Top 5 Best Home Safes in NZ

The home safe is an important tool to protect your valuables and documents. It can be a place where you store anything from family heirlooms, and jewellery to paper files. The best way to choose the right one for your needs is to think about what you will be storing in it and how often you will need to access it. 

There are many different kinds of safes on the market today that vary in size, colour, locking mechanisms, weight limit etc., so it can be difficult to decide which safe is best for your needs. we’re here for all those questions. Check out our guide on choosing the right home security product today.

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How to pick the Best Home Safe for you

Home safes come in many different shapes and sizes, but there are some things that they all have in common. People buy a safe for their home because it’s an investment that will provide protection from fire or theft. To help you decide which one would best suit your needs we made some points below.

What is the ideal size safe you need?

If you are looking to store your small amount of jewellery or some cash, then a small size safe will be enough for your need, but if you want to store some important documents, gold or some larger valuable item, you need to consider the bigger size safe. Another thing you need to consider is how much space you have to keep or install your safe in your room.

What about the safe build?

As the thickness of metal increases, so does its resistance. Our recommendation would be to go with a safe that can withstand some pretty intense pressure for protection against potential intruders – you may prefer safes made from steel or iron because they’re durable and work well in high-security situations where you need maximum deterrence.

What type of lock do you need?

There are three types of safes: those with keys, ones with mechanical combinations, locks or electronic combination codes. In a key safe, you always need to carry the key. If you lost your key then it would be difficult to get your belongings from the safe. The other two options are more convenient. You just need to remember your code, but it would be unsafe if you share your code with someone. So it is your personal preference what option is convenient for you.

How much does it cost?

The internet is a great place to find home safes, and with so many options comes the challenge of finding one that will suit your needs. You can spend as little or as much money on them depending on what you’re trying to protect: if it’s just some personal items that need protection from fire then there are plenty within the $100-$500 range; however, those who have large collections might consider investing into something more expensive such as Hi Mart Safe.


The Best Home Safe NZ


1. Hi Mart Coloured Fire Proof Home Home Safe

Hi-Mart Coloured Fire Proof Safe Box is a compact design with unique features, it can be used as a fireproof box to store your valuables and documents. It has an electronic lock with a key as well as two hefty 16 (5/8″) solid chrome-plated locking bolts that provide 1-hour fire protection certification. The safe box has a convenient plastic tray inside for storing your jewellery or other valuables.


2. Electronic Digital Safe 16L

Digital Safe

This is a compact electronic safe deposit box that can be used to keep your valuables such as jewellery, cash and other precious things. It has an automatic alarm system. The LED indicator shows you whether the device is working or not. This product is made of strong solid steel material so it can prevent thieves from breaking into it. The keypad on the front panel makes this device easy to use. It also features a compact design so you can put it anywhere in your house.


3. Home Mini Electronic Security Lock Cabinet Security Lock

Mini electronic security lock cabinet is a combination of home security and business. It can be used as a key safe, locker, storage for documents and equipment, etc. An electronic password or key control ensures maximum safety for your belongings. The product uses advanced technology and a high-strength steel plate to ensure the safety of your valuables at home.


4. Electronic Security Double Alarm Safe Alarm Safe

The Electronic Digital Security Double Alarm Safe Box is a compact, 8.5L safe box with a digital keypad and double locking mechanism. This safe box is made of CRS+ Resin material and comes with 2 holes on the back and bottom for wall/floor mounting.  


5. Electronic Safe Digital Security Box 50LDigital Security

This box is a digital home safe that can be used to protect your belongings. It has a strong solid steel body with two live-door bolts. This electronic safe is easy to program by inputting 3-8 digits and it comes with an alarm feature that will activate after three attempts. Its door panel has 4mm thick.