Top 5 Best Weight Benches in NZ

The weight bench is essential for achieving all types of strength-building. As a deep bench, it provides support to increase the range of movement and to improve posture and balance. A good bench can also be used for isolation exercises such as shoulder presses, rows and pullovers.

The weight bench is also the main equipment for weight training at your home gym. The bench provides a stable surface to lay on, which protects your neck and reduces injury risk when you’re lying down on it. It’s also used for exercises that require you to lie on your back like chest flies, pushups and dumbbell curls.

There are different types of weight benches for various purposes. Some, like the flat ones, should be used with dumbbells and barbells. Others have adjustable seats and backs to support more types of training and are foldable when not in use. And some are much more than weight benches: our top pick is made to be a full-body training machine with an adjustable back and seat to support all your upper body needs.

There are lots of options on the market, and getting the right bench may seem overwhelming at first. Here are some things to look for when buying a weight bench.

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How to choose the Best Weight Bench for you

Since there are so many different types of weight benches and each one will do a little bit of something different, it’s best to narrow down exactly what you need. 

First, think about what size bench you will be using most often. If you plan on using the bench primarily for biceps curls or triceps pushdowns, then choose a bench with a low seat height to accommodate your body weight. If you’re going to be using the bench for more than just dumbbells and barbells, like for incline presses, then you’ll want to choose a larger bench that has a higher back and seat.

Next, think about what your main goal is. If you want a bench that is primarily for dips and crunches and doesn’t have arms, then choose one that has an adjustable seat. If you plan on using it for barbell and dumbbell training, then go with a bench with an adjustable back. If you’re just going to use it for dips and crunches, go with a bench that has arms.


Should you get a flat or adjustable weight bench?

Flat-weight benches are best for dumbbell and barbell workouts as they provide a solid base for you to lift from. Adjustable weight benches are better for people who want to do more with their workouts, such as incline presses or crunches.

Weight benches for strength training usually have flat, wide seats and vertical backrests. Adjustable weight benches are best for people who want to use their bench for more than just strength training workouts. The adjustable seats give you more options for workouts like crunches, leg presses and inclined presses.


What other features should you look for?

Weight capacity: The bench may be strong enough to support your body weight if you are holding weighted dumbbells or barbells, but it won’t support your entire body. Choose a bench with a weight capacity between 300 and 500 pounds, which gives you options for heavy lifting and core work.

Adjustable seat and back: Many benches have adjustable seats and back to give you more flexibility in your routine. Look for benches with backrests that can be set to flat, incline and decline, as well as adjustable seat height with a safety lever.

Raised front stabiliser: When you return the dumbbell to the rack, you may feel unsteady with your foot on the floor. Choose a bench with a stabiliser bar in front to build stability as you work out.

Foldability: Folding weight benches are much less cumbersome to store than fixed benches. Folding weight benches can also be rolled away easily, which is important if you don’t have much room in your home gym.

Built-in rack: Do you plan on storing your dumbbells or barbells on the bench between sets? Look for a model with built-in racks so that you can easily access your equipment.

Material: Weight benches are typically constructed of heavy-duty steel. Some are made of resin or plastic, but they will be less sturdy and won’t last as long as those constructed of steel.

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The Best Weight Benches NZ


1. Ape Style Multifunctional Adjustable Weight BenchWeight Bench

This multifunctional weight bench is a complete fitness solution. Get inspired to work out and lose weight with this super comfortable and durable piece of equipment. It is a great way to build strength and improve your fitness levels, as well as provide a place to relax. With this bench, you will enjoy a wide range of workouts and get a full-body workout.

This bench comes in a powder-coated steel frame and a durable waterproof and oil-resistant PU material. It has soft yet firm PU padding which ensures comfort and also prevents the bench from sagging. The bench is adjustable in height, with 2-3 different levels of strength. It also has a folding design to make it easier to store and transport.


2. Ape Style Adjustable Gym Bench w/ Resistance Bands


Gym Bench

Ape Style Adjustable Gym Bench with Resistance Bands is a sturdy, yet practical bench ideal for home and office use. The frame is made from powder-coated steel and its waterproof and oil-resistant padding. The bench has adjustable flat/incline/decline positions for your convenience and it features non-slip feet for safety. It also features quick and easy assembly and folds for easy storage. The bench also has a max weight capacity of 150 kg.


3. Genki Adjustable Weight FID Bench

Weight FID Bench

The Genki Adjustable Weight FID Bench Home Gym is a multifunctional home gym for all fitness levels. The bench comes with a range of adjustable positions and is made from high-grade powder-coated steel. The elastic ropes for stretching and kicks are sturdy and durable. The bench is also made from high-quality waterproof and oil-resistant PU leather. This bench is designed with a maximum capacity of 150kg.


4. Fitness Adjustable Bench

Adjustable Bench

Fitness Adjustable Bench is a multipurpose fitness tool that gives you a wide range of options for workouts. It is a multi-purpose bench that allows you to adjust the height of the backrest, height of the seat and the angle of the seat. It also features an electrostatic powder-coat finish that lasts a lifetime. Crafted with super quality PU leather, it is a must-have for any gym-goer. The lightweight, high-density foam padding provides a comfortable and safe workout space. The bench also has a flat, incline and military bench position which allows you to do a wide range of workouts.


5.  Adjustable Sit Up Bench Folding Dumbbell BenchFolding Dumbbell Bench

The Adjustable Sit-Up Bench Folding Dumbbell Bench is a multifunctional training platform that is designed to last the user many years of use. Its high-density PU leather pad is durable, and the dumbbell bench’s maximum load capacity is 300 kg. The height of the backrest is adjusted in 6 steps for comfortable and secure sitting.


As a result, choosing the right weight bench that meets your needs is important. You should consider what your main goal is and what you need the bench for before making a decision. When purchasing, look for features like weight capacity and adjustable features like seat height or backrests to make sure it fits your needs.