Top 5 Best log splitters in NZ

A log splitter is an old-fashioned tool that was once sought after by many people but now only belongs in the hands of a few. They were mainly used for commercial purposes, such as cutting firewood and splitting logs for construction lumber or other projects needing hardwood like oak flooring from whole trees. The increase of homeowners with wood-burning stoves has caused them to make up more business because they’re needed on-site before winter arrives.

Best Log splitters are becoming increasingly popular in the residential and commercial markets alike as they allow for quick, easy splitting of logs that would otherwise take up your entire day. This means you can save time on chores like cooking or heating by using an offset fireplace.

Here we’ve created the perfect guide for the best log splitter making sure it matches all of those needs. Read our buyer’s guide below to help find what best suits you and your needs.

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How to Choose the Best Log splitter for you 

When it comes to purchasing a log splitter, there are some important things that you need to look out for. Some models can be quite expensive so if durability and longevity is your top priority then make sure this thing will last.


Electric or Petrol log splitters

Electric log splitters are perfect for those who want the convenience of not having to do any work, but they still need something that can handle large logs. Electric models don’t require much effort on your part and provide more power than their counterparts with gas or manual splitting mechanisms.

The electric log splitter is a cheaper option than most gas models and requires less maintenance. However, this type of equipment needs to be used near the power socket or you may need a generator to run this machine.

Petrol Log Splitter will allow you to set it anywhere without being dependent on power sources while disadvantages include greater noise levels and higher maintenance costs as well as. It has the ability to split even green logs as well.

If you’re looking to split logs in your yard, an electric log splitter will work just fine. However, if large or fresh cuts need processing then we recommend going with a petrol-powered model for best results. 


Log splitters are often misunderstood as a way to make short work out of your logs. The reality, though they vary in size depending on the model you choose and what tonnage or strength it offers (5-10 tons). It doesn’t always match up with people’s expectation that larger models will allow for splitting bigger pieces of wood – which is why some smaller pressure-rated machines are capable of cutting very large trees. 


Log splitters are often very heavy, and if you’re planning on moving the log splitter between jobs it is important to consider its weight. Not many people have space for a large machine, outside of their home-based business where they do weekly tree trimming service themselves. Some important things to consider when buying one such as Consider what kind of model will best suit your needs? Make sure there’s enough room under eaves/rooflines. 

Log Size

There are many log splitters to choose from, and all of them have their own unique features. Some electric models can work with logs as big as around 460mm in length or 600mm diameter while others are only 300 mm long and 250 mm wide for example petrol fuel-powered machines which means they’re more powerful so you could go up 500mm in diameter and 1040 millimetres total length if desired. 

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The Best Log Splitters NZ


1. Hyundai Log Splitter 35T

Log Splitter

The Hyundai Log Splitter 35T is the perfect tool for anyone looking to split logs up to 66.5cm long. The compact design makes it easy to transport, and the 10hp Briggs & Stratton engine will ensure you have enough power to get through your splitting tasks quickly. The log splitter features a half-beam design that splits logs with one quick motion, making it easier than ever before.

This is a unique log splitter that features a horizontal or vertical operation. The log splitter has a 12.6-second cycle time. This log splitter features an easy-to-use design with hydraulic controls for smooth operation, making it perfect for the homeowner who needs to split wood on occasion.


2. Deal Mart Log Splitter 27T Petrol

Deal Mart

Petrol Log Splitter 27T is a perfect choice for log splitting. It comes with a 4-stroke 7hp engine that delivers 27 tonnes of pressure to split logs in a few seconds. The cutting capacity is 650mm in length. 

This log splitter comes with horizontal and vertical splitting options so you can use it according to your requirement.


3. Mega Sales 7 Ton Log Splitter

Mega Sales

The Mega Sales 7 Ton Log Splitter Machine is an electric log splitter that provides a reliable and easy way to split logs up to 25cm in diameter.

The powerful 2200W motor can split logs up to 52cm long, making it ideal for use at home or in the workplace. It is made from heavy-duty steel and it has 28MPa Hydraulic Pressure.


4. Hyundai Log Splitter 6t Electric


This 6 ton Electric best Log Splitter is a great tool for splitting wood. This log splitter offers an easy, powerful way to split logs up to 25cm in diameter. It features a 2200W motor that produces 6 tons of workforce and a 10-14 second cycle time. The log splitter is compact and easy to store, making it ideal for use in your home or garage.


5. Hyundai Log Splitter 25T

Log Splitter

The Hyundai Best Log Splitter 25T is a powerful log splitter that can split logs up to 65cm long. It has an engine capacity of 6.5hp and can split logs in 10 seconds or less. The horizontal or vertical operation makes it easy to use in any situation, while the large wheels make it easy to move around on any terrain.