Top 5 Best Waste Disposal Unit in NZ

The kitchen is the heart of any home. It’s where we prepare our meals, have friends over for dinner or just gather to eat together. And it’s where you may be wasting food every day without even realizing it.

But don’t worry—there are smart solutions that will help you get your kitchen back on track so you can reduce your family’s food waste and save time at the same time.

The food waste disposal unit is an appliance that grinds up food scraps and other organic materials to reduce their volume, weight, and odour. This process also produces a nutrient-rich slurry which can be used as fertilizer for gardens or farm fields.

The food waste disposal unit typically consists of a sink with an overflow drainpipe, garbage disposal blades attached to the end of the drainpipe which rotates at high speed on a horizontal axis, and a grinding machine where the rotating blades break down any solid particles in order to liquefy them. The result is usually discharged through water pipes leading from under the sink.

When it comes to food waste disposal, there are a lot of different options on the market. But which one is the best for your home? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular food waste disposal units and see how they compare. We’ll also give you some tips on choosing the right unit for your needs. So read on to learn more.

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How to Choose the Best Food Waste Disposal Unit

When looking to purchase a food waste disposal unit, it is important to consider the size of your household and how much waste you produce on a daily basis. It is also important to think about the features that are most important to you. Some of the most important features to consider include noise level, power usage, and price.


Grinding Speed

When it comes to disposal units with stainless steel impellers, they are more reliable than any other type. This is because their robustness makes them last longer and handle hard food waste such as bones easily; however, this also depends on the horsepower of your unit.

The grinding speed of your disposal unit is important to consider. Higher RPMs will usually produce a louder noise, but high power to grind hard food items like bones and other frozen foods that have been ground up finely in order to dispose of them properly without blockages or jamming anything.


Size of the Unit

The size of your food waste disposal unit is important because it will determine how loud or quiet you need the machine to be. Larger machines have louder motors, meaning they will produce more noise, but if you want a quieter option, stick with one of the smaller models instead.


Pulverising power

You may have heard that the power of your food waste disposal unit has a big impact on its performance and durability. This is because having high pulverising might help it break down tough items like bones, which means you’ll get more efficiency from this type of Units


Anti-jamming Function

There are many food waste disposers on the market that have anti-reverse and/or jamming features. If your machine has either of these capabilities, then you’ll be able to quickly clear any blockages without having to bother.


Noise proof system

The sound masking system in a food waste disposal unit helps to muffle the sound of the disposal unit running. This can help to minimize the noise that the disposal unit makes and can make it less noticeable in your home.

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The Best Waste Disposal Units NZ


1. Fisher & Paykel Waste Disposal

Fisher & Paykel Waste Disposal

This Waste Disposal is quick and easy-to-install disposal that comes with a built-in air switch. The 0.75HP motor is durable and makes less noise than standard models. The stainless steel grinding elements are easy to clean and the 1 stage grinding system ensures your food waste is disposed of properly.


2. Parmco Waste Disposal

Parmco Mid Duty Waste Disposal

This is a mid-range waste disposal unit that makes quick and easy work of any food scraps you may have. The 0.55HP motor runs at 1725 RPM to grind your food waste into tiny particles, allowing the water to carry it away quickly. It comes with an air switch for hands-free operation, so you can run it while you’re doing other things around the house. This model has a stainless steel grinding chamber, so it will last longer.


3. Insinkerator M-Series 46 Waste Disposal

M-Series 46 Waste Disposal

The Insinkerator M-Series 46 is a great choice for small households. It features basic sound reduction technology, with a 1 stage galvanized steel grinding system (980ml capacity) and a large feed tube opening. The plastic stopper helps to prevent leaking and the removable splash guard makes it easy to clean. 


4. Robinhood Scrapeater SEN Series 

Food Waste Disposer

Robinhood’s Scrapeater SEN Series is a quiet performer, with a half-horsepower motor and extra noise insulation. The heavy-duty cast stainless steel grinding components can handle any type of scrape, while the stainless steel swivel impellers reduce the risk of jams. Continuous torque output ensures that the SEN Series can handle most of the food waste.


5. Midea Food Waste Disposer Midea Waste Disposer

This disposer is designed for small-medium families and insulated for quiet operation. The corrosion-resistant design means that this disposer can handle even the toughest scraps, while the 3-Stage high-speed grinding system ensures quick and efficient grinding. Plus, the jamming-resistant grinding system prevents clogs and jams from happening. 



Is InSinkErator good disposal?

The 3/4 horsepower InSinkErator disposal is an excellent choice for those who need their food ground quickly and finely. It gets a fair rating in terms of how much noise it makes while grinding. It is a popular and reliable brand in NZ.


Are waste disposal units a good idea?

Overall, waste disposal units are generally safe. Children should always be supervised when using one of these machines because they can become trapped easily and this could cause injury. The model comes with Air switches that are safer even if you touch the switch with a wet hand.


How long should a waste disposal unit last?

Fortunately, most waste disposal units have a lifespan of five to ten years. If yours is near the end and not working efficiently or quickly enough then it makes sense to replace rather than repair! Newer models are faster & more effective so you’ll save time in both short-term costs as well long-lasting ones down the road

The average lifespan of a garbage disposal unit is five to ten years, but it also depends on usability. If yours is near the end and not working efficiently or quickly enough then instead of repair go for a new Insinkerator unit.


Are waste disposal units environmentally friendly NZ?

In New Zealand, tons of wasted food is trucked to landfills every year. The disposer unit provides an environmentally friendly solution by transforming leftovers into energy and fertilizer instead. And wastewater treatment plants can even recycle scraps for use in other processes.


What should you not put down a waste disposal unit?

You should not put any type of food waste disposal unit down with anything other than food waste. You can cause clogs and other issues by putting things like napkins, paper towels, and plastic bags into the unit. These units are designed specifically to break down food, so using anything else can lead to problems.