Top 10 Best Gift Baskets in NZ

Are you looking for the perfect gift basket? Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or simply want to send your loved ones a thoughtful gift, gift baskets are always a great option. 

They are creative, thoughtful, and customizable. There are many different types of gift baskets to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for any recipient. Whether you want a basket filled with delicious food items, or one that is packed with fun and unique gifts, there is sure to be a basket out there that fits your needs. 

In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the best gift baskets available on the NZ market today. We will also discuss some tips for choosing the perfect basket for any occasion. So read on to learn more about these amazing gifts!

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How to choose the Best Gift Basket for your loved one

Choosing a gift basket is not as easy as it might sound. There are many options to think about and you may be wondering what the best option will be for your loved one.

When choosing a gift basket, you want to consider their interests. If they like to drink coffee, choose an assortment of coffees or teas. Are they into sports? Consider a sports-themed selection with snacks and souvenirs from the local team in their city or state. Do they enjoy reading? Find books that match their preferences such as fiction, historical novels, etc. You can also get them a book-themed gift basket if they need more reading material for the beach or cabin this winter!

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If you are trying to decide between the different options, consider these:

A gift basket provides a lot of items in one gift. Rather than having to purchase several gifts for your loved ones, you can get all of their favourite belongings in one basket. This is a great option if you are shopping for multiple people and want to avoid duplicates. If your loved one enjoys music, you could find a CD-themed gift basket that includes CDs as well as a speaker or headphones so they can enjoy the music anywhere.  

The theme is important when choosing the basket. If they enjoy the outdoors, you might choose a basket that includes a collection of tea and biscuits with a little picnic blanket and wine glasses so they can have an outdoor tea party with their friends. Choose a beach-themed basket for those who enjoy spending time at the beach, lake or pool. This can include sunscreen and other accessories they will need to stay protected while they are enjoying their water time.

Consider their hobbies when choosing which basket to purchase. If they enjoy gardening, consider a basket that includes a butterfly garden, indoor or outdoor plants and or succulents. If they like to cook, you could find an assortment of tools and gadgets to help them get creative with their food creations.

Consider their preferences when trying to choose which gift basket option is best. If they enjoy drinking coffee, they will surely appreciate a selection of different coffees in the form of coffee bags or boxes. A selection of teas would also be appreciated. Consider their preferences when trying to choose a basket to avoid having duplicate items. For example, if they like chocolate, you might want to avoid getting them any kind of candy or sweets. Instead, give them some fun and tasty snacks like cookies or popcorn with movies on the side.

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The Best Gift Baskets to buy


1. The Ultimate Romantic Picnic Basket

Gift Basket

The Ultimate Romantic Picnic Basket is a great gift basket for any occasion. The person who receives this gift basket will feel like they are having the ultimate romantic picnic. Every item in the gift basket is sure to make the recipient smile and think about that special someone when they unwrap the items. This gift basket is a great way to show someone you care.


2. Blushing Bliss Gift Basket

Blushing Bliss

This is a great gift basket idea for those who enjoy a good glass of champagne. The other items in the basket are perfect complements to the Taittinger Rosé Champagne. ” The basket is beautifully decorated and filled to the brim with useful goodies.


3. Pinot Noir Lovers Gift Basket

Pinot Noir

This gift basket is perfect for any wine lover. It has Lake Hayes Pinot Noir, Two Paddocks Picnic Pinot Noir, Marich Chocolate Cherries and Bramble & Hedge Honeycomb will make anyone’s taste buds happy. This is a great gift idea for your family members or friends that enjoy wine with chocolate desserts.


4. Hot & Spicy Gift Basket

Hot & Spicy Gift Basket

Put together a delightful gift basket for someone who likes their food hot and spicy! This one will be full of delicious goodies that will satisfy anyone craving something spicy. Be sure to include some authentic Mexican food like Tio Pablo’s Hot As Explosive Hot Chili Sauce, a terrific chilli salt from Olitalia, Cape’s fresh herb & spice Ghost Chilli, and Tio Pablo’s Red Enchilada Sauce. Put together your perfect gift by adding some great crackers like Fix & Fogg Smoke & Fire Peanut Butter or Lindt Chocolate Balls.


5. Gourmet Chocolate, Flower & Fruit Basket

Gourmet Basket

The Gourmet Chocolate, Flower & Fruit Basket is a great gift basket for anyone! The variety of items in this basket will leave the recipients with something they’re sure to enjoy. Whether they prefer fresh fruit or chocolate, they’ll be happy when they receive this gift!


6. Luxury Chocolate, Fruit & Flowers6

Luxury Chocolate, Fruit & Flowers is an ideal gift as it’s a perfect combination of all six. The fruit, flowers and chocolate are crafted with much care and attention and have been made to improve the mood of their recipients. The recipient of these luxury boxes can choose to either savor the fruit, flowers and chocolate separately or enjoy all of them together for the perfect sweet experience.


7. Celebrate Her Gift Basket

Gift Basket

Celebrate Her Gift Basket is a great gift for her because it includes items such as the Taittinger Champagne Rosé, the Côte Noire Candle, and Murray River Bath Salts. These items are all perfect to represent her and her love of champagne and candles. The Tilley Bath Bomb is also an interesting gift because it reminds her of the beach and taking a relaxing bath. 


8. Coffee Lovers Gift Basket

Lovers Gift Basket

These coffee-themed gift baskets are perfect for the coffee lover in your life! It comes with the most popular flavours of iced latte and dark chocolate espresso beans, two packets of Nippy’s finest ice coffee, a bar of 36° South handmade fudge – Coffee flavour, and a pack of Fix and Fogg Peanut Butter.

9. Beer SnacksBeer Snacks

A Beer Snacks gift baskets are a great gift for anyone who loves to indulge in a good beer. The mix of snacks and alcohol makes this an ideal gift for men and women alike. It’s also the perfect way to sample all of the most popular foodstuffs from different places around New Zealand, which will leave your friend with a much greater appreciation.


10. The Perfect Gift Basket 

The Perfect Gift Basket

The Perfect Gift Baskets is the perfect gift basket for all occasions. Whether it be for a birthday or a thank you, you can find something that is appropriate. This basket has some beverages and snacks. The perfect gift basket is loved by all. It gives the gift receiver the option of what they would like to consume in the mixture.