Top 7 Best Rangehood in NZ

The best Rangehoods are the best choice for cooking in your kitchen. They help filter and remove smoke, grease, and other pollutants from your food. If you’re looking to buy a range hood that’s right for you, then this blog is perfect for you. Before we get into our list of the best Rangehoods on the market today, let’s talk about what makes one so great.

If you’re only cooking vegetables or lightly sautéeing ingredients, an open window might be enough to keep smells at bay. But if frying meat and other fatty items such as bacon/sausages then a range is necessary for getting rid of pesky steams in your kitchen. 

Choosing the best Rangehood for your kitchen can be a difficult task. There are many different brands, styles, and features to choose from. This blog post will help you make an informed decision by presenting the best range hoods on the market.

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How to choose the best Rangehood

There are two types of cooker hoods – Extraction and Recirculating.

Duct range hoods – One of the best ways to combat cooking smells is through ventilation. If your range hood doesn’t have enough space or if it has broken, then a ducted one will be perfect for you. Ducting converts kitchen air into filtered oxygen and removes up particles like odours without compromising on airflow which means more efficient use with less energy used. 

Recirculating range hoods – if your apartment doesn’t allow enough space, then the recirculating range hood is perfect. Recirculating range hoods suck in fresh outside air through filters and then release it back into your house, making these units perfect if you’re looking for something that’s cost-effective while still maintaining convenience like never having dirty air blowing directly on anyone during hot weather. The price tag may be higher because all those carbon filters need to be replaced periodically.

What are the sizes available in the market?

Generally, range hoods have standard size widths of 60 or 90cm, but there 120cm is also available for a large kitchen, so they cover the most common cooktop widths. All ranges come with either ducted or recirculating options for your convenience and needs. 


Which Rangehood is right for your kitchen?

Rangehoods are often characterized by their airflow rates. This is measured in cubic meters per hour and written as ‘m³/h’ or CFM for short (Cubic Feet Per Minute). The bigger the kitchen, the higher you’ll want to go for your desired flow rate – 10 times as high if possible. 

In order to ensure the air in your kitchen is clean and safe. It is important to have an energy-efficient hood with a volume and flow rate that will allow your kitchen space 10 filtering sessions per hour so you can enjoy fresh air without worrying about smells escaping or food spoilage coming through on its own.

The best range of models starts at 350m³/h which should be enough for most kitchens but not too many people want their ventilation system running nonstop all day long (even if they have smaller spaces).

Anything else you should know?

All cooker hood manufacturers recommend a minimum distance of 650mm above your cooking surface if it’s electric and 750 mm for gas. This is so that you don’t have to worry about the height in relation to both electricity supply outlets as well as ventilation ducts at home, which will be below those ceilings.

Make sure your kitchen has enough headroom before installing an extraction series cooktop because they come with telescoping chimneys that will adjust to fit any ceiling height. Make sure that the cooker hood matches up with your stove and can remove steam, and smoke from all of those bubbling pots.

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The Best Rangehoods to buy


1. SMEG Canopy RangehoodCanopy Rangehood

This  Smeg Island Rangehood is a stunning addition to your kitchen. The island range hood offers the perfect blend of style and function with its LED lighting, 3-speed fan control, and flexible installation options. With an elegant white finish, this rangehood will look great in any kitchen.


2. SMEG Canopy RangehoodCanopy Best Rangehood

This  Rangehood is a stylish and functional addition to any kitchen. The pyramid shape of this range hood provides the ultimate in contemporary style. This range hood also features LED lighting, and 3-speed fan control and can be ducted or recirculated.


3. Midea T-Shape Rangehood -Steam Wash T-Shape Rangehood

This T-shaped hood is designed with a curved angle to ensure that steam can be blown out in all directions. With 4 stages of speed, the range hood has a super steam clean function for 360-degree spray and 110-degree high-temperature and high-pressure steam. The touch control panel features LED lights for ease of use at night time. 


4. Midea T-Shape Rangehood Stainless Steel

This is an affordable stainless Range hood. This range hood features 3 speeds option, Stainless Steel push-button control and LED light. The recirculating venting option provides powerful suction while the exterior venting option lets you choose between recirculating or expelling air.


5. TSB Living Midea Rangehood Midea Rangehood

The TSB  Rangehood is a high-performance rangehood designed to combine efficiency and elegance. It features a touch control panel and digital display, which makes it easy to operate and adjust the settings of the appliance. The range hood also has a delay finish function that allows you to set the time for when you want your dishes to be ready for serving.


6. Fisher & Paykel Wall Rangehood Wall Rangehood

This best rangehood is the perfect choice for kitchens with limited space. This 60cm wall rangehood is designed to fit in smaller spaces, while still providing powerful ventilation and an attractive design. The F&P60XW4  features a telescopic slide-out dishwasher-safe filter that extends out of the unit when you need it, and then retracts back into its housing when not in use. 


7. Rangehood Integrated Powerpack Integrated Powerpack

This best rangehood is designed to be installed under the kitchen cupboard. It has a stainless steel body and an aluminium mesh washable grease filter. The LED light will illuminate the cooking area so you can work in comfort. There are 3 speeds for different types of cooking, including turbo mode for when you’re frying bacon or sausages.