Top 10 Best Rugs in NZ

Best Rugs are a great way to add the perfect finishing touch to your house and can turn any space into an instant cosy retreat. Not only do they make decorating easy, but by choosing one rug from our range in this list you will have covered all your bases for whichever season suits the best autumn through summer.

They can be used for more than just decoration- they’re excellent at bringing together the different zones in a room, such as defining the main seating area with one rug while delineating desk space or dining table areas using others.

Rugs can be an excellent way to bring together a room by tying it all together with their multicoloured designs. However, they also serve as useful delineators in open-plan spaces – providing a sense of place and organization for different areas within your home or office. The best rugs might define one’s main seating area (such as sitting down on the couch); while other Rugs may help separate out various zones like desks from dining tables.

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How to choose the perfect size rug for the room?

When it comes to the best rug size, generally it should be about 45cm away from any walls in order for them not to feel clunky or confining. If you have fallen in love with an eco-friendly rug but are convinced there’s no way this size will do – don’t worry because layering two smaller ones together can help avoid a bath mat situation. A very common technique seen throughout Morocco and other Middle Eastern homes involve using natural material like sisal or coconut mats which creates a lovely atmosphere without compromising on comfort levels too much. Just make sure both layers fit well so they stay put when placed side by side. 

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What style of best rugs do you need?

There is a range of materials and techniques out there, but not all of them can be suitable for every kind of room. For rooms where many people walk in, such as hallways or kitchens; hard-wearing fabrics suffice better than decorative centrepieces like those found on dining tables in sitting rooms with more settings.

It’s important when picking out what kind of material(s) are right for a room in question though: don’t forget about how often people walk past its location on their way between two rooms (or even if they have small children running around).

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Best Outdoor Rugs in NZ

Natural fibre rugs are the perfect option to create a warm, inviting atmosphere in your home. Sisal and jute rug styles offer affordable durability for high-use areas such as entryways or living spaces while also complementing other more colourful pieces with their familiar country look that will never go out of style. Cotton flat weaves to make a great floor covering due to their hard-wearing fibres making them easy to clean up qualities but if you want something different try wool carpets which provide an elegant touch without being too heavy on footwear. 

Silk and wool are the most luxurious fabrics to use for outdoor rugs, but they’re not always practical. Synthetic materials like polypropylene are a good alternative if you need something more durable that won’t get ruined easily in wet conditions or high traffic areas such as bedrooms outside where there will be less exposed wear-and-tear from rainwater etc. For an all-around guide on choosing which material would suit your needs best have a look here.

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The Best Rugs NZ


1. Sanderson Rain Forest Orchid Grey

Sanderson Rain Forest Orchid GreySanderson’s RainForest Orchid Grey rug offers a unique, intricate design with a bright array of tropical colours. Pure New Wool makes this plush rug stand out from the crowd. This rug comes in two different sizes 280x200cm and 350x250cm


2. Morris & Co Autumn Flowers Eggshell 

Morris & Co Autumn Flowers Eggshell

Morris & Co Autumn Flowers Eggshell Rug is a hand-tufted rug with a wool pile. It features an attractive floral design in shades of blue on an eggshell background. The 18 mm pile height makes it soft underfoot and the high-quality wool provides warmth, comfort and durability. The rug has a traditional look that will complement any decor.


3. Aladdin Rugs Bamboo Silk Cream Rug

Aladdin Rugs Bamboo Silk Cream Rug

Bamboo Silk Cream Rug is a multi-coloured, Persian themed area rug that will add style and beauty to any room in your home. This durable acrylic power-loomed rug has a high pile for a plush feel underfoot. It is the ideal choice for your living room.


4. Zakouma Floral Wool Rugs Light Blue

Zakouma Floral Wool Rugs Light Blue

Zakouma Floral Wool best Rugs feature a modern floral print on a light blue background. Made of wool, and mother mix material, these rugs are durable and easy to clean. With a 12 mm pile height, these rugs will add comfort and warmth. 


5. Ines jardin rugs bluebell gray

Ines jardin rugs bluebellgray

The Ines jardin rugs are a fantastic combination of fashion and function. Made from new wool, these  hand-tufted woven rugs will bring a touch of class to your home. The floral design is both fashionable and functional as it will hide all kinds of dirt and stains that occur in the household every day. These rugs are easy to maintain and can be cleaned at home easily.


6. Cobble Rugs Brink & Campman

Cobble Rugs Brink & Campman

The Cobble rug collection is a beautiful example of the art of handweaving. Handwoven using high-grade wool, these rugs feature a thick and durable pile that will last for years to come. The Cobble design features an intricate pattern that adds style while keeping your feet warm and comfortable.


7. Yara garland rugs in pink and red rugs

Yara garland rugs in pink and red rugs

The Yara Garland Rug is a charming addition to any room. This hand-knotted wool rug features a red colour with a pink flower print on it. Soft pile, hand-knotted construction makes this area rug both durable and long-lasting. Pure wool yarns create an appealing look for your home decor.


8. Scion Groove Pebble

Scion Groove Pebble

Scion Groove Pebble rug is a super soft, thick and fluffy area rug. The unique Zigzag pattern in grey shades will be the centre of attention for your room. The latex/cotton backing keeps it from sliding on the floor and makes cleaning easy. 


9. Harlequin Kelapa Blush

Harlequin Kelapa Blush

Harlequin Kelapa Blush rug will bring a pop of colour to your room. The large leaves print in grey colour makes this rug perfect for any decor. Hand Tufted in India, the wool pile is 12 mm thick and feels soft underfoot and has an elegant design that will make your room look modern and stylish.


10. Harlequin Nuru Tabasco

Harlequin Nuru Tabasco

The Harlequin Nuru Tabasco rug is a beautiful and vibrant addition to any room in your home. Hand-tufted with cut velvet, this area rug features a colourful scattered line design that will add an exotic touch of elegance to your space.


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