Top 10 Best Water Features in NZ

A water feature is a wonderful addition to the garden, bringing the relaxing sound of a babbling brook into a residential space.

Now, a water feature is more than just an ornate fountain. It’s also often used as an area to sit and relax in addition to being aesthetically pleasing with its flowing streams, bubbling coves or dancing lily pads and now there are even LED lights that change colour.

The various types of fountains may have different features but they’re all powered by pumps that move pipes filled either from below ground level (sumps)or through elevated spouts on top before gravity brings them back down again at your discretion- this works regardless of their design including stainless steel bowls lined with granite stones. 

However, these features are often expensive and their fountains and pumps consume a lot of electricity. Solar water features aim to overcome these problems, offering water features that won’t cost or harm the earth.

Moving water features and their relaxing sound, the constant water movement means that mosquitoes won’t breed in it, reducing the chance of you getting bitten on warm summer nights.

Below, we’ve created a list of the best solar water features to bring water-flowing sound and a relaxing experience to your garden.

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What things do you need to consider before buying a water feature?

Consider how easy it is to clean your water feature looking its best, and needs some maintenance. These tasks include draining it when necessary and cleaning out the sump if needed.

Think about the inbuilt lights to make our outdoor spaces look good at night  With so many options and styles,  you’ll find one that suits your needs perfectly.

If you want to avoid maintenance, don’t put your features under trees because then they’ll come with a lot of leaves.

The way you can get a water feature or any other landscape element that looks great is by placing it amidst planting rather than in the centre. Whether the object is too big or small doesn’t matter when surrounded by plants, which will hide most flaws anyway.

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The Best Water Features NZ


1. TSB Living Solar Water Fountain RockeryWater Fountain

The TSB Living Solar Water Fountain Rockery is a beautiful and durable water fountain. The polyresin weathered antique finish gives the rockery a very natural look and feel, making it ideal for your garden or patio. It has an LED light at night time which makes it perfect for those romantic evenings with your partner. The solar panel charges up during the day which will allow you to enjoy this water feature at night.


2. Fairy 4-Tier Solar Water Fountain Garden Features

Fairy 4-Tier Solar

This solar water fountain is a wonderful addition to any garden. The fountain features four tiers with flower-like platforms, each one connected by a curved line. It comes with a solar panel and pumps for the running system which can be powered up by sunlight or electricity. The pump will bring the water from the bottom to the top tier through an air tube, where LED lights will make it look like real flowing water.


3. Water Fountain Solar Garden Features Angel Bird Bath Garden Features

This is one of the best and popular outdoor water feature fountains. It is beautiful and attractively designed with all the bells and whistles The Outdoor Water Fountain Solar Garden Features is a birdbath with three layers and each layer comes with LED lights. It has a rustic style in a natural colour. The fountain provides water for birds to drink from the pool of water that collects at the bottom.


4. TP1092 4 Tier Square Garden Fountain 

TP1092 4 Tier

This 4 Tier Square Garden Fountain is a beautiful, durable water feature that will add a soothing element to any patio or courtyard. This fountain features an elegant weathered stone finish and the tiers have been designed to look like real stone blocks. In addition, this fountain has four tiers, which means it’s not only eye-catching but also offers more room for water than most other fountains on the market.


5. TSB Living Solar Water Fountain Square Solar Water Fountain

The TSB Living Solar Water Fountain is a beautiful addition to your garden. You can enjoy the sound of water and bring life to any outdoor space with this solar-powered fountain. The sphere design adds a touch of sculpture, and the classic and elegant design will look great in any setting. This fountain is made from polyresin, which is durable and lightweight. The LED light on the bottom illuminates at night for added ambience.


6. Cascading Solar Water Fountain 4 Tier

Fountain 4 Tier

This solar-powered fountain is perfect for adding a touch of nature to your home or garden. It features LED lights that illuminate the water as it cascades down the tiers, and creates the soothing sound of water trickling down rocks, giving you an outdoor oasis. The fountain has a durable polyresin construction and is suitable for outdoor use. It’s easy to set up and use, just place the solar panel in direct sunlight.


7. Victorian Solar Bird Bath 

Solar Bird Bath

The Victorian Solar Bird Bath with Pump and Lights is a classic design that will add charm to any yard or garden. It features durable polyresin construction that is UV and frost resistant. The self-contained system comes with a solar panel, solar pump, water hose and lighting.  You easily remove the water dish for cleaning 


8. Fairy 4-Tier Solar Water Fountain Garden Features

Bird Bath

The Water Fountain Solar Garden Angel Birdbath is an attractive centrepiece to the garden. This birdbath features three layers and each layer comes with LED lights. It has a rustic style in a natural colour that will complement any garden design. The birdbath comes with a stake for easy mounting of solar panels, which are included. 


9. 4-Tier Solar Water Fountain Garden Features

Water Fountain

This solar-powered water fountain is a great piece for both outdoor and indoor decor. It highlights a four-tier cascading fountain feature, which will provide you with an elegant addition to your garden or patio. It has a water flow rate of up to 200 Litres per hour. The solar panel will automatically activate the pump during daylight hours, while the LED light adds an elegant touch to your home or garden décor.


10. Solar Powered Water Fountain Garden Features

Solar Powered

The Solar Powered Water Fountain Garden Features is a beautiful addition to your garden. It comes with a solar-powered running system, which can pump water upward as high as 55cm. You will love the elegant design of this birdbath fountain that features a plate on the pillar design and it is made of high-quality polyresin.


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