Top 5 Best Privacy Screens in NZ

The garden is a wonderful space that can be used for many different purposes. Whether you want to grow vegetables or just socialize outside, this place has everything you need to relax.

If you want to make your garden private then you may need to consider having a privacy screen. They come in many shapes and sizes. From trellises to panels that can be rolled down the sides to create privacy screens or even coverings for obstacles like walls. 

They’re also an easy and affordable solution for fencing off areas of land, like mounting trellises or planting panels with climbing plants that will hurdle over them.

A range of different types and sizes are available for screening, as well as adjustable versions. Screening can attach to fencing or pergolas but also comes in natural bamboo or wood varieties that stand alone without needing an anchor point.

Here we have a selection of different garden screening options and have ideas about how you can get more privacy in an overlooked garden by garden screening. 

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How to choose the Best Privacy Screens for you 

Below are the main types of privacy screens you can pick according to your need. 


Screening rolls

If you need to fence in your backyard, long sheets of lightweight bamboo or other woven materials are ideal. These fences attach easily and can be used with existing fencing as well on structures like pergolas and balconies. Garden screens also act as an extra layer between plants and passersby so that only those who belong there can view what’s on display. 


Trellis for screening

The versatility of the trellis is truly amazing. It can be used as climbing plants, a staple in any garden and it makes excellent screening for gardens with views from neighbours below. Larger sheets are also great when divided up into smaller spaces like seating areas or socializing zones within your own personal oasis away from noise pollution outside. 


Screening panels

To create a more strong privacy screen, there is the option of using screening panels. These can be combined with other ones to surround and hide an area from view or they may stand alone as statement pieces for defining spaces in your patio or terrace design. Some are extendable so you don’t have to worry about adjusting them when necessary – just make sure not to stretch out their reach.

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The Best Privacy Screens NZ


1. Double Retractable Side Screen Beige

Retractable Side Screen

The Double Retractable Screen is a great way to get the best of both worlds, offering you an outdoor solution that can be used either freestanding or wall-mounted. This means you can enjoy your outdoor area all year round and not have to worry about the elements ruining your time outdoors.

The screen has dual retractable screens, allowing for maximum flexibility in how it’s used and where it’s installed. The screen extends up to 1.8m x 3m, providing plenty of coverage for any space you choose to use in it. 


2. Retractable Side Screen Beige

Best Privacy Screens

A large, retractable side screen is a great way to create a shaded area when you need it. This one from Retractable Side Screen is perfect for creating a shaded area on your patio or deck, or for shading the entrance to your home. It’s made of heavy-duty polyester and aluminium, which makes it durable enough for outdoor use. 


3. Bamboo Privacy Screen Fencing Black

Bamboo Privacy Screen

This bamboo privacy screen is for your home or garden. This fence is made from 100% natural bamboo, which can be used to create a new fence or add texture and privacy to an existing wooden, steel, chain wire or block wall in your garden or around your home. The bamboo can be easily attached using plastic ties and all you need are basic DIY skills.


4. Bamboo Garden Screen Natural – PairBamboo Garden Screen

If you are looking for high quality and economical way to create private, sheltered areas in your garden, then Bamboo Garden is the ideal solution for you. These natural bamboo screens are made from bamboo which is renowned for its strength, durability and flexibility making it an ideal material to use as a screen or fence. Not only do these screens look fantastic they also offer excellent privacy whilst still allowing plenty of light through – perfect if you want to keep your garden private.


5. TSB Living side awning  Grey

TSB Living Side Awning

The TSB Living Side Awning  Grey is a great way to add some shade to your outdoor area and protect you from the sun’s UV rays. It has been made from polyester fabric and comes with a powder-coated frame that is UV & water-resistant, so it can be left outside all year round without any problems. The side awning features an easy installation.


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