Top 5 Best Staple Guns in NZ

Everyone has experienced the frustration of attempting to staple something that is too thick for a standard stapler. The most common solution is to use an office paper clip, but this method can only do so much and it often leaves behind bent staples. Thankfully, there are many different models of staple guns designed with these problems in mind, which means you’ll never have to worry about not being able to properly fasten two pieces of paper together again.

A staple gun is a valuable tool for many home improvement projects, but it may not be the best choice if you need to drive multiple staples in quick succession. Electric models are faster and neater than their manual counterparts because there’s no need to apply hand power; however, they cost more too so make sure your purchase reflects this.

There are a lot of different staple guns on the market, but which is the best for your needs? We’ve compiled a list of the best staple guns available to help you make your decision. Whether you need a heavy-duty stapler for industrial use or a small, handheld model for occasional use, we have you covered. 

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How to Choose the Best Staple Gun for you

When it comes to staple guns, there is always more than one way of doing things. Some staplers are better suited for different tasks and applications while others can provide you with a wide range of options depending on what type your project needs.

There are still some things to think about first when deciding what would work best with your needs as well as your budget.



There is a lot to consider when buying a staple gun. Durability and ease of use are two essentials that will make your life easier, but you need more than just these features in order for it to work well at all hours or under pressure situations; something with sturdy construction would be ideal. Regardless of this tool only having light-duty needs, our pick offers a long-lasting performance so don’t settle on anything less than top quality.


Staple Size

You must consider both staple size and availability when selecting a stapler. You might find the best option, but it may have limitations in terms of compatibility. Make sure that you check out whether a model can work with different sized staples as well as they are available locally or online before buying one. 


Comfort Grip

It is also important to find a staple gun that fits comfortably in hand. Some designs of these tools mould seamlessly around your palm while others provide rubberized grips so you’re not likely going to drop them as easily even if your hands are sweaty from holding onto something all day long.


Other things to Consider

A staple gun is a necessary tool for any project. You don’t want to invest in a staple gun that jams frequently and interrupts you in mid of the project. Make sure the stapler has an anti-jam mechanism so it can quickly resolve itself, but other than that there might be features like viewing windows for staples (so they don’t get lost), handle lock storage space if your hands need some relief while working with heavy-duty tasks at home or on construction sites alike, as well belt hooks which make stowing away their power source easy when not in use.


The Best Staple Guns NZ


1. Rapid BTX140 Li-Ion Cordless Staple Gun

Cordless Staple Gun

The BTX140 is the most powerful, lightweight and compact cordless staple gun on the market. It has a unique ergonomic design with a soft-grip handle to ensure easy handling. The BTX140 is battery-powered and can fire more than 1300 staples per full charge. The built-in see-through staple indicator allows you to easily check when it’s time to reload. And its handy safety nose prevents accidental firing while in transport or storage.


2. Rapid Staple Gun R23 Tacker Steel

Rapid Staple Gun

The Rapid Staple Gun R23 is an ideal tool for securing thin materials such as cardboard, plastic, fabric and paper. This stapler features a recoilless action for effortless operation. A comfortable grip makes it easy to fire staples into the material without straining your wrist or hand. The staple base allows you to easily remove staples when needed.


3. Rapid 28 Cable Staple Gun

28 Cable Staple Gun

The Rapid 28 is a high-quality staple gun that has been designed to help you easily and quickly complete any stapling jobs. It can be used for many different types of materials including wood, metal, plastic and rubber. The Rapid 28 comes with an adjustable force setting that allows you to make the most of its power when needed.


4. Rapid Pro 54 Hammer Staple GunHammer Staple Gun

The Rapid Pro 54 is a staple gun that delivers extra-long staples with precision. It’s ideal for high-frequency fastening of roofing and other flatware staples, such as No. 140, 6-14 mm. The Rapid Pro 54 has an ergonomic shape that fits comfortably in your hand for easy use and long periods of time. This staple gun has a strong build to last through tough jobs and projects.


5. Sterling TUFF Multi-Purpose Staple GunMulti Purpose Staple Gun

The Sterling TUFF Multi-Purpose Staple Gun is a 4 in 1 tracker that can be used for a variety of purposes. It features a power adjuster, a strong belt clip, and fits Rapid Tone. It is an easy-to-use tool that can be used for all kinds of things from hanging posters to securing packages. The staple gun has a power adjuster so you can choose how much pressure the gun will exert on whatever it is you are tacking down. 


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