanding room heater in the market.


2. Free Standing

The maximum electric panel heater can be able to fit free-standing. You need to collect a separate pair of feet to mount the heater. If you have limited space on your walls then free-standing fitting will be the right choice.


The Best Panel Heaters to buy


1. Smart Ape Glass Panel Heater 

 Smart Ape Smart Glass Panel Heater

Smart Ape Smart Glass Panel Heater is the perfect solution for a heater that won’t take up too much space while still providing excellent heating performance. It has a sleek look, stunning display and easy-to-use interface that makes it simple to use and perfect for any homeowner. This panel heater provides superior heat in 1200W or 2400W modes with an adjustable thermostat up to 45°C making it suitable for both small and large spaces.

It also allows you to control it remotely via the Smart Life app which means even if you are not in front of your panel heater, you still have full control over your heating schedule, temperature setting, timer and more.


2. Heller Aluminium Panel Heater Wi-Fi

Heller Aluminium Panel Heater Wi-Fi

The Heller Aluminium Panel Heater Wi-Fi is an energy-efficient heating system for your home. The safety tip-over switch offers added protection, and features such as the adjustable thermostat control, power indicator light and X-shape aluminium heating element make this a great panel heater. With an LED display in addition to an IP24-rated waterproof construction, this panel heater can be used both free-standing or wall-mounted.


3. Noirot Spot Plus Wifi Convection Panel Heater 

Noirot panel heater

Noirot Spot Plus Wifi Convection Panel Heater is a high-quality heater that can be mounted on the wall or used with the included casters. There is no need to have a fan due to the convection heating, which makes this heater silent. Convection heating means it will heat up faster too. It’s also energy efficient. This heater works well for people with asthma and allergies because it features an asthma & allergy-friendly filter and also has a child-safe lock to ensure there is no accidental activation of the device during use by unsupervised children. 

The Noirot Spot Plus includes a unique intelligent wifi capability which means the heating can be controlled via an app. There are three watts available: 1000W, 1500W, and 2000W


4. Lenoxx Electric Convection Panel Heater

Lenoxx Panel Heater

This Lenoxx Convection Panel Heater is a great and affordable heater. It has two different power settings that can heat a whole room. It also includes an adjustable thermostat and overheats protection – which means it’s always safe to use. This heater has durability with its metal adornments and the fact that it is mounted on castor wheels or wall-mounted. The power indicator also helps in telling users how many watts are being used, so you’re never left guessing.


5. Delonghi Ceramic Panel Heater

Delonghi Ceramic

The DeLonghi ceramic panel heater is a compact and versatile appliance that will make your home warmer in an instant. The heating power of this device can be adjusted as per your preference and the desired temperature. It is also energy efficient and self-regulating. This unit has been designed to heat small or medium rooms but is also effective for spot heating in larger rooms. It’s perfect for those who want a gentle background warmth at a constant temperature that won’t keep you up at night with its noise or too much heat.


6. Goldair Platinum

Goldair Platinum

This Goldair Platinum Panel Heater is an energy-efficient, the most efficient electric heater for your home. The panel heater heats up a room in minutes, perfect for those chilly mornings. It’s also made with an adjustable thermostat for your preference so it feels just right. This model is complete with an electronic control panel and castor wheels. It has a 24-hour timer that will work with any routine, great for people who travel often. The best part about this heater is that it can connect to the internet through Wi-Fi capabilities on smartphones.


7. Devanti Panel Heater

Devanti Panel Heater 

The Devanti Wall Mounted Panel Heater is a slim and space-saving panel heater that offers two heat settings. The first setting is 1000W and the second is 2000W. It also includes 3 modes which are cool, warm, and hot with an adjustable thermostat. It has a swing function so it can be positioned to cover the desired area. 

There is an LED digital display on it that displays the current temperature as well as the timer which can be set to 8 hours. The remote control provided with the heater allows for your convenience so you can turn it on and off from across the room or even outside the room.


8. Nobo Electric Panel Heater

Nobo Electric Panel Heater

Nobo Electric Panel Heater is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a stylish, efficient panel heater. They have a Scandinavian design and are suitable for installation virtually anywhere. They have concealed air vents to reduce visual clutter, and their sleek design keeps unwanted heat out of sight. Their ultra-accurate thermostat lets you adjust the temperature precisely, by only 0.1°C on fluctuating.

The fan-free technology prevents allergens from contaminating the air quality and stops dust from being generated while also maintaining quiet performance even while using it in areas such as kitchens or bathrooms. The safety features on this device include surface temperatures that ensure you are only using the right energy and child-friendly safety measures such as surface temperatures.


9. Sheffield Convection Panel Heater

Sheffield Convection Panel Heater

The Sheffield Convection Panel Heater is an extremely convenient and efficient panel heater. It comes with a splashproof construction, making it ideal for use in any location. It also has two heat settings, 750W and 1500W respectively as well as a thermostat that can be adjusted between two different temperature settings. Additionally, the heater comes with an overheat protection switch which prevents the heater from overheating when in use.


10. Spot Plus Convection Panel Heater

Spot Plus Convection Panel Heater

The Spot Plus convection panel heater with wifi is a great heater because it uses pinpoint precision to heat specific areas. It provides an extremely cost-effective option for heating and is designed with round edges for safety. This heater also comes with a lockable thermostat that you can set to a precise degree and has thermal safety cut-outs. This heater will provide you with comfort, efficiency, and value each time that you use it throughout the year.



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