Top 5 Best Kids Playground in NZ

Do you have children who love to play outside? If so, you know how important it is to have a safe and fun place for them to play. A backyard playground is a perfect solution. Not only will your kids love it, but you’ll enjoy watching them play in the fresh air.

Playing outside is also a great way for kids to get some exercise while they get out and play. Many parents find it hard to get their kids out to exercise because of the time of day and the lack of places to go. A kids’ playground is a great way to get your kids to exercise and the outdoors.

In this blog post, we’ll show you the top five playgrounds that will keep your kids entertained for hours on end. From swings to slides to monkey bars, there’s something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

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How to Choose the Best Kids Playground 

When choosing the best backyard playground for your kids, there are a few factors you will want to consider:

The age of your children: Some playgrounds are better suited for younger children, while others are more geared towards older children. 

The size of your yard: Not all playgrounds are created equal in terms of size. You will want to make sure the playground you choose will fit in your yard.

The type of playground:  There are many different types of backyard playgrounds to choose from, including swingsets, playhouses, and climbing walls. You will want to choose the type of playground that your children will enjoy the most.

The construct of playgrounds:  They come in wooden, plastic, and metal.  The wood is normally treated to prevent rotting, but it will still need to be protected from the outdoor elements. Metal playgrounds last longer, but they are often more expensive and difficult to install. Plastic made are cheaper and portable, but they are not as durable.

Safety Features:  When choosing a backyard playground, you want to make sure that it is safe for your children. Be sure to choose a playground with safety features like guard rails and fences.

So, now you know what type of backyard playground will work best for your kids. Before you make any purchase, it’s important that you check out the following options. We’ve taken the time to identify some of the best backyard playsets on the market today so that you can choose the one that will be the most fun for your child.

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The Best Kids’ Playgrounds NZ 


1. Jesper Kids Playground set 4

Kids Playground

This wood playground set is designed for children of all ages. Fill the base or towers with sand and your kids will enjoy hours of imaginative play with their friends. The slide, bridge, and 2 climbing walls invite your children to explore their creativity and introduce them to a variety of developmental skills.

The Jesper Kids Playground set is designed with your children’s safety in mind. This wooden playground set is made of FSC certified wood, has non-toxic materials and heavy-duty solid wood construction. 


2. Jesper Kids Playground set- 3

Jesper Kids Playground

This is a playground set for your little ones. This set includes 1 tower with a ladder and 2 swings, 1 beam with 2 swings, and a slide. All the materials used in this jungle gym are non-toxic and safe. It is made of solid wood construction that is heavy-duty and safe to use. The playground sets are made of FSC-certified material that you can be sure that it is environmentally friendly. 


3. 8-in-1 Kids Playground

8-in-1 Playground

Create fun in your own backyard with this Adjustable Playground. The outdoor climber is designed with an easy-opening door and a crawl-through tunnel, two sliding boards that allow older and younger kids to play together, and the max weight limit are up to 45kg per child (Max 6).

Outdoor playsets can be configured in eight different patterns and the children can jump, climb, balance, push and pull. The slide is extra-long and has a gentle slope. One slide is extra-long, and the other slide has a gentle slope. The higher this playset is placed in the garden, the better it will be for kids’ development of gross motor skills because they will have to run with more speed.


4. Twin Slide Tunnel Climber – Outdoor Play

Tunnel Climber

This is a fun, interactive, and safe playground play set for kids. It’s designed with a climber and two slides to provide maximum climbing, sliding, and crawling space. The robust frame of the play gym will ensure it lasts through endless amounts of rough and tumble. 

This bright and colourful climber has two slides, a wavy one and a straight one. The slide is large, sturdy, and easy to assemble with step-by-step instructions. It’s perfect for kids aged 2 to 5 years old and is made of plastic, which can be wiped down quickly with just some soap.


5. Kids Sand Pit Outdoor Play Set Sandbox

Kids Sand Pit Outdoor Play Set

Sand is the best thing to play with on a hot day. Kids love it and parents just know how much fun they will have. This fun boat-shaped sandpit features quality wood construction, UV-resistant canopy overhead, non-toxic treated timber furnishings, and is waterproof.  With this great sandbox for kids, you’ll be able to watch little ones splash around in the sun all summer long. A furnished treated timber construction ensures it is both durable and easy to clean.


The top five backyard playgrounds shown in the above blog post will keep your kids entertained for hours. They are all enjoyable and offer different types of activities, which vary depending on the age and preferences of your children.

Swing sets are great for younger children who enjoy playing outside. Monkey bars, slides, and swingsets offer fun activities for older children that allow them to play creatively. Playhouses can be used as a safe place for your child to hide from their parents while they take breaks from outdoor play or nap time. Climbing walls offer much more than climbing—they provide a whole celebration of adventure in one location with multiple levels to climb up, around or through! Lastly, there is nothing like a sandbox to provide hours worth of entertainment for children.