Top 6 Best Milk Frothers in NZ

Do you love your morning coffee or tea? The best milk frothers can make all the difference. With these simple appliances, you will be able to create a delicious foam for your favourite beverage.

It mixes the beverage with air to make it lighter and creamier, which enhances the flavour of your drink. There are many different types on the market today, ranging from handheld to electric models. 

Choosing the best milk frother is a confusing task. There are so many brands, models and styles to choose from. You have the option of buying an old hand-cranked model or the more modern high-tech models. We are sure you can find the right one for your needs. But before you buy one, you need to be sure of a few things

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How to choose the Best Milk Frother for you

How to choose the best milk frother for you depends a lot on your needs. For some people, one style may be great but not for another while other people want one that is compact and fits nicely in the kitchen while still providing enough for the amount of milk you need per day. The most common questions about milk frothers are whether or not they can be used in the kitchen and what the recommended temperature ranges are for them.


What types of Milk Frother are there?

The majority of these units are typically very compact and affordable, however, there are some special models that include a large glass carafe and large heated plate/bowl which allows for easy dispensing of both cold and hot beverages. 

Most handheld or countertop units have a range of temperature settings to allow you to make a great coffee, tea, latte or even cocoa. The top of the unit has several temperature controls which makes it great for making a wide variety of beverages and more importantly, it gives you the ability to make different varieties of lattes. 

Handheld Milk Frother

Handheld others are easy to operate and use and can be a good choice for everyday use. Breville offers a variety of handheld models in a wide price range, which is ideal for both frequent users and occasional use. Many of the models are made with a powerful motor that makes it possible to froth milk quickly and without much effort on your part.


Electric Milk Frother  

This electric milk frother is a small food processor that can be used to make big batches of cappuccinos in one go. It’s highly recommended for individuals who love coffee and don’t want the hassle of hand-frothing individual cups!

If you like a cup of coffee to come with some extra foam, then the features on this milk frother will be perfect for your needs. This machine can both heat and mix the milk in 

When it comes to the daily coffee routine, people often choose convenience over quality. with this device, you’ll be able to make amazing barista-level drinks right from home! It’s perfect for those who don’t want their morning cravings interrupted by having to leave home just so they can enjoy some early morning joe. 


Hand pump Milk Frother 

The hand-pump milk frother is high quality and low-cost way to create premium foam for your favourite coffee drinks. The plunger attaches securely inside the cup, which creates an ideal environment for creating great foamed milk without any of that pesky cleanup work. They are affordable and easy to use and clean. 

You can make your frothy in 3-10 minutes depending on what you want the foam to look like. The hand pump units are perfect for small batches of milk, with no regular maintenance or cleanup.


How easy are Milk Frothers to clean?

Many of the new models on the market today are actually easier to use than some of the old-style handheld appliances we had in the past.

One of the most important features that you want to look for when buying a new milk frother is that it is easy to clean. You don’t want to buy something that is just so complex that it takes forever to clean when you can simply use a rag to clean it and be done with it.

Some of the newer models are made to be easy to clean as well. They are small enough that they can fit in a drawer or even a cupboard and small enough to take up minimal space when placed in your kitchen. This is great for those families who have very limited kitchen space. The fact is, how easy are milk frothers to clean? It really depends on the model you purchase.

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The Best Milk Frothers NZ


1. Breville the Choc & Cino Milk Frother

Milk Frother

Breville Milk Frother offers a large capacity of 700ml. It has an elegant and contemporary design with a detachable stainless-steel jug, transparent lid with silicone seal and control panel on the front with four options: hot froth, cold froth, cappuccinos, and lattes.

The Choc & Cino Milk Frother features interchangeable mixing and frothing discs that allow you to create your favourite latte art designs and hot or cold milk drinks in seconds. 

You just need to place the disc at the bottom of the mug, and press ON. The magnetic discs will stay securely in place while blending smoothly.  It has an LED indicator light to guide you and features Non-slip feet and a comfortable grip handle. It is easy to clean and you can wash the Jug in your Dishwasher. 


2. Leaf & Bean 500W 240ml Electric Milk Frother

Leaf & Bean Milk Frother

This milk frother is a Black cylinder shape with a silver top. It looks like your coffee mug and has a button at the front. You can use it to make hot or cold froth in seconds. It comes with a detachable stand and whisks attachment for easy cleaning. This is a great tool for making cappuccinos, lattes, mochas, hot chocolate, frozen drinks and more.

The Leaf & Bean 240ml Electric Milk Frother is a device that quickly warms and froths milk to create the required foamy texture. It has a transparent lid so you can see when your milk reaches the desired temperature. 

This appliance is powered by 500W of power, making it very fast and efficient in its work. The material used to make this product is food-grade stainless steel, which makes it safe for use with hot liquids. The electric milk frother also features an automatic shut-off feature once the desired temperature or time has been reached.

Energy saver and switch off automatically when the drink is ready. It is easy to clean after use.


3. Gustino Automatic Electric Milk Foamer Gustino Milk Foamer

Gustino Automatic Electric Milk Foamer Machine is a multifunctional milk frother that can be used for hot frothing, heating milk, and cold frothing. It has a capacity of 250ml and is made from food-grade ABS material.

 With this frother, you can quickly create rich and thick milk foam for your favourite coffee drinks. 

Just press down on the front and watch as it automatically froths your favourite coffee drink in seconds. It’s easy to use and clean.


4. Bialetti Tuttocrema Milk Frother 1LBialetti Milk Frother

Bialetti’s Tuttocrema Milk Frother is a manual milk frother that serves 6 cups of milk. Made with durable, heat-resistant materials, the Bialetti Milk Frother is safe to use on all stovetops and ranges. The convenient handle makes it easy to hold when frothing your favourite hot beverage.

It is designed to froth milk for cappuccino, latte and other hot beverages. The durable plastic handle makes it easy to use and the plunger pump creates a rich foam that is perfect for creating your favourite espresso drinks. The non-stick interior means that cleanup is quick and easy.


5. Sunbeam Café Creamy Automatic Milk Frother Sunbeam

The Sunbeam Café Creamy Automatic Milk Frother is a must-have for coffee lovers. It can prepare milk for two coffees, and it has 2 attachments that can create cold milk or hot foamed beverages. 

The frothing attachment mixes the ingredients to produce an even consistency, while the mixing attachment blends them together for a creamy texture. The storage compartment on the base of the unit keeps both attachments ready when you need them.


6. Steel Milk Frother W Silicone GripElectric Steel Milk Frother

The Steel Milk Frother is a great little kitchen appliance that will help you create the perfect foam for your coffee. The handle can be plunged up and down to froth up the liquid, and it’s easy to clean. It has a max fill line on the glass, so you can keep the milk at the right level.

The Electric Milk Frother is a convenient, easy-to-clean, and long-lasting frother for making great-tasting cappuccinos and lattes.