Top 5 Best Jewellery Boxes in NZ

Jewellery boxes are the key to keeping your jewellery organized. Whether you’re looking for a jewellery box that will keep all of your jewellery in one place or simply want an easy way to store some of your favourite pieces, there is a jewellery box out there for everyone.

They are a wardrobe staple and we all know that jewellery needs to be stored properly so that it not only looks better but also lasts longer. You can find many styles, sizes, and colours of jewellery boxes so you can complement the decor in any room. There is nothing worse than having tangled necklaces or earrings strewn all over your dresser, so it’s important to have a good jewellery box.

Jewellery storage boxes help keep your pieces organized with clear containers or boxes can help organize bangles when you’re not wearing them so they don’t tangle in each other, especially if there are metal chains.

There are a few things to consider when buying a jewellery box. The list below can help you in finding the best jeweller box.

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How to choose the best Jewellery Box

There are a variety of jewellery boxes available on the market. These range from simple, plain designs to more intricate and decorative styles. A few things to consider when choosing a jewellery box include the size, style and material.



Jewellery boxes are perfect for holding all of your favourite pieces. Having a beautiful set of earrings or a great watch is one thing, but finding the right size box for those accessories is almost as important.  If you don’t have much space then you’ll want to look at smaller-sized storage options that will take up less room on the dresser or bedside table. 

If you have more space however then larger boxes might be better suited for you as they can hold a greater amount of items while still making them easy enough to access when needed.



A well-designed jewellery box will not only keep your favourite jewellery safe but will also look great when displayed in your bedroom or dressing area. When it comes to organising things, designing is also an important part to think about is what type of design style you are looking for. Do you prefer something sleek and modern or would a classic antique piece work better?

There are many different types of boxes available on the market from boxes full of compartments to drawers and pockets. 

Compartment jewellery boxes have more than one storage area divided by partitions which are often of different shapes and sizes which will be helpful in organizing your accessory properly. Drawer jewellery boxes have two or three compartments that open on hinges from the top of the box while Pocket jewellery boxes typically only have one large single compartment with no divisions inside it.


Material of Jewellery box

Jewellery boxes are used to store jewellery, but these days they come in many different materials. The most common types of material include wood, metal and plastic. The best type of jewellery box really depends on what you’re looking for in a jewellery box. Let’s take a look at each one below.

A wooden jewellery box is a great way to keep your jewellery organised and safe for a long time period. Not only are they attractive pieces of furniture They protect your jewellery from scratches and damage. If you want something long-lasting and look luxurious then a wooden box will be a great option for you. 

Metal Jewellery box  -The best thing about metal boxes is they keep your favourite accessories safe from dust and other particles in the air, and if you enjoy wearing a lot of different styles throughout the week, then this will be perfect for storing all your accessories in one place. They’re easy to clean. A quick wipe with a damp cloth is all it takes to keep your jewellery box looking shiny and new.

Plastic jewellery boxes – If you are looking for an attractive and affordable way to store your jewellery then plastic boxes will be the best option. Plastic jewellery boxes come in a variety of styles and sizes, and they are typically much less expensive than traditional jewellery boxes made from wood or other materials. These boxes mostly come in transparent boxes which is easy for you to search for your jewellery from outside. So if you’re looking for a practical way to store your jewels, a plastic jewellery box is the perfect solution.


The best Jewellery Boxes NZ


1. Russell Collection Kris Jewellery BoxBest Jewellery Box

The Russell Collection Kris Jewellery Box is a stunning, white jewellery box with compartments and mirrors. The Kris has an antique style finish. It also comes with a lock and key so you can keep your most precious pieces safe at all times. The Kris Jewellery Box is the perfect storage solution for your jewellery collection, making it easy to find what you are looking for in one convenient place.


2. Gabriella Blush XL Jewellery Box GABRIELLA Blush Jewellery Box

The Gabriella Jewellery Box is a new style of jewellery box. It has a three-tier jewellery box with two removable drawers. The soft grey velvet inner lining will protect against scratches whilst the clear bevelled glass drawer handles add a touch of luxury to this stunning piece.

You can safely and neatly store all your jewellery. The bottom tier has been designed to hold larger, the top tier has a compartment that is perfect for rings, earrings and other smaller pieces. A clear bevelled glass drawer handle adds an elegant finishing touch to this stunning piece.


3. Chelsea Wooden Jewellery Box CHELSEA Wooden Jewellery Box

A Chelsea Wooden Rose Red Box is a beautiful and elegant jewellery box with a high gloss piano finish, perfect for storing your precious jewellery and heirlooms. The quality velvet is a removable tray with a compartment in which you can store all your special pieces of jewellery. It has a lock safety feature so that you can keep all your valuables safe from children or other unwanted people.


4. Wooden Mirror Jewellery Display Case Cabinet BoxMirror Jewellery Display Case

This beautiful jewellery display box provides you with an excellent way to store your precious jewellery more conveniently. Its mirrored door adds an elegant touch to any room. A lock system is designed on the top of this jewellery display case, which can help you keep your items secure from children or others.

It has four shelves including the jewellery display cabinet, which can be used to store bracelets, necklaces, rings and other small accessories, such as earrings. The velvet lining of this jewellery cabinet is the perfect way to protect your priceless pieces against any damages or scratches.


5. Umbra White Moona Storage BoxWhite Moona Storage Box

The Umbra white moona storage box is a modern jewellery box that is a great way to store your precious pieces. The semi-circular shape of this storage unit makes it unique and beautiful, as well as functional. It has three 360 degrees rotating drawers with hidden compartments for storing small items. The finish is wood, which gives the box a nice touch and adds warmth to any room in your home or office. This white moona storage box will make a perfect gift for your special someone.