Top 5 Best Lowboy Drawers in NZ

Do you find yourself struggling to fit everything in your closet? If so, you may want to consider buying a lowboy drawer. Lowboy drawers are a type of furniture that is often used to store clothing and other items. 

Lowboy drawers are like regular drawers, but they’re lower to the ground. This makes them perfect for storing folded clothes or other small items. They’re also easy to access, which is great if you need to grab something in a hurry. Plus, they can be used in any room in the home and can be matched with almost any type of décor.  

They were originally intended to be used as a small side table or nightstand, and this is how they are most often seen. However, they have grown in popularity over the years because of their versatility.

If you’re looking for a way to store your clothing and other items, then lowboy drawers are a great option to consider. They come in a variety of styles and colours, so it can be a little difficult to find the perfect one for your home. Below, we will share some of the tips for buying the best lowboy so you can make an informed decision.

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How to buy the best Lowboy Drawers for you



When you are looking to buy lowboy drawers, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. First, decide in the area you want to place it, living room or bedroom or any other place. Measure the empty size of the room where you want to keep it. Then decide the size of the lowboy drawer according to it, as you will want to make sure that the drawers will fit comfortably in the space. 


Storage space:

Another thing you will want to consider is how much storage space you need. Do you need a lot of storage space for clothes, or will you just be using it for the storage of smaller items? The more drawers you have, the more properly you can organize your stuff.

You should also consider how deep you want your drawers to be. If you are looking for more storage space, you might want to go with deeper drawers, which can hold large amounts of clothing or other items. Think about what you will be using the lowboy drawer for and make sure to get the right size that will fit all of your needs.


Style and Material:

Also, you need to check the style and material of the drawer. You will want to choose a style that matches the decor of your room, and you will also want to choose a material that is durable and will last.

First, consider the colour and finish of the drawer. You will also want to decide if you want a traditional or contemporary style lowboy drawer. Once you have decided on these factors, you can then begin to look at specific styles that will fit your needs. 

When looking at material, consider the construction and quality of the lowboy drawer. if you want solid wood, veneer or laminate. Many people like solid wood as they feel like this is more durable and can better match their other furniture.

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The Best Lowboy Drawers NZ


1. Shangri-La Alta Chest of 6 Drawers 

Shangri-La Alta Chest of 6 Drawers 

Shangri-La Alta Chest Drawers is a premium chest with a scratch-resistant timber-look textured finish. It has six spacious drawers and easy drawer access with a finger-pull design and 40mm side panels. The 24mm benchtop provides extra workspace. With 18mm carcass panels, this chest offers ample storage for your bedroom or living room. The drawers have ball-bearing metal slides for smooth opening and closing. This chest will match any decor and complete your home furniture set.


2. Lowboy Chest Drawer white

Lowboy Chest Drawer white

This Lowboy Drawer Chest Dresser is the perfect addition to any contemporary bedroom. It features sleek, curved handles and modern tapered feet. The euro-glide metal tracks make it easy to open and close the drawers. There is plenty of storage space, because of its large drawers. The high-quality laminate finish is easy to clean and maintain.


3. Modern Lowboy Chest Drawer Black

Modern Wooden Chest of Drawers

Modern Lowboy Chest Drawer Black is a 6 Drawers cabinet with a push pop-up drawer. The drawer system has a smooth metal glide that allows you to open and close the drawers with ease. This cabinet is made of high-quality particleboard and comes with UV paint construction. This cabinet is simple to assemble. 


4. Ballman Lowboy

Ballman Lowboy

The  Ballman Lowboy is a beautiful piece made of Solid Acacia Wood and finished in whitewash, giving it a casual, rustic look. It comes with antique brass-tone handles and ball-bearing runners, making it easy to open and close. Plus, it doesn’t require any assembly. 


5. Slim 8 Drawer Lowboy – Oak

Slim 8 Drawer Lowboy

The Slim 8 Lowboy Drawer is a stylish addition to any home. The drawers are made from solid oak with veneer on 18mm birch plywood and feature pull and push drawers. The unit has a slim profile so it can be placed in smaller rooms. It is a stylish storage solution for your bedroom or living room.



What is a low chest of drawers called?

A low chest of drawers is also known as a lowboy drawer.  They are usually made out of wood, although there are materials that can look like wood but are not. A lowboy can be painted, stained or it can just be clear/natural wood.

A low chest of drawers is made up of 4-6 large drawers.  They are usually placed against the wall. They are also known to have a specific place in the bedroom, either under or next to your bed.

What is a tallboy chest of drawers?

A tallboy chest of drawers is a furniture piece that is popular in many households. It is often used as a storage solution for clothes, linens, and other items. Tallboy chests come in a variety of styles and sizes, so it is important to choose one that will fit comfortably in your home.