Top 7 Best Garden Ornaments in NZ

Garden ornaments are a great way to add character and style to your garden. They’re also a fun way to express creativity and individuality, as well as provide an opportunity for you to be more hands-on with the design of your outdoor space. There are all kinds of different types of garden ornaments available, from birdbaths and fountains to statues and busts. All gardens have their own unique style that can be expressed through the use of beautiful ornamentation. 

Garden ornaments are not just for decoration. They can also serve as a functional part of your garden, whether it be to scare away pests or simply to beautify the space. 

There are so many different options when it comes to choosing the right garden ornament for your home. To help you find something that will look great in your yard, here is a list of seven of garden ornaments that you should consider adding to your yard today.

Best Garden Sculpture in NZ

How to use the best Garden Ornaments

Decorate your garden with ornaments and plants to create an idyllic outdoor space. Most people choose the type of decoration that best suits them, whether it is ornamental artefacts or practical knick-knacks; however, there are some tips you should follow before installing anything so they will last longer in good condition. 

Garden ornaments are an excellent way to spruce up any garden. Consider adding a birdbath with some shrubs around it for songbirds, then fill the bubbler and plant fuchsia so that you attract more little acrobats all summer long. 

If a natural look is what catches your eye instead of rustic farm equipment strategically placed amidst hollyhocks (or other old-fashioned flowers) go ahead-the boulder may just be the perfect addition.

Use garden art as a focal point to accentuate attractive areas of your yard. Consider who will view it, and where you want it placed in relation to these viewers before deciding on any final design ideas for placement.

You can create an inviting atmosphere in your own personal oasis by moving lawn ornaments around when displaying them so that they’re not just sitting there looking dull. Consider who will view it and what their preferences may be before deciding where best place this decorative plaything for all-around enjoyment, like at eye level vs low down beneath feet level against a tree trunk or some other vertical surface.

It’s not just about what you put in your garden, but how it looks. If the colours are too vibrant for example think pastels or whites with pops of green then consider using soothing hues instead to create balance within the space and avoid any overwhelming feelings that might occur when walking through this area during different times of day/night.

Style and colour are the keys to making your garden feel like home. When selecting art for placement in or around a space that you want guests to enjoy, always keep these two things uppermost on their minds: What do I love most about this spot? And how can it match with other elements at play here?

Landscapes and sculptures should be proportionate to the room they’re in. Too big a landscape will look out of place when seen from across an open space, as well as too small for those who see it up close because you can’t make sense of what’s going on with all those different shapes surrounding them. 

Best Garden Art in NZ


 The Best Garden Ornaments NZ


1. Danna Garden Urn

garden ornament

This garden urn is a great addition to any container or small space. It’s constructed from durable concrete and features an ornate classical style that will surely provide years of use and enjoyment. It has a classic design, with a height standing at just over 30 cm.


2. PaWz Ornamental Solar Light Birdbath

PaWz Ornamental

PaWz is a solar light birdbath. It is an attractive feature decoration for your garden. The stable and portable design of this solar light birdbath makes it easy to move around the yard or deck, while the hard plastic resin construction ensures durability and long-lasting performance. This ornamental includes a rechargeable battery, solar panel & light bulb with an LED that illuminates at night when it’s charged by the sun during the day.


3. Grassy Sheep Garden Ornaments – Set of 2 Grassy Sheep Ornament

Grassy Sheep Garden Ornaments are a cute addition to your garden.  These cute, smiley sheep have an unusual grass effect which is soft to the touch and are made from cement to ensure they’re weatherproof. It can be a great gift for any animal lover.


4. Brisbane Lions AFL Team Garden GnomeBrisbane Lions

The Brisbane Lions AFL Team Garden Gnome is a great gift for any footy fan. This 26cm high polyresin garden gnome features the team colours and logo, as well as a lion design on the front of the jumper.


5. Dog Memorial Resin Garden OrnamentDog Memorial

This garden memorial is a beautiful way to remember your friend. The resin dog has wings and sits on a plaque that reads “In memory of a faithful friend and companion”. Place in the special spot where your dog loved to lie or dig for a loving reminder of a departed friend.


6. Wooden Wishing Well Garden Feature

Wooden Wishing Well

The Wooden Wishing Well Garden Feature is made from Treated Timber Fir. It comes with a decorative rooftop and is treated to protect against the elements. This charming wishing well will be a lovely addition to your garden, patio or yard. Perfect for adding that finishing touch to your outdoor living space, this wishing well features a classic design that will never go out of style.


7. Outdoor Garden Ornament Wooden Bridge  160cm

Outdoor Ornament

This bridge is a great inspiration for transforming your backyard or garden into an outside space where you can appreciate the natural beauty. Made out of durable timber fir, with a UV-proof finish to keep it looking good year after year. The maximum weight limit of 250kg means this product will be able to welcome friends on their way through without worrying about them getting stuck under its sturdy construction; perfect as decoration near doorways and pathways in front yards.