Top 5 Best Wood Chipper in NZ

Do you want to make your yard look better and more inviting? Maybe the tree in your backyard is too big for you to take care of on your own. You need a wood chipper. Wood Chips can be used as mulch or composted into rich fertilizer for plants. 

Not only are wood chippers an essential tool for gardeners, but they can also be used in many landscaping and construction projects. They allow you to reduce the sheer mass of branches that would otherwise have ended up as trash if not disposed of properly. 

One of the best ways to make compost is by using a wood chipper. This saves you time and energy in your backyard because there won’t be armfuls full of branches that need cutting down or hundreds of trips back-and-forth with heavy bags.

The Best Wood Chipper is a very important tool for any homeowner. It can help you turn large branches into small pieces of wood that are good to use as mulch or compost. Many homeowners want to know how they can find the best wood chipper on the market, but it’s not always easy to do so. Here are some tips that will make your search much easier. 

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What are the types of wooden Chipper?

When it comes to choosing a chipper, there are three options: Electric Chippers, Petrol Machines and Wooden Chippers. All have their own unique pros and cons which you may choose from depending on your preference or need. Below we have discussed different types of wood chippers. 


Electric Wood Chippers

Electric wood chippers are a great option for those who have limited space and power. These machines can do most of what their gas-powered counterparts will but won’t be as powerful or heavy, so you might want to take some extra consideration when buying one.

An electric wood chipper is a great investment for any gardener who has large amounts of firewood on hand. This machine can be used to process logs and branches into chips that will last all winter long, making it easier than ever before. 

You can rely on an electric wood chipper to deal with most tasks that arise in your garden. The only downside to an electric chipper is that it requires a power outlet. You may have access or not, depending on where in your home you live and what kind of plug-ins are available.

Electric chippers are the perfect choice for those who want to avoid fumes and noise. The chippers are quieter than petrol and emit no fumes, which makes them an environmentally sound choice. The low environmental impact makes them an excellent alternative to gasoline-powered wood processors.


Petrol-Powered Wood Chippers

A petrol wood chipper is a great choice for those with large trees and an abundance of branches. This type of machine has more power than electric models, which makes it easier to turn chopped up material into chips-so if you have big jobs on your plate this might be the better option.

The best thing about a wood chipper is how portable it can be. You don’t have to worry about where the power outlet in your house or backyard is because this machine doesn’t require an extension cord, which means you won’t get stuck carrying heavy branches while trying to move around. 

The downside of a petrol wood chipper is that it can be quite heavy, with some weighing over 50 kg. This makes manoeuvring these machines more difficult and if needed for carrying on uneven terrain or up steps in your garden, you may find it hard to move around easily without help from someone else.

Another downside to using a chipper is that it can be noisy and release fumes. These factors, in addition to needing regular maintenance for fuel onboard engines, make them less appealing than their electric counterparts which don’t emit any pollution into our air.

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How to Choose the Best Wood Chipper

When you are in the market for a wood chipper, it can be difficult to tell which model is right for your needs. A variety of different brands with varying specifications means there’s no single product that will work best all around.

The choice of whether to go with an electric or petrol wood chipper will depend on your specific needs. Aside from picking between electric or petrol Models, there are various other specifications to look for, depending on the type of job you’re hoping to do.

These are some of the main factors to consider, and some may be more or less important to you depending on your intention for the machine:


Engine Power

It can be difficult to know the difference between an electric and gas model. However, there are still some key differences in their usage that will make your life easier. Electric models have less power than those powered by petrol but this isn’t always necessary for smaller gardens. 

Electric wood chippers with a motor of approximately 2300 W should be sufficient for most general garden tasks. However, if you plan on cutting large branches then your electric unit may not have the capacity needed and would need the gas wood chipper.

There are a wide variety of petrol chippers on the market, with engines varying in size. The size of the engine determines how much fibrous material it can process. A small 100 – 200 cc model will cut through branches up to 40 mm thick, but you’ll need at least 400cc for thicker tree trunks around 100mm thick.


Maximum Branch Diameter

If you are looking to dispose of larger branches, then a more powerful chipper will be needed. This type is designed for the job and can cut up trees up an impressive 40 inches in diameter on its own.

You should never rely on the size of your branches to dictate which type and how many machines you need. Branches up to 100 mm diameter can be handled by most standard or small-sized saws, but if they’re larger than this then it might be worth checking out some bigger models with higher powers that will last longer between charges too.


Ability to Handle Green Materials

Most wood chippers can digest hard wooden branches better than green materials.

It’s important to know the difference between a chipper and a shredder before investing in one. Chippers are meant for cutting up hard branches, but some machines can manage both tasks depending on what they’re designed to do.

If you feed your wood chipper too many green things, like leaves and branches it will struggle to go through the hopper. To prevent jamming often mix in some harder pieces of wood with longer lengths so that they can be ground up more easily into smaller bits for easy use on the go without frustration.


The Best Wood Chippers NZ


1.  Deal Mart Wood Chipper Wood Chipper

The Deal Mart Wood Chipper is a 15-horsepower wood chipper with an electric key start. With the largest chipping capacity, it can grind branches up to 102mm in diameter and can handle anything you throw at it. You can use this for all types of wood, from small branches to thick branches that are very hard to split with an axe or maul. This heavy-duty machine features a 420cc engine and a 6.5L fuel tank. It is durable and strong built, which makes it ideal for your yard work needs.


2. Tooline WC70 Wood ChipperToolin Wood Chipper

The Tooline WC70 wood chipper is designed for the toughest of jobs. It has a 6.5hp engine and can chip up to 70mm branches in one go, making light work of any garden or landscaping project. The powerful motor runs at 3400 RPM and has a displacement of 196cc, giving it excellent power output. This model comes with two knives which are made from high-quality steel and have been heat-treated to ensure they stay sharp for longer. 


3. Hyundai Wood Chipper 

Hyundai Wood Chipper

This Hyundai wood chipper is a great tool for anyone who needs to clear their garden of unwanted branches. The powerful 15hp engine will easily chew through 70-100mm diameter branches, meaning you can get rid of all the twigs and small trees in your garden with ease. The large hopper means that it’ll take less time to load up the machine and you don’t have to worry about the branches falling out or jamming up whilst in use.

The electric start makes this machine very simple to use, simply press a button and away It has an engine size of 420cc, is belt-driven for easy servicing, and has an emergency stop button. 


4. Garden shredder silent 2300wGarden shredder silent

Garden shredder Silent 2300w is a great machine to keep your garden clean and tidy. It has an induction motor that provides quiet operation, which is perfect for those with neighbours close by or if you just want to do the job without disturbing anyone around. The rpm of 50 rpm allows it to work quickly, so you can get through more waste material in less time, meaning fewer trips out into the garden. With a cutting capacity of 25mm, this shredder will easily cut branches up to 25mm thick and leaves up to 10cm wide. A self-feeding gear-driven system automatically pulls waste material through.


5. Champion 3″ (76mm) Chipper ShredderChipper Shredder

The Champion chipper shredder is a great tool to have on hand when clearing out your garden or yard. The powerful 338cc single-cylinder engine gets the job done quickly and efficiently, while the 13mm maximum diameter allows you to chop up branches and twigs of any size. The 6.2-litre fuel tank provides plenty of run time for all your projects, so you can get it all done in one go.