Top 7 Best Water Pumps in NZ

Water pumps are useful in so many ways, and they can be used to help with most gardening tasks. The most obvious use for a water pump is to keep your garden’s fountain flowing nicely.

A water pump is also a great investment, especially if you have a swimming pool or, on the other hand, If you live in a region where there is a risk of a flood, a water pump can be a good option. They can help if you ever have a burst pipe and flood your house.

If you have low water pressure, this can be a problem when trying to use a hose or sprinkler. Installing a water pump can help improve your water pressure and help keep your automatic watering systems fed with a good supply of water.

In the world of water pumps, there are a multitude of options out there. There are many considerations to make when choosing a pump for your home. This blog will help you find the best one for you and your family’s needs. 

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How to Choose a Water Pump for you 

There are three types of water pumps, surface pumps, submersible and engine drive pumps.

Surface pumps operate by drawing water from a source and pushing it out into an open area where the pressure is released. Surface water pumps are placed beside the water supply and can’t be submerged. It needs care when setting these up as it needs to have pipes filled with liquid or else it will start taking in the air instead.

The submersible water pumps are completely waterproof and out of sight. They’re placed underwater so you can’t see them, even when they work. These pumps are also able to move water quickly and can push out more than 800 gallons per hour. 

Engine-driven pumps offer many advantages over other types, such as the ability to operate for longer periods of time. Some engines are diesel or petrol (2 stroke / 4 Stroke), depending on your preference and requirements. They are the ideal choice for pumping/draining substantial quantities of water. 


What is a stage in water pumps?

Pumps come in many different styles. A single-stage pump has just one impeller that sucks up and pumps the water, while a multi-stage model usually features several rotary blades to increase pressure as it moves through each part of its rotating system.

The advantage to using these types of machines over others is that they’re more efficient at moving liquids because their action creates waves that break down oncoming molecules into individual atoms or small droplets – anyone drop would appear wet due to only having interacted with surrounding molecules before coming out clean.


The Best  Water Pumps NZ


1. Hyundai Jet Pump Stainless Steel 

Water Pump

This stainless steel jet pump is designed for domestic water supply. The product features high-quality stainless steel construction, thermal overload protection, self-priming and runs up to 4 taps. It has a flow of 50L/min Max and the power consumption is 600W. 


2. Hyundai Submersible Drainage Dirty Water Pump Hyundai Submersible

The Hyundai Submersible Drainage Dirty Water Pump is the ideal pump for the removal of wastewater from basements, cellars, farm buildings and other lower levels. It has a maximum flow of 234 L/min Max. It features a compact and lightweight design, stainless steel wastewater pump, tough plastic pump body, an internal float switch, a thermal overload cut and a max flow of 234 L/min. It is easy to install.


3. Hyundai Submersible Dirty Water Pump 1000WWater Pump

This pump is made of stainless steel, it can be used in dirty water. It has an automatic or manual mode, and the flow is 200L/min. The material of this pump is stainless steel. This pump can be used for pumping out sumps, swimming pools, flooded areas etc. It also has built-in thermal protector insulation to protect against overheating.


4. Economy 12V Fresh Water Pump Auto Fresh Water

The Economy 12V Auto Fresh Water Pump is a portable pump designed for camp showers and general pumping applications. It is easy to fit and remove, has a self-priming, inbuilt pressure switch, handles liquid up to 60 degrees C temp, high pressure, low noise and is corrosion-resistant. The flow rate of the pump is 3.5 gal/min / 13.2 Litres/min.


5. Water Pump Submersible 240V 

Switch Tank

The Water Pump Submersible 240V is a compact design and stainless steel body. Its 1100W motor and 16500L/H class-leading flow rate will provide you with the highest quality water pump for your home or business needs. The automatic on/off float switch to prevent run dry, adjustable float switch to suit different water levels, and thermal and overload protection ensure that this product is of the highest safety standards. 3 Sizes outlet fitting for different size pipes allows this product to be used in most applications.


6. SEAFLO High Water Pressure 12V Diaphragm Pump

The SEAFLO High Water Pressure 12V Pump is a self-priming pump with a maximum flow of 4.5 GPM. The pump has an easy connecting system for fast installation and operation, as well as thermal overload and ignition protection to ensure safe use. This pump can run dry without damage, making it perfect for marine applications. It also features a low-power draw so you can use it on your boat or home without worrying about using too much energy.


7. Gasoline water pumpGasoline water pump

SEAFLO High Water Pressure 12V is a portable pressure washer, which can be used for cleaning cars, boats, fences and so on. It features an ergonomic design with a comfortable handle grip.  It has a suction port diameter of 50mm and its max flow is 550L/min. It has a 208cc powerful engine and a 3.6L  fuel tank.