Top 5 Best Portable Gas BBQs in NZ

Whether you are cooking a juicy steak on a veggie platter or a hearty meatloaf, cooking outside on a gas grill is a satisfying experience. The problem is that it’s not convenient to take a gas BBQ with you when you are going to a party or on vacation. That is where the best portable gas BBQ comes in. 

They are the perfect solution if you want to cook outdoors but want to be able to carry your grill around with ease.  Because they are usually lightweight, they don’t require much space so you can take them with you on a camping trip. The best portable gas BBQ gives you the control to grill at variable temperatures, which makes cooking food delicious and enjoyable.

However, there are many different types of gas barbecues that are out there. So which is the best portable gas BBQ to pick? In this guide, we will be going over the best portable gas BBQ out there. We will also be going over what you should be looking for in a portable gas barbecue and how to pick the best one.

Best Gas BBQ in NZ 

How to choose the Best Portable Gas BBQ for you

Choosing a gas BBQ is not complicated. However, if you are buying one for the first time, the number of options can be overwhelming. To help you make the right decision, here are some features that we believe you should consider:

Portability: The best portable gas BBQ should be easy to carry around and lightweight. That makes them ideal for when you are planning to go camping or have a backyard party. 

Temperature Control: This feature is important when you are cooking meat or vegetables at different temperatures. The best portable gas barbecues usually have this function which allows you to set a specific heat for your food depending on what you’re grilling.

Cooking Area: The best portable gas barbecue should have a cooking area that is big enough to handle at least a few people. Usually, they are the perfect size for a small family or group of friends. However, you can also find larger options if you need to cook for more people.

Built-in thermometer: A built-in thermometer is a must if you want to know the temperature of your food while it’s cooking. Some portable gas barbecues have this feature, and it’s just one more way to ensure your food is evenly cooked all the way through.

Tabletop, or Portable on wheels: Depending on your preferences, you can go for a tabletop gas BBQ or one that is portable on wheels. Tabletop barbecues are good if you plan to have your barbecue in the same place all the time. They can be placed on any table or countertop and provide easy transportation if needed. Portable barbecues are ideal for when you are going on a trip or going to someone else’s house.

Charcoal vs Gas Portable BBQs: Charcoal barbecues are the most common type of gas barbecue available. They are easy to use and maintain, but they are heavier and bulkier. Gas barbecues on the other hand can be easier to use because they have a different cooking system that allows you to adjust temperature and also clean them up easily.

Additional Features: You can also find barbecues with additional features like a side burner, or hook to hang your tools. These types of features make cooking food in a gas BBQ more convenient than other options.

Ease of Use: You should be able to easily understand the controls and features of your gas BBQ. You should also be able to figure it out yourself within the first few uses.

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The Best Portable Gas BBQs NZ


1. Cookmaster Portable LPG Twin Grill BBQ

Cookmaster Portable LPG Twin Grill BBQ

The Cookmaster Portable Gas BBQ is great for any occasion. It has a compact design which makes it perfect to store and transport. One benefit of the instant start button is that you are able to use it for camping, picnicking, or road trips.

The grilling surface has a size of 1142 square centimetres and comes with interchangeable cooktops which allow you to customize your cooking experience. The grill also includes a built-in thermometer and collapsible side tables which provide extra convenience while grilling your food. This Gas BBQ includes an easy-to-clean drip pan which reduces flare-ups and provides convenience while cooking your meal.


2. Dometic Portable Gas BBQ

Dometic Portable Gas BBQ

This is a compact and lightweight BBQ with a powerful and efficient burner. This barbecue is perfect for small spaces or outdoor use, and it’s built with a generous grill and hot plate. The removable side tables provide extra bench space and the cast iron design ensures this BBQ is built to last. The temperature gauge allows you to keep track of the cooking temperature and the POL connector gives you the ability to connect your BBQ to your existing gas supply.


3. Havana Outdoors BBQ 

Havana Outdoors BBQ

Havana Outdoors Gas BBQ with Twin Grill is a stylish and elegant round grill which is easy to assemble. The collapsible design makes it easy to transport and comes with interchangeable top cooktops. The removable drip tray ensures easy cleaning and the cooking surface is easy to clean. The gas grill is suitable for 1-5 people and comes with a start button which ignites the grill without the need for a match or lighter.


4.Grillz Portable Gas BBQ Grill 

Grillz Portable Gas BBQ

Grillz Portable Gas BBQ Grill is a perfect addition to your outdoor cooking needs. The grill is made of stainless steel and is compact in size, which means it’s easy to store. The grill also features two burners and two knobs on the front which make it easy to operate. The grill also has an in-line thermometer to help monitor the temperature of the grill. It has a grease collection tray and it is easy to clean.


5. Gascraft Portable Gas BBQ with Trolley

Gascraft Portable Gas BBQ

This stylish and compact single-burner gas BBQ is an ideal piece of equipment for cooking a variety of meals. It is compact and portable, so it can be used easily when you are away from home. The side shelves and legs are foldable for easy storage, and the thermometer makes it easy to ensure that your food is cooked to the right temperature.