Top 10 Best Table Lamps in NZ

A Table lamp is a much more versatile and thoughtful light than an overhead. It can provide softer, more relaxing illumination for your living room or bedroom while still providing directional lighting when needed. Plus you don’t need to get out of bed in order to use it which also means not turning on all those lights during morning hours before work starts up again.

A bedside lamp also provides good reading light, whether you prefer books or tablets. One less obvious function of nightstands. Whether it be at night or in your home, this little device will provide soft diffused lighting which can illuminate even large rooms easily. 

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The last task for a bedside lamp is to look fabulous while fulfilling the other roles. Shades and bases add colour without overwhelming the room, should you have two lamps or larger on your double-bedded setup; they also provide texture in all its forms – from subtlety like velvet cords with fluffy lamb’s wool shades through intricacies such as floral lace tubes filled stem end first then glued securely into place so there are no gaps between petals where dust can gather.

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If it’s midnight black that suits both bedroom furnishings and mood requirements best then go ahead: put up one shade – but make sure both handles turn easily.

No matter what type of bedside lamp you choose, it’s important that they complement your room and don’t overwhelm you with their sheer size. Whether you have a smaller or larger bedside unit, the right lamp will help make your room feel cosy. 

Choosing a bedside light can be really tough, especially if you want to find the perfect one for your home. Here We have picked out some of our favourite lamps based on their style and functionality so that all would be satisfied by this purchase decision. 

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The Best Table Lamps NZ


1. Retro Table Lamp

Table Lamp

This is a beautiful modern table lamp. The design is inspired by the classic vintage style, but it has been updated with an ultra-modern look and feel. The base of this retro table lamp is crafted from copper.


2. Pilos Complete Table Lam

Pilos Lamp

The Pilos Lamp is a unique and modern design that will add a touch of style to any room. The lamp has been designed with a Ceramic base and grey fabric shade that makes it the perfect addition to your home


3. Savona Complete Table Lamp

Savona Lamp

Savona Complete Lamp is the perfect example of a modern, simple and functional table light. It is made with a metal base and fabric shade. The shade has an off-white colour which makes it easy to match with any home decor. Its round shape gives it a soft appearance, making it ideal for reading corners or as bedside lamps. 


4. Pia Tiffany Table Lamp

Tiffany Lamp

This Pia Tiffany Lamp is the perfect addition to any room. The lamp combines many pieces of art glass that create a beautiful design in the shade. It also features an energy-saving LED bulb that will save you money. 


5. Dorne Classic table lamp

Classic table lamp

This is an elegant Dorne lamp with a unique antique silver filigree base and glass bead beneath the handmade shade. This is a great lamp for any room in your home. It will give you the right amount of light when you need it most.


6. Tulip Tiffany Table Lamp

Tulip Tiffany

Tulip Tiffany Lamp is a beautiful table lamp with the design of a street light. It combines many pieces of art glass, which looks hand-made by skilled craftsmen. The good quality material ensures it’s durable for long time use.


7. Peacock Tiffany Table Lamp

Peacock Tiffany

This Tiffany-style lamp is the perfect addition to your bedroom. The peacock design is made up of several pieces of art glass and has a strong base that will not tip over easily. This lamp features a classic Tiffany look that will be sure to fit into any room in your house.


8. Boelyn Art Deco Table Lamp

Deco Lamp

The Art Deco Lamp is a unique and beautiful table lamp that features a design like a girl showing her gown. The Art Deco Table Lamp will add style to your home, office, or any other space in your life. This lamp will give you warm and romantic lighting which can also be used as a decoration to make the room more beautiful.


9. Madras Link Japandi Oak Table Lamp

Table Lamp

The Madras Link Japandi Oak Lamp is a beautiful and functional table lamp. The lamp has a wooden base and shade with white color. The lamp has an oak wood base. It features a round shape shade.


10. Elegant Lamp

Desk Lamp

The SOGA LED Elegant Lamp is a perfect addition to any room in your home. Featuring all-metal construction and a beautiful fabric shade, this table lamp provides ample light for reading or working on projects.